It’s so awesome to be able to share my knitting and crochet patterns with you! I’m Jessica, the blogger, designer, yarn obsessed lady behind this blog and website, Mama In A Stitch.

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While I have always loved art, various crafts, and a bit of sewing, I have become obsessed with yarn. From as far back as I can remember, I’ve loved creating.  Art was always my favorite subject and hobby and ever since discovering the joys of yarn crafts, my mind is constantly running on what I can create next.

Here on the blog, you’ll find my knit and crochet patterns that I love to create!

Just prior to Christmas of 2014, as I made several gifts for family members, I realized that I would like to start recording some of the patterns I had made ( up until this point I’d write down the patterns on little pieces of paper that I’d lose all over the house!).  My first blog post is an easy pattern for fingerless mittens that are knit flat which I had made for my brother.  I thought, “Hey, why don’t I slap this on the internet in case someone else is looking for the same thing.”

This was the beginning of my pattern making, and blogging. I love quick and easy projects that are also timeless and precious for gifting. I’m so lucky to now be able to stay home full time and design, blog, and work with some amazing yarn companies. It’s like a dream that I get to do this each day and meet so many of you.

Easy Knit Summer Top Pattern Mom & Daughter

In addition to my yarn obsession, there are SO many things that I enjoy (too many to list, really). My daughter and hubby come first in my life along with my lovely and LARGE extended family and friends (we have two fur babies as well). I love to travel, learn languages, eat food, see different cultures, teach, be in nature, see mountains and enjoy friends.  

My daughter and I are also obsessed with our two horses, Montana and Dollar. 🙂

I like to make up names for people. If you’re my friend, I most likely call you a special name that doesn’t resemble your real name at all. Ha!

My husband is Polish, so we speak some Polish at home with my daughter and especially love eating Polish food! He takes the photos for me on the blog. If I’m not having to model or wear the piece, then I’ll snap photos too!

I’m a fifth generation Colorado native which surely has contributed to my appreciation for nature.  I grew up with horses and all kinds of animals (bunnies, frogs, you name it).  

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photo credit by my sweet friend Adrienne Lozano Photography
Tapestry Crochets Bag and Graph

I like to keep my blog lighthearted, silly and happy.  Thank you so much for stopping by. You are my inspiration!  You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @mamainastitch.  I love making new yarn friends.