Easy Knit Blanket Sweater Pattern

easy knit blanket sweater


Hi friends! This pattern has been super popular but it needed a little updating!  After I posted the crocheted “Easy Blanket Sweater” pattern, I received several requests to make a knit version.  I haven’t made a lot of knit tops before and the ones that I have made were smaller than this. My Summer Vacation Knit Top, for instance,  was much, MUCH smaller.  Anyway, after some major trial and error (and late nights of knitting like a crazy), here’s the knit blanket sweater! It is a HEAVY blanket like cocoon! In keeping this cocoon easy and oversized,  I went with stockinette stitch and made it quite big.  I also added the two buttons to the top just like the crocheted version. These buttons keep this top in it’s place so I really like them.  It’s a loose, drapey knit too which gives it a casual look I think.  This is definitely a statement piece and I can imagine wearing it during the winter, curled up by the fire with a cup of tea. Ahhhh……

After many requests, a printable, inexpensive ad-free version of this Easy Knit Sweater Pattern is now available in my Etsy shop HERE or scroll down for the free pattern! 

Though the original yarn was discontinued for this top, there is now a perfectly comparable chunky yarn from Lion Brand HERE called Color Made Easy (pictured above)! 

Like I just mentioned, Woolspun was discontinued and it’s sometimes difficult to find a good chunky weight yarn sub. However, there is now this great substitute which is the Color Made Easy Yarn (HERE).  This particular yarn is actually a 100% acrylic, so you don’t need to worry if you’ve got an allergy to wool. It is the same weight as the Woolspun, a chunky #5 yarn, so you can simply follow the pattern as written.   The only change will be in the number of skeins you will need as Color Made Easy has 247 yards per skein and 200 grams.  The Woolspun had only 127 yards per skein, so you will get away with purchasing fewer skeins to make this.  Above, you can see a couple of my favorite color options.

While they don’t have the linen color, I do love the colors shown above.  They also have a lovely cream color available as well.



My latest yarn fave – Lion’s Pride Woolspun Yarn

Like so many of my projects, if you know how to knit and purl, you can certainly make this cozy wearable blanket. The sweater is made by using large US Size 19 knitting needles and holding two strands of chunky yarn together.  Because of this, it works up pretty quickly and the two strands of yarn lend a neat texture to the top.  Have we noticed that I get on major yarn kicks? Do you do the same?  For a while it was the Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick and now it’s the Woolspun. What is my deal?!  I love this Woolspun yarn because it’s soft and it’s chunky so it looks cool and feels lovely.  It also works up faster than teeny tiny yarn. Teeny tiny yarn and I don’t get along too well. I will work on that. 🙂






Props to my hub for getting some decent pictures on a VERY windy day. I’ve spared you the shots of me with a hair tornado and my eyes and mouth closed tightly in fear of dust particles.

Friends, you will find the written pattern below and be sure to scroll down to see the pictures which may help you along as well.

Knit Blanket Sweater (Cacoon) Pattern Explanation:

This beginner friendly, over-sized blanket sweater is made by knitting a basic rectangle on large needles while holding two strands of chunky Lion Brand Woolspun yarn together.  It creates a squishy, loose, blanket like fabric using the stockinette stitch for the main portion and seed stitch for the edging.  Buttons are attached for ease of wearing as well as to add a trendy touch.  The stitches on the sweater are loose enough for the buttons to fit through, eliminating the need to knit button holes. A large, statement piece to cuddle up in all winter long!

This is a one size fits most pattern. HOWEVER, depending on your size it will drape differently.  I’m a size small (pictured). If you are a large it will fit, but will of course have a different drape and wear.

You can find a comparable yarn from Lion Brand HERE! (The original Woolspun has been discontinued, but the Color Made Easy is awesome!)

You will need:

US Size 19 (15mm) 29” Circular Knitting Needles

8 skeins (127 yards/ skein – Total 1016 yards) of Lions Pride Woolspun Yarn in Linen (Color Made Easy Sub Yarn HERE – you will need fewer skeins as there are 247 yards in 1 skein )

2     1 ¼ “ inch buttons of your choice

Sewing needle and thread to attach buttons


Tapestry Needle to weave in ends


Skills needed:

Knit and purl


Just under 2 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch

Just over 2  ½ rows per inch



From end of arm to end of arm, measurement is approximately 40.5” inches *Note that the stockinette will curl in a bit at the arms. This measurement is when the stockinette is flat and uncurled

From top of neck, to bottom of shrug, measurement is approximately 34” long


This blanket sweater stretches downward when worn.  Bottom of sweater hits mid to lower thigh.  If you want to attempt to make it a bit shorter, you can eliminate a couple of inches from the stockinette portion of the pattern.



Holding two strands of yarn together, CO 73 stitches

Row 1 Knit across row

Seed Stitch Edge:

Row 2 *K1, p1; Repeat from * to end  (Alternate knit and purl stitches across row)

Row 3 – 7 Repeat row 2

(Because we have cast on an odd number of stitches, this repeat pattern will alternate knit and purl stitches for each row, creating the seed stitch)


Stockinette Portion

(Stockinette is made by creating a row of knit and then a row of purl stitches)

Row 8 Knit across row

Row 9 Purl across row

Repeat rows 8 & 9, until you have completed 29” inches of stockinette stitch, or total length is approximately 31.5” inches (this is approximately 73 rows of stockinette stitch)


Once your piece measures 31.5” inches, you will work another band of seed stitch.

Final Seed Stitch Portion

Repeat rows 2 – 7

Knit cast off

Weave in ends.


Create your arm openings:

Lay your piece out flat, lengthwise like a hot dog. Fold in each corner as pictured.

You will now seam in the two sides to create your arm holes. With a length of yarn and your tapestry needle, work from the inside towards the outside of the sleeve using a simple whip stitch (or preferred stitch) to close the seed stitch portion. Once you reach the stockinette portion, use the mattress stitch to seam.  Using this type of seam will make the join nearly invisible.   Once your seam is 7.5”inches long, tie off and weave in ends. (See pictures below)

Repeat this for both arms.

 Attach Buttons

With your piece laid out in front of you just as it was while seaming the arm openings, place the lowest of the two buttons approximately 9” inches from the top of the sweater.  Place the upper button approximately 7” inches down from the top of the sweater, or 2” inches above the lower button.  You may find that you like a different placement for your buttons. It might be cute to add three buttons!


Pictures to help you along with the Knit Blanket Sweater:



Knit holding two strands together


Here’s the knit rectangle (ends haven’t been woven in yet)



Fold in the corners in order to create the arm openings

All corners are folded inward


Start your seam at the edge of the seed stitch, and work through the seed stitch portion then through your stockinette for a total of 7.5” inches.  Seam the seed stitch portion with a simple whip stitch, only picking up a single strand of yarn from either side. I found that this made my seam less bulky.



Seam using the mattress stitch on the stockinette portion. Above, you can see how it looks as you are stitching. If you’ve never done the mattress stitch, just do a quick google search or YouTube search. It’s so simple! When pulled tightly, it closes and appears seamless as the picture below.


The arm opening above.


Place buttons on the edge of the seed stitch which is closest to the stockinette stitch portion.

The loose stitching and two strands held together give it a natural look and neat texture.


While I didn’t go with this style that you see above, here is what the sweater looks like when you fold the seed stitch portion outward.  I imagine you could tack down the collar with several straight stitches along the outer edge. This could be a fun way to wear it also!




My crochet friends!  Make sure to check out the Crocheted Easy Blanket Sweater pattern if you like this.  Also,  Chi Wei over at One Dog Woof just posted a shrug that looks so similar to this knit version! We were laughing as we worked on these at the same time.  It’s done with tunisian crochet and you can check it out here!

Happiest knitting and crocheting to you! I’d love to see you and your projects on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram @mamainastitch.

Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% my own.

What do you think of this big knit blanket sweater pattern? I’d love to hear in the comment section below.

Easy Knit Blanket Sweater Pattern

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  1. Thank you so much !!! this is a beautiful pattern but I don’t do crochet, I will go and get yarn for this one, again thanks a bunch …

  2. Looks great! I will give knitting with Circular Knitting Needles a try! Scared!-)

    1. Hi Mona! In this case, you use the circulars just like straight needles. It’s nice because your work will stay on the needles so much easier! I almost never use straights anymore if I don’t have to. Just work back in forth in rows with the one circular needle just as you do with straights. Let me know if you need more help!

      1. Using a circular needle makes it easier to work with heavier yarn and if you knit while traveling , as I do, you don’t have the long ends interfering with things or poking other people.

    2. Mona,
      I was really scared to try circulars, now I’m addicticated :). I LOVE them!!! It takes a little practice to get the feel for them, but once you do, it is SO much easier to handle larger projects. No more cramming your work onto your straight needles as hard as you can if you’re making blankets, wide scarves, or sweaters. They are AWESOME!!! It will really take your work to the next level. You will love them.

      And, this looks so gorgeous! I can’t wait to make it!!! I have some really beautiful KnitPicks yarn that should knit up wonderfully. I’m excited to try this.

      1. Hi there!
        I’m a knitting newbie and would like to use straight needles too…did it turn out lovely?

  3. So does the pattern really just call for @ 500 yards since the yarn you call for is doubled? I am going to substitute yarn and I need to know how much to get. Thank you!

    1. 508 yards of 2 chunky weight yarns, doesn’t matter what you substitute with the length of yarn needed isn’t going to change.


    1. Wow! What a great knitting pattern , can’t wait to start it! It looks fabulous, I’m sure when I’ve finished it my daughters are going to want one of their own

  5. THANK YOU. Ben waiting and hoping you would create this pattern – I don’t crochet so this is great. I just ordered the kit very nice lion brand put this together. Just in time as a real Michigan winter is predicted for this year but I’ll be warm and snuggled in

    Pat E

    1. Hi Patricia in Michigan!

      I’m so glad that you’re happy with this pattern and thanks for your kind words! I sure hope you enjoy it! It’s always fun to get new yarn in the mail. 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions as you go. Also, let me know which way you prefer to wear it. With the collar folded back, or closed with the buttons. It’s definitely not a fitted sweater, it’s a big blanket sweater to snuggle in just as you said. 🙂

  6. I love this pattern and cant wait to try it HOWEVER I am not a lady that “one size fits all”–any thoughts as to where I can change the pattern to make it into a Plus pattern. If too many changes that you dont have time to figure, I will understand 2+ would be the size Thank you!!

    1. Hi. If you use the gauge given in the instructions you can calculate how many stitches you need for your own size. Ex, if you need to add 4 inches, at 2 stitches per inch you would add 8 stitches to you cast on. (Keeping in mind that you must keep the odd number of stitches for the moss stitch edge). Then proceed the same through the pattern except you may need to lower your button placement a bit.

  7. Love it! I am making it just now, but I’m still not clear on the button placement, I’ve got some pretty awesome antique wood buttons I’m going to use and want to do it right. thanks.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Definitely check out the photo above where I have the measuring tape showing how far down to place the buttons when the top is laid flat as it was to be seamed. You want them on the outer edge of the seed stitch and closer to the stockinette…..also be sure to secure them to a few strands of yarn so they are held in place and don’t pull when closed. Hope this helps!

  8. What clever construction!!! So smart!! I may have to make one of these for my momma who is freezing when it goes below 75 degrees. (not kidding). Love your in process photos, too!

    1. Hey Patty,

      The construction is so easy indeed! That’s why I like it. It definitely is not a fitted sweater and truly more like wearing a blanket. Yes, it sounds like your momma might like something like this! Ha!

  9. I love this. I have been afraid to use circular needles too but I’m going to get some today and start this. I also love big yarn. Thanks for the pattern.

    1. Hi Janet!
      I think you’ll find that it’s nice to use the circulars once you get used to them. I’m so glad that you like it! It’s definitely like wearing a big blanket. You can see which way you like wearing it better, with the collar folded, or with the buttons. I’d love to hear what you think!

      1. I adapted this sweater for a friend who usually wears an XL by simply starting off with 109 stitches instead of the 73. IT TURNED OUT BEAUTIFULLY!
        I love this knit sweater ssoooo much that I am going to make 3 adults and 2 child versions for Christmas gifts.
        Does anyone want to take a guess at the measurements I should use for a 2 and 4 year old?
        Thank you so very much Jessica.

        1. I’m so happy to hear this and thank you for sharing for others who would like to make it larger!

          You’re welcome of course!

    1. Yes, it is big and cozy for sure. Right now it seems we are in a heat wave, so I may have to wait to wear it again for a while.

      Thanks Julie!

  10. I was wondering, can I use a super bulky( 6 ) yarn and just use 1 strand? Love your pattern can’t wait to try it out

    1. Hi Carol,
      It’s a good idea! I’m not quite sure how the super bulky would compare to holding the two chunky strands together. You could work up a swatch and see if it is turning out similar, or obtaining a similar gauge to my pattern here. Good luck!

  11. Hi, I just got the yarn and circular needles today & am on the 4th row. I love circular needles since I am a senior citizen & hate having to fish around under my recliner to find a stray needle or hook. Since we live in the Phoenix area, this cocoon may be overkill with double yarn. Has anyone tried it with a single yarn? If this one is too warm — we’re in the 90’s all week — I’m sure I can find a daughter in Washington or Oregon that will love it. I love the creativity + simplicity of this sweater. Oh, by the way, I’m making it with Lions yarn, Rouge Beaujolais, a rich dark wine color.

    1. Hi Susan! Congrats on getting started. My parents spend the winters in Surprise, AZ so I know how warm it can be there. You definitely get cool nights in the winter though! This is a heavy blanket type sweater/poncho, so it will be warm and big. The color you chose sounds stunning! I don’t know how it would be working with just one strand of the yarn. Maybe someone else might have an idea. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Have a great night!

    2. Oh, and I totally agree with you on the circular needles. I like them so much better than straights!

  12. Hi, this is so breautiful. I am going to try to do it but I need your help. In Greece I can’t purchase the same yarn so I will try with another but similar. So can you please tell me the measurement before seaming so I can adjust it? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Efi in Greece! Thanks for the kind words and I’m so glad that you like it. It’s approximately 40″ inches wide from side to side, and 34″ tall from top of rectangle to bottom. I hope this helps you!

    1. Hi Ginny! I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you have questions! It’s like wearing a big blanket.

  13. Jessica, How tall are you? I am knitting this beautiful sweater/blanket, absolutely love it, but my niece is about 5’4″ and I don’t want it to be to long on her. Looking at the pics, which are lovely, I can’t tell if I need to shorten it a bit so it isn’t to terribly long on her. If mine turns out as beautifully as yours I’ll be thrilled.
    Thanks, Molly

    1. Hi Molly, I am about 5’7″ and it hits my lower thigh or a bit above the back of my knees. If you haven’t started, I’d also cast on fewer stitches but keep it an odd count. If you are already going, you might just stop an inch or two before I did and I think it will work out. Otherwise, it will still fit and will just be a bit longer on her. I saw one today that looked similar at the store that dropped down below the back of the knee. I hope this helps! How sweet of you to make this for her. I hope you and she love it!

  14. I finish this beauty, with straight needles, maybe I need to try circular, I am going to the store to get some, again than you is just beautiful !

  15. Thanks sooo much for this pattern! I saw it and loved it. Now I’m going to make it. I’ve made other shrugs but they are smaller ones and not a bigger cozy one like this! I will do this next! Thanks again for posting this great easy pattern!

  16. I want to make this for my expecting daughter for Christmas! I found a yarn that is six (6) gauge, rather than (5) gauge you used! Do I change the needle size smaller to get same tension for the pattern to work out? Awaiting reply as soon as possible so I can get this gift started! Sue Burchell

    1. Congrats to your expecting daughter! To be honest, I’m no expert with guessing how different yarn weights will work with this pattern. My suggestion would be to knit up a swatch and count how many stitches and rows fit in your swatch ( for example a 4 inch x 4 inch piece) With some simple math you can figure out what you may need to do in order to make it the correct size. You may need to cast on fewer stitches, or change needles. I hope you will be able to figure it out with the yarn that you like!

  17. Finally! I have been browsing patterns for something simple and mega cozy yet all the ones I filtered through were just . . . not right. Maybe the beautiful photos you shared are swaying my decision, hah. Even so, I definitely want to add this sweater to my que of knitting projects. I will need to adjust the gauge to fit my frame (I’m very petite AND pregnant), but I do like the notion of being enveloped in a snuggly blanket sweater all winter. Little baby to be would probably like it too 😀

    Thank you for creating this and sharing the pattern. I appreciate it!

    1. Congrats to you!! Yes, it is a big, thick blanket and it’s cozy to be wrapped up in for sure! I’m so glad that you’d like to possibly give it a try. And thanks for the compliments on my photos. The hubby did an okay job. Ha!

  18. Hi there!
    This is an awesome sweater! thanks so much for sharing the pattern!
    I do have a question though, you mention that the measurement goes from “end of arm to end of arm”, does that mean from your wrist to wrist across the back maybe? If so, the measurement of 40.5 inches would be too small for me. How would I increase it to fit. I’m also a Plus Size Gal, so either way, I’m thinking I have to make some increase for it to fit.
    Can you please help?
    Thanks so very much!

  19. I too need advice ….I am a size three x….desperate to knit this sweater…
    ……….could you help……..also……I have rather and wonder if I could change from seed stitch to another one….seed stitch is so painful for me

  20. Jessica, my congratualtions for your blog and creative models. I do not follow blogs, usually, I just pick up what I find interestiong here and there, BUT your style is absolutely purely unique and I got fond of it! Colors, mood. are just perfect and here I am to thank you for your sharing.

    I am going to work with Lion’s Pride Woolspun again, after some time of crazy colourful wools, and I know I will feel comfortable, because is high quality wool.

    love and congrats from Italy


    1. Hi Rosella in Italy,
      How wonderful to hear from you! Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know that you’ve enjoyed my blog enough to follow along. It means so very much to me! You are welcome – I love sharing and meeting wonderful people like you. Happiest knitting to you and thank you again! Xo Jessica

  21. Okay so I am new to double knitting . You only cast on double or do you knit two strand technique through the whole pattern? And I can’t wait to start and finish this one. I have been dying to start on a sweater for some time now even though I live in the desert. I also have never followed a blog until you. I am in love with yours.

    1. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for the sweet words. I’m honored that you are enjoying my blog! So you need to knit just as normal, but rather than holding one strand of yarn, you hold the two together. So yes, you cast on holding the two strands together. It’s exactly like knitting with one piece of yarn. Essentially you are making it a thicker yarn in a way by holding two together. Does that help?

      1. Yes it does! I have started it and already I am getting excited!
        Thank you again! I am already thinking of what I am going to wear t with! I will send pics when it s done. I too am a plus size woman so I adjusted the pattern accordingly.
        Thank you for responding so soon!

  22. I love this pattern! So easy and cute! I’m wondering if you think it would work with any kind of yarn that doesn’t contain wool? I’m allergic, but I know a lot of patterns don’t knit up the same if they’re not made with wool. Also, what weight would the yarn be? Bulky? Extra bulky? I’m hoping to hit up some Black Friday sales today so I can make this! Thanks!

    1. Hi! Yes, Michaels carries a 100% acrylic that looks almost identical. I think it’s called Loops & Threads chunky. It’s a size 5 yarn – chunky. Hope that you can find something that works!

  23. Hello Jessica!
    I wanted to take a moment and thank you for offering such accessible and wonderful patterns. I’m new to knitting and your website has really helped me get into it without feeling overwhelmed. I’m currently working on my first of two blanket sweaters for this year’s Christmas presents and I really think they'”” be a hit. Thank you again!


  24. Thank you for such an awesome pattern. I do have a question though. The pattern calls for 8 skeins of yarn but since your knitting thing double stranded, would that mean I need 16 skeins?

    I want to make this for my mom for Christmas so I just want to be sure. Thank you.

  25. Looks really easy an going to try it an love the looks of it an long enough to wear as a coat an the stitches are so simple an circular needles are the best!!!

  26. Looking forward to knitting up this comfy blanket knit sweater for my daughter! She is 5’1 and petite. Would you recommend casting on 63 stitches so it wont be overly long on her? Also will size 19/35 inch circular needles be too unwieldy to work with? (I have those already but would get the 29 inch ones if you think that would be easier to manage.) I am very much a beginner—-and totally jazzed to try out this pattern. Thanks so much for responding soon so I can get started!!

      1. Hi, I’m wanting to start this beautiful sweater myself and am only about 5 foot now due to being disabled with 7 bone diseases and my bones deteriorating. I’m wondering how many I should cast on? I see she asked a similar question but you emailed her response do I’m unsure what you said to her. I am always cold as well so I know this would be amazing. I have the yarn and needles already so just waiting to hear. Thank you so much.

        1. Hi Pam,

          I wouldn’t hesitate to cast on the same amount. I am 5’6″ but it will just be slightly longer on you. Many people have found that this has turned out smaller for them because I am such a loose knitter so it may be perfect as is. And you can indeed cast on fewer stitches as well if you are still concerned.

  27. HI Jessica! I can’t wait to make this blanket sweater. It’s going to be a late birthday gift (most likely) for my mom, who loves blankets and chunky sweaters. I’m just waiting to go shopping for some pretty brown yarn for her. Would a Homespun type yarn work? I find them really pretty and soft, and I’m thinking four would be ok. Or should I try to find a thicker yarn that isn’t all twisty? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jane!

      Oh boy, I love Homespun yarn, because you are right, it’s so soft! Without trying it myself, I don’t know how it would work up. However, I do think it’s worth giving it a try! I’m not sure that you’d need to hold two together though because of the texture and thickness. You could try a small swatch with Homespun and see what you think! It has the potential to be quite beautiful, but I’m just not sure how the gauge will compare.

    1. You are lucky today, Theresa.. Jessica has the link for the blanket-sweater crochet pattern on the right-hand side up at the top of the page. It’s worked up in a charcoal grey (on my monitor.) https://www.mamainastitch.com/easy-blanket-sweater-crochet-pattern/
      I answered because you posted it this morning so I hoped to save you some frustrated waiting time!!!! I’ve just started the knit version with some alterations–hope they work out–and it goes so fast I can’t believe it. So, merry Christmas and a Happy Crocheting New Year.
      Crowley & Debra

  28. hey jessica

    ! thanks for all of your help! i am not allowed to knit more than one thing at a time (because nothing ever gets finished) but i’ll try it out to see once i’m done with another project i’m working on right now. thanks again!

  29. I have a question about folding in for the sleeves.
    Do you fold it so it meets in the middle of the rectangle or do you have it meet higher or longer than the middle?
    I must tell you that this is the fastest pattern ever.


    1. Hi Kay!
      You want to fold it just until the corners meet. So it’s in the middle, but not the center of the rectangle. Hard to explain, but if you take a look at the photos it might help! So glad you like how quick it was.

  30. Hello. I’m super excited for this pattern. I can’t wait to get started. It’s perfect.

    Would you by any chance be willing to help me figure out how to size the pattern for hooligans? I have two daughters that would be thrilled with one for themselves.

  31. I loved making this, however, you need to make extra sizes. I am a size 16 and this definitely was too short on me. I was so disappointed when I went to pin the arm holes and tried it on. 🙁 this shouldn’t be a “one size fits all”.

    1. Thanks for writing and I know it can be frustrating when something doesn’t turn out as planned when you work so hard on it. Ugh! In many patterns I make a few sizes, but with this one I felt it appropriate to list it as “one size fits most”. I’ll be more careful in the future to remind folks to check measurements to ensure it will work for them. Everyone is different and of course I want them and you to know whether the project will work out as they plan! With this poncho it’s easy to make it longer by simply adding more rows to each panel. ( however it will of course take more yarn). There’s always blocking that can help too.

  32. I am definitely not going to fall into “most” for sizing, if I wanted to make this to fit a plus size would I just make my rectangle in a larger dimension?

    1. Yes, that’s exactly right! I believe here in the comments there is a lady that shared how she made it an XL size.

  33. I am in love with this pattern. I am a shepherd, Jacob and Shetland sheep, and have fleeces coming out my ears at the moment. I have been looking for patterns for extra bulky yarn and this one is perfect. Now I need to do some “test” spinning to get the guage you have and I think I will have a nice warm winter “coat”. Thanks so MUCH!

  34. Love the pattern!! Knitting it now and have a very important question. How tall are you? I’m 5’7″ and getting gauge and at your measurements It’s only hitting the middle of my dumb!!! I will need to go at least to 40″ and then do the seed stitch edge for it to hit any where near your pictures!! I know it will grow, but not that much. So knowing your height would help tremendously!! Thanks……

  35. Posted a few days ago and just went through all the comments and see that you answered how tall you are!! I think I will hang mine for a week to see how much it grows before finishing it! This is such a great pattern and instant gratification…..:-) Thanks for sharing it!!!

    1. Hi Debbie!! That’s a great idea to hang it I think. These pieces do often stretch. I’m a loose knitter so mine are always even stretchier than most!

  36. Hi, Jessica: I absolutely LOVE this pattern and the look! I am always cold–no joking! -and would like to make this for myself. I am 4’11” (at my best, …lol—closer to 10″), and petite. I would love to adjust to fit me without being overwhelming. Beth, on Dec 9th, 2016, wrote you, saying, “Looking forward to knitting up this comfy blanket knit sweater for my daughter! She is 5’1 and petite. Would you recommend casting on 63 stitches so it wont be overly long on her?”….instead of putting the response on the blog, you said you emailed her. Could you please do the same for me? sounds pretty much like what would fit me (5’1” and petite). Thank you so very much! I cannot wait to make this, I will be making for a few family members, but really want to make one for myself–so beautiful, and love how it falls. I am esp taken with the version with the collar.

    1. Hi Denise!

      You can get away with casting on fewer stitches, but keep an odd stitch count! However, I am a loose knitter so if you knit tightly, your piece will turn out a bit smaller than mine. Just something to keep in mind!

  37. I just found this and would love to make it for my mom. About how long did it take you to make? They don’t carry the wool spun at my local store do you have an alternative yarn you suggest. Only reason I ask is I can order it but my mom doesn’t like wool it’s usually very itchy. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

  38. I was anxious to make this Blanket Sweater for a Christmas Gift but couldn’t find a #19 circular Knitting Needle…the biggest I could find locally was #13, also, the yarn had to be different as well…you guessed it ..not available. So I’m working with the #13 needle and Lion Brand’s Hometown USA and Bernat’s Pop. It is working up beautifully but is more of a Weighted Blanket Sweater. Not sure how it will drape but it will be very warm!

  39. Hi! I am a beginning knitter and I am currently working on this project. I love it so far but I have a question. Is the knitting suppose to be loose as you knit or did I do something wrong? I have the right yarn and the 15mm needles. I just want to make sure I’m doing it correctly. Thank you!!

    1. As long as you’re holding two strands of chunky yarn together and using the same needles, you’re good! However, gauge is important to get the size right and I am a very loose knitter! You may need to goo up a needle size if you’re finding it’s turning out small.

  40. Just made this for my mom. It is so pretty. Hope she likes it. I think I will make one for myself lol

  41. Hi,

    I’m a5’6” tall and a size 3X. I have just downloaded the EASY KNIT BLANKET SWEATER PATTERN. For my size how many stitches will I need to cast on and how many rows will I have to knit??? The one size fits all doesn’t fit me. I would very much appreciate a response.
    Chic Grandma, Quebec

    1. Hi Theresa,
      It’s very hard for me to say how many for you to cast on. However, there are some readers that I have adjusted the size for themselves and have left some really great comments on what they did to make it work for larger sizes.

    1. Unfortunately straight needles won’t hold all of the stitches. But you use the circulars just like the straights…you don’t make this in the round.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    This is exactly what I was looking for and I can’t wait to get started! I might have missed this, but what method did you use to cast on your stitches?

  43. Hello! I’m not a very effort knitter, so I thought this could be a project for me…. However it didn’t turn as I expected, it doesn’t stay in my shoulders it slips. I did it a bit short because I’m small. I wonder what did I wrong…. Maybe you can give a hint. Thanks in advance. https://photos.app.goo.gl/fIy9JKGFAXhEhi733

    1. Hi! These simple shrugs do tend to slip pretty easily and this is why I add a button or two to hold it in place.

  44. Hi! I love this pattern, and I can’t wait to try it immediately! But, I have a few Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarns in stock and i don’t want to waste money by buying a new yarn unless really necessary. I also only have a size 17 needle, can I use that instead? Can I use the yarn I have right now? Is it thick enough so I can just use 1 yarn while knitting instead of 2? or do I need to use 2 yarns as well? I really appreciate your help and thanks for this awesome pattern!

    1. With the Thick & Quick you can just use one strand of yarn. If you use the 17 needles, you will need to cast on more stitches and make adjustments. 🙂

  45. Hi! I really love the look of this sweater! BUT I only know how to crochet! How could I convert this pattern into a crochet pattern?? Please help me!!!

  46. Hi Jessica,
    I just put the last stitch in the Easy Knit Blanket Sweater (shrug) and am wearing it as I type this. It feels as warm and cozy as it looks! Your directions were very clear and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing this pattern. It was a fun and quick knitting project. I will be making one for my mom. I know she will love it.

    1. That’s so awesome to hear Irene! I’m so happy that you like it and thanks so much for letting me know!

  47. Hi there I really want to try this but I’m not a small but maybe an 1xl how would I increase the casting on to better fit? I’m not looking to swim in it but I realllllly don’t want it skin tight lol. Thanks!

  48. I discover your site by chance and I send you my best compliments the knitting is very nice and you explanations and photo are the clearest I saw on the web !
    very happy to see your works

  49. Hi ! I completely love this pattern. This is actually my first time doing a larger piece like this , and I can say now it won’t be the last. I would like to make this sweater for my daughter (who is 4). How would I figure out how to make this pattern in a mini size?
    Many thanks,

  50. Hi Jessica
    Made the crochet version of this in a lovely soft chunky yarn and I love it! It’s so warm I cuddle up in it to relax at the end of the day.
    Thanks for all your work

  51. Hi Jessica, could I use Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick for this pattern still using #19 circular needles? Would I only need to do one strand? How much yarn should I buy? Thank you.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        I have made two of your blanket sweaters since November, one for me and one for my granddaughter. It is so easy to make, and I surprised myself with how they turned out! The first one for me I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in the wheat color (took almost four skeins). For me, I find the wool to be a little itchy, but it is definitely warm. The knit turned out more “holey” then your picture—maybe the yarn. The second one I did in LB Heartland Thick & Quick in the Olympic color—gorgeous blue—and so soft (took three full skeins and a little of a fourth). This one turned out with a tighter look. I have LB Hometown USA in Chicago Charcoal to do one more for now. Am anxious to see how this turns out! Thank you so much, Jessica, for your gorgeous projects and patterns that are quick and easy! I’m always excited to see your emails and FB posts! Recently purchased the knit and crochet books that you recommended—love. I also love the Addi Turbo circular needles—my go-to needles when I can.

  52. can i use a cable stitch instead of a moss stitch ?also i am a size 14 how many stitches should i cast on ?thank you so much Mary

  53. Hi, I’m currently knitting the Relaxed Marled cardigans for my daughters and would like to make this one for myself! I’m in the UK, and can’t match ( US) Chunky directly to any UK Wool. UK Chunky knits on 6.5-9mm (UK) needles single strand, so I’m wondering if perhaps 2 strands of ( UK) Chunky on 10mm (UK) needles would work, or would it be to thick, I’m a fairly loose knitter. I would also be sizing up on the size!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  54. I really want to knit this as my first sweater. And luckily Michael’s has homespun on clearance! Can’t actually make the sweater for a few weeks but I can get the yarn now. Thanks for another great pattern

  55. Finished the Easy Knit Blanket Sweater last week for my daughter using the new yarn Color Made Easy in Birch…absolutely love it, what a beautiful pattern and yarn!! I have now started one for myself in the color Shade, can’t wait to wear it!! I used four skeins for the sweater.

  56. Hello Jessica!
    I am still loving this pattern even though I have yet to make it. I even copied and sent it to friends. Now that I’m ready, sadly Homespun is discontinued. Several of my fave yarns have gone down that road. Thank You for the sub suggestion nevertheless. I have found the yarn to be most reasonably priced with all the colors on Joann’s site. The need is for 4 skeins and many site s force you to buy multiples of 3. Hope you are having a great 2019! Janie

  57. I am so disappointed. I am a novice knitter, thought I found a very easy blanket sweater that my daughter would love, followed all of the directions except I couldn’t stand circular needles so I used straight ones and the rectangle is half the size that it should be. What did I do wrong?

    1. Hi Peggy – So sorry it was disappointing. I’m not sure why! Was the yarn and needle size the very same? Did you knit the full length that’s indicated? Do your measurements match mine? I’m a loose knitter, do you happen to knit tightly?

      1. I don’t think that I knit tightly. The needles I used were 9mmUS13. I knit until it measured 30inches and I cast on 73stitches. I thought that once I slipped it off the needle the width would be right. It only measures 30 inches laid out flat.:(

  58. Hi – thanks for this pattern. I made it for myself (loving it!) and now my daughter wants one as well. Do you have thoughts on how many stitches to cast on, as well as how long it should be for a 10 year old??

  59. Love this pattern. I have made it with 2 strands of aran yarn together, cast on 83 stitches on 10mm needles. It is lovely, but not wide enough really. I now have 15mm needles & wonder if I can still use 2 strands of aran and how many stitches I’d need to cast on to make it wide enough? Thanks for any advice.

  60. Hi! I just discovered you and have spent my whole evening deciding what to knit and loving over your beautiful photos! Wondering if you have a “kit” for this pattern? I noticed Lion Brand has a sale on kits right now and that would really help me out with the state of all things in the world right now 🙂
    Thank you again for your beautiful work and free support too!

  61. Hi, love this! Was wondering if it would work ok on 10mm straight needles please. Can’t wait to get started lol

  62. I have a question about the blanket sweater (knit). When you join yarn for this project, do you join in the middle or at the end of a row? Also, which way do you do it? I’m thinking of giving this as a present. I took your advice about the color made easy by Lion Brand.

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