Easy Blanket Sweater Crochet Pattern

Crochet Blanket Cacoon Pattern 7

Want to wear a blanket? 😉

Over the last year, I’ve seen several shrugs, cacoons and cardigans of all shapes and sizes made by simply knitting or crocheting a rectangle and seaming them to make darling wearable tops.  This method allows you to make anything from cropped little shrugs to long sweaters like this one.  With the cool season upon us, I wanted to make something that is super cozy, chunky, over-sized AND that would button closed. What could be cozier than wearing a blanket, and what could be easier than crocheting a rectangle?  I LOVE EASY!

Crochet Blanket Cacoon Pattern 3

I also love wearing BIG hoodies, sweaters and sweatshirts so this fit the bill.  I’ve mostly seen this V stitch used for blankets, and even using this chunky yarn, this particular stitch allowed for a nice drape.  The Woolspun yarn is also really squishy which is a plus!

Crochet Blanket Cacoon Pattern 2

This blanket sweater is black, but I think it would look great in a brown or grey color as well.   The buttons are nice because they keep the shrug in place, which otherwise is pretty open and floppy (“floppity” as my daughter puts it).  So with the buttons you have the option to wear it open and “floppity” or closed and “put in it’s place”. 🙂

Crochet Blanket Cacoon Pattern 5


Crochet Blanket Cacoon Pattern 6
Here you see it’s not buttoned – obviously. Lol! Just want to show you how it looks both ways.

For this blanket cacoon you need to know how to single crochet and double crochet.  This is the perfect crochet and Netflix (knitflix) project because it is totally repetitive and you don’t have to do any counting once you get going.  It’s almost all done in the V – stitch which is made with double crochet stitches.  I’ve posted a full picture tutorial on how to make this stitch HERE.  The only time that you will single crochet is at the end when you work a simple border on the inner opening of the sweater.  There are no complicated button holes to make as the buttons fit through the single crochet stitches.

V Stitch Woolspun Yarn Cardigan Pattern

Measurements: 42″ from end of sleeve to end of sleeve.  32″ from top of neck to bottom of shirt.  (It stretches downward when worn) I’d say this is a one size fits most type of top. It will fit tighter across the chest if you are a large when buttoned. Obviously, with any one size fits most shirt, the way that it drapes on a small will be different than the way it fits and drapes on a large.  You can adjust the length of your initial chain to accommodate larger sizes.

Gauge isn’t super important but is just over 1 ¾ stitches per inch.

**I am now offering an inexpensive, advertisement free, printable PDF version of this pattern on Etsy. You can find it HERE.  Or scroll down to see the pattern for FREE below.

Crochet Blanket Sweater Etsy
Click on the picture if you’d like to purchase the printable version on Etsy

You can also purchase a kit for this pattern from Lion Brand Yarn which includes all of the yarn you will need and the pattern! Find the kit which is 20% off until October 7, 2016 HERE – Easy Blanket Sweater Kit!


dc-double crochet

sc-single crochet

sk- skip stitch

ch – chain

(You will also seam the sleeves with either a slip stitch or a whip stitch)


You will need:

US Size L 8.0 mm crochet hook

8 skeins of Lion Brand Woolspun in black  (It uses just over 7 skeins)


Tapestry needle to weave in ends

Small amount of crochet thread to sew on buttons (or needle and thread)

Two, 1″ inch to 1 and 1/8 inch diameter buttons of your choice (I used wooden buttons from JoAnn Fabric – note I purchased these months ago and can no longer find the exact same buttons. However there are many beautiful substitutes at JoAnn’s and at other craft stores)



Crochet Blanket Cacoon Pattern 4
I liked this shot because it shows the V-Stitch texture really well


Blanket Sweater Crochet Pattern:

*Find my full picture tutorial on how to do this easy  V-Stitch HERE

*Please note that on row 2 and for the remainder of the pattern you are double crocheting into the SPACE between the two double crochet stitches that form the V shape

Ch 79

Row 1  2 DC in 5th ch from hook, *skip 1 ch, 2dc in next ch. Repeat from * across the row. When you get to the end of the row make only 1dc in the last stitch, ch 3, turn.

Row 2 Make 2 dc in the space below 5th ch from hook ( this is the space between the first V shape formed by 2 dc stitches). Make 2dc in the middle of each dc group across the row.  At the end of the row make 1 dc in the last stitch, which is the turning chain from the previous row. Ch 3, turn. See the picture tutorial and explanation HERE to see how to complete this row

Repeat row 2 until your piece measures 31 ” long.

V Stitch Crochet How To Tutorial
Check out how to make it following this picture tutorial by clicking on the above picture



V Stitch How To Crochet


Assembly and finishing:

Lay piece flat on the ground lengthwise like a hot dog. Fold in sides as pictured. Attach yarn the end of sleeve and seam with a slip stitch, 7″ in on each side.  I only grabbed one “leg” of each stitch from both sides to create less bulk at the seam.  I imagine that a whip stitch could work well here too if you prefer. The wrong side is the one that will be seamed.  Tie off and weave in ends.

V Stitch Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern
I shot this picture at a strange angle so it looks a little wonky. Trust me, it’s a normal rectangle.

V Stitch Crochet Chunky Cacoon Pattern


Neck line and inner border:

Attach yarn to neck line and evenly single crochet around, creating a border.  ( At this point, make sure your single crochet gauge is large enough to fit a button through. It should be tight, but not so tight that you can’t button it!  Loosen your stitches if needed ) Make 3 rounds of single crochet stitches. Tie off and weave in all ends.

Here I’ve attached the yarn I will be single crocheting a border around the inside of the shrug.


Turn your sweater right side out.


Attaching buttons:

Lay your sweater flat on the ground or table.  Measure 7″ down from the neckline and sew on button next to the single crochet border (see picture). Attach well, wrapping the thread around a few stitches and tying off.


The second button should be placed directly below the 1st button, 11.5″ below the top of the neckline.

V Stitch Crochet Pattern Adding Buttons


That’s all there is to this buttoned up, wearable blanket crochet pattern. As I type this it looks just like fall outside and I’m going to wrap myself up like a taco in this thing STAT!

Crochet Blanket Cacoon Pattern 2

Thanks so much and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. Have you made anything with this rectangle method before? Feel free to share your pictures with me on Facebook or Instagram as well!


Thank you to Lion Brand for sponsoring this post!


And a thanks to my photographer. 🙂

Easy Free Crochet Pattern Cacoon Sweater

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  1. One of my closest friends is 4.5 months preggo and this is a perfect gift for her! I love that it’s already open so it doesn’t look like I’d need to tweak the pattern to give her belly room to grow. Another fabulous post and pattern!

    1. Thanks my friend Victoria! So fun to see you here on the blog! Good call-I didn’t even think about the fact it would be a perfect preggo sweater.Xoxo

      1. Hey friend!!! We’ll post a photo of her in it. She’s a blogger too so I’ll tell her to link it back to your blog so others can come check you out.

        1. That’s so sweet. Thank you! I want to be sure to see it when you’re all done and it’s up on her blog! You do such gorgeous work.

  2. Great job! I love it! This is the first one I’ve ever seen with buttons. They give it a neat polished look. I’m thinking a midi skirt, t shirt, and boots with this for a perfect fall office outfit. Maybe in burgundy? Thank you, Jessica for another great pattern! Oh, and you have a cute photographer who does a great job!

    1. Thanks Sharon! That outfit sounds just perfect for fall! I love the idea of a burgundy color. Gorgeous! Thank you also for the kind words about my photographer. She does do quite a good job for a 4 year old. She loves it! Ha!

  3. Hi there, I finally found your pattern and tutorial, thanks for sharing. I just have one more thing, you’re so tiny and I am not,, could you please give me a good way to do this pattern bigger. Thank you, I really like your pattern.

    1. Hi Amanda! This pattern will fit a variety of sizes because it’s very much like a large poncho that fits any size. A size large would most likely fit fine in this. If you’re looking to make it extra large or xxl, you can always start with a longer chain. Just be sure you have an odd stitch count. That should do the trick. In addition, you may need to just move the buttons done a couple of inches. Hope this helps!

  4. What a beautiful project! Love it! Thank you so much for sharing it. Like Amanda I will need to adjust the pattern for a larger size for myself and sister-in-law who will love receiving this as a gift can’t wait to make one for her.
    Tell your cute photographer that she has some great talent that could be used in her future.

    1. Hi Holly! I will tell my daughter that you said she has a talent. Ha ha! She will love that. Thank you! I’m so glad that you like the pattern. Like I said though to Amanda – it is really large, so you may not have to add a whole lot of stitches! It can fit a variety of sizes! How sweet of you to make this for your sister in law. She is a lucky gal!

  5. I’m not one to wear black much, but I love this in black. Very cool. Thanks for the free share and tute. And really, this would look great in almost any color. Great stitch choice!

    1. I’m so glad you like the black! I normally wouldn’t want to crochet with black yarn, but this stitch was fairly easy. You’re welcome for the pattern – I’m happy to share!

  6. This is BRILLIANT!! I’ve seen a few of these rectangle type shawls/shrugs but this one stands out!! Love how it’s cozy and comfy but stays on the shoulders without a lot of fuss. I will be stopping at the store for yarn on my way home tonight…Once again, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  7. Love this- I’ve wanted to make one of these for ages, but the patterns have been so complex. Yours is so well done! Thank you!!

    1. Awesome Melanie! Starting new projects is the best. Thanks for your kind words, it makes me so happy that you like the patterns. Love what you did with the last project!!

      1. Thanks for these great patterns. I just finished my blanket cacoon. I used red heart charcoal and red heart unforgettable in echo. An N hook. I absolutely love how this fits and feels. Thank you so much.

  8. Jessica,
    I’ve saved several patterns like this one BUT after reading YOURS I know I’ll be making it!! Easy to read and follow….Will be worn alot this fall!! Thanks again for such a great design ❤❤PS Will go and check out all of your other designs and posts❤❤ SOOOO Glad I came across your blog when going thru ‘Share a pattern’ ❤❤
    And she is a great photographer Cutie pie too❤❤❤❤

    1. Hi Cheryl Anne! Thanks so much for writing me and I’m so happy you think that I explained this well. I always worry if people will understand! Thanks for your sweet words about my daughter too. She does a great job and loves it! Ha! Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

  9. Looks great and seems like the kind of garment that would be a “how did I manage without this” kind of thing! Pinning and adding to my To do list!

  10. I can’t wait to try this pattern! I have been looking for something exactly like this for a long time. Can you tell me how long your start chain/rectangle is? Is that the 42″ measurement you listed? I tend to crochet tightly and want to make sure I get it right, even it I have to add some chains to the beginning. Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Diane! Yes, that chain is the “42 measurement. I’m glad you think you want to make one! Happy crocheting!

  11. Hi, Since I live in Florida, would like to make this in a lighter yarn, say a worsted weight, What is the length of the initial crochet chain, I think with that I can then follow the rest of the pattern,


  12. I saw this featured a Lionbrand post on Facebook and decided to check it out. I never thought of crocheting something like this, but now I want to! And it seems so simple that even I can do it lol. Just a question, I have never made anything wearable before where I have to adjust the size on my own. Do you have any idea of how much longer than the 42″ I would have to make it for a size 4X? I also crochet tight, so measuring will be best for me. Also, should I add some rows to help increase the size? TIA

    1. Hi Jen!
      So as the pattern is written it fits anywhere from an XS to a Large. It’s a very forgiving and roomy pattern. To get to the size 4 I’ve looked at the size chart for the Craft Yarn Council here: https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/womansize.html You can see the 4x sizing compared to the large. To me, it look like for the bust, if you add an extra 14 inches it would work. This means make your chain an extra 14 inches over how long it is in the pattern. Crochet from there – I’d make it a bit longer, but you can begin “trying it on” as you make it, before you go seaming it. This is all my best guess as I haven’t tested it for this size. I hope that maybe it will work for you!

      1. I too am making it bigger, but I would caution you to make you starting chain a little snug. I almost doubled the chain, I am busty and as I’m crocheting I didn’t take into account how much stretch the yarn will have. It is huge! Like I could wrap it twice around me. Needless to say, frogging it and starting over. I’m using red heart super saver in grey heather and a L hook

  13. Hi! This is gorgeous but I’m not a fan of wearing chunky yarns, have you tried this with a medium weight yarn (4)? I would love to make this, any suggestions for substituting the yarn with a smaller weight?

    1. Hi Chris,
      I haven’t tried making this with the worsted weight yarn, but I think it would come out really nicely. I would just make a chain that is about 42″ long, and follow the pattern (of course you will have more stitches across). Let me know if you try it and how it turns out! Oh – you might have to do some trickery for the button holes, but that would be fairly simple!

  14. Thanks so much for the shrug pattern. You mane it so easy to get without having to click here and there to get the pattern. I looked it over once and have it memorized.

    1. Hi Joy, I’m so glad to hear you think that I’ve explained it well! You are quite sharp to be able to memorize it. Wow! You’re welcome for the pattern. It was a lot of fun to make!

  15. Hello!!

    I love this pattern but I’m still a baby crocheter; my stitches seem to be tiny! I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong! Am I using the wrong yarn? I’m using Aran weight at the moment.



    1. Hi Sarah,

      So this is made with a chunky yarn, which in US terms is larger than an Aran weight. Also, you might want to make sure that your hook is the same size as mine. Once you get those two things right, your stitches should be just right! I hope this helps and thanks so much for asking. Let me know if anything else comes up!

  16. I am making this for a co worker who is going through chemo, I did have to change the pattern just a titch due to the yarn I as doing, it is a lighter weight yarn, but I used a larger hook than what is called for and it is beautiful and very lacy looking.

    1. Hi Aldeine – I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I sure hope she gets well soon! I bet it’s just beautiful the way you made it with the lighter weight yarn. Thanks for sharing in case others want to know how it might turn out with a different yarn.

  17. I’m working this up with lion brand scarfie cranberry and it’s coming out gorgeous! Your pattern is perfect for the self striping of the scarfie yarn colorway!! I didn’t have the black on hand for what you called for but I had three balls of this so I decided to go for it and OMG it’s working up as I’d hoped. I purchased the PDF version with your extra pics and explanations and very pleased. If I were to sit down and just go for it this could easily be done in five hours ( my speed) but I’m so happy!

    1. Hi Jess! That’s awesome and so cool to hear that the scarfie is working up so well! I bet it’s gorgeous in that cranberry color. It does work up pretty quick, right?! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Jess!

      1. I have pics for you but it’s almost like you used the scarfie for the pattern because it’s seriously self stripping perfectly. I couldn’t have picked a better colorway to enhance your awesome pattern!! I’m really pleased how well it worked out!! Again, superb pattern and amazing design…

        1. Jess! I can’t wait to see the final pictures! Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone!

  18. Hello Jessica! Your cardigan is so cool and easy to crochet. Thank you for sharing the pattern. I’m definitely going to make one for me. I’ll use other yarn, so could you tell me please – how many grams of yarn you’ve spent for the cardigan? Thank you.

    1. Hi Olga,

      I used almost 8 skeins of chunky yarn and there are 3.5 ounces per skein, so about 28 ounces (but I did have some leftover from my last skein). From googling, it looks like there are about 28.34 grams per ounce. I hope this helps you get the yarn that you’d like!

  19. Hmmm, I may try this with baby yarn, smaller hook, and of course start with a smaller chain for 2 of my granddaughters, ages 3 and 11 months. This would be so much easier to get on a moving target, and it wouldn’t be binding so they would probably wear it more. Homemade Christmas gifts are the best!! Thank you for such an easy pattern!

    1. Oh those will be so cute! Yes, much easier to get on moving targets. Ha! You’re welcome for the pattern – thank YOU for taking the time to let me know how you might use it!!

  20. Am so glad I came across your site with the blanket sweater information.. it looks so simple to make, and it’s the perfect pattern to get me back into the swing of crocheting! Kudos to the budding photographer!

    1. Hi Becca! I’m so glad you found the site too especially if it helps you get back into crocheting! My daughter says thank you for the “kudos”. Ha!!

      1. Jessica, thanks so much for this lovely pattern.

        As I’ve almost finished my “weekend project” and have come to the finishing
        still one question. I’m from a foreign country and I don’t really understand:
        Attach yarn the end of sleeve and seam with a slip stitch, 7″ in on each side.

        Would you please explain what you meant by 7* ? Is this another needle or?

        Thanks a lot, Fiona

        1. Hi Fiona! So the 7″ means 7 inches. So you seam the sleeves 7 inches in on each side. You can see in the photo how I lay out the rectangle, then fold in the corners to seam. This is what that refers to. I sure hope this helps you and let me know if any other questions come up!

  21. I can’t wait to try this! I am thinking of making it as a Christmas gift if it turns out well for me! I am still a beginner crocheter so we’ll see haha. Where did you purchase the yarn? I am in Canada. I don’t think Walmart carries it. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Stef – I got my yarn at Michaels. Are they in Canada? Lion brand also sells it on their website. Hope you can find it!

      1. Hi Jessica my first time to comment but love your paterns I make some for my daughter in law but I going to make this for my daughter she saw in your side by the way your daughter are not only talent but she is beautiful ,GOD BlESS her and your family I had 4 grandkids but only 1 granddaughter your patterns are so easy to follow ,keep the good work

        1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Cira! I’m so glad that you are enjoying my patterns and that you think they are easy to follow. It means a lot to me! Thanks for the sweet words about my daughter too – makes me happy because she’s the light of my life! Have a great afternoon Cira!

      2. Yes they are! I went to Michaels and got an awesome discount! I started it today! Thanks so much for posting! 🙂

  22. Lion Brand referred me to you with my question. I need to make my sweater a size 1X. How many extra chains should I make for this larger size? I ordered the kit from Lion Brand so I will use the exact same yarn. I’m really excited to start on it. It is what I’ve been looking for. Very pretty.

    1. Hi Norma! As written, the pattern will fit a large and may even fit a 1xl but may fit a bit snugger than pictured. If you want a looser look, I would add an additional 4 stitches to the original chain and add two more rows at the end of the pattern. Once you’ve seamed the shoulders and are ready to place the buttons, I would try it on and see where it would be comfortable to place them. You will most likely place them an inch or so lower than the buttons in the pattern. Just remember, this top is very stretchy and forgiving. I’ve heard from some readers that tried to make it larger and realized it was way to big once complete. I hope this helps you and let me know if you have any more questions! Also, there’s a good guide here as to sizing in case it helps you with your size at all https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/womansize.html

      I hope you enjoy making it!

    2. this pattern wont fit a large. im a large and it was too small. the arms came down to my elbows and the length didnt even go past my butt. the person who made this pattern must be very short. my advice is to measure your arm span from wrist to wrist. make the chain row that long. then measure from your neck to where you want the sweater to sit and make that length in rows.

      the pattern measurements are 42″ arm span, 32″ from neck to below butt. if these are not your measurements this wont fit you. my arm span is 59″ and my torso length is 36″ so it was very small and i was really dissapointed when i finished

      1. Hi Stephanie,
        I’m so sorry that it didn’t fit as hoped. Thank you for your thoughts and advice on the pattern for others that may need to make it in the same size. As with most one size fits most pieces, while it will fit, of course the drape and where it falls will be different on a small vs a large person. Some readers who have adjusted it to make it larger in order to fit what they think is a large have found that it becomes much larger than planned and even too large as it stretches downward when worn. There have been many different size readers who have liked the fit and how it turned out. But I am truly sorry that you didn’t. It’s hard to spend so much effort on a project when it’s disappointing.

  23. ~*Hola Jessica, me encanta tu Blogg, y sobre todo los Tutoriales, son de gran ayuda y muy fáciles de seguir, muchas gracias por compartir ….Ah, y que hermoso fotógrafo, Felicidades Gran Pareja*~

  24. Just found you today via a Facebook post. I have never actually made anything before as it all seemed too complicated. I took out some leftover yarn and practiced this stitch. I think I can do this. One question. When you fold the corners together to form the triangle, where do you begin to slip stitch and how far do you stitch? It looks like you left an opening beginning at the point. How far in do you begin the slip stitch? I’m allergic to wool so I am going to try this with Lion Brand Hometown bulky yarn. Looking forward to your response..I’m excited!

    1. Hi Rinda – Congrats on attempting to make this! That’s quite a challenge if you’ve never made anything before. As for your question, you begin the slip stitch on the inside portion, and slip stitch together toward the outer corners for nearly 8 inches or so. You can make the openings as large or small as you’d like though!

  25. I am allergic to wool so I cannot buy the kits, unfortunately 🙁 What do you think would make a good yarn alternative to the Woolspun?

    1. Michaels stores has a very similar yarn that doesn’t contain wool and it’s called Loops & Threads Woolike Chunky Yarn. Hope you can find some!

    2. Not to step on Jessica’s toes but I am allergic to mohair and wool which is a real bummer because it’s so cozy but I used lion brand “scarfie” in cranberry black colorway and I couldn’t have picked a better yarn as it’s super easy to work up with this great pattern and for some reason the self striping is spot on! It looks totally amazing. I have pics to post just trying to figure where to put them but give scarfie a try!

  26. HI! Sorry… I meant to post the question on this page… tehehehe…

    Question… Can I use the new Caron Cakes yarn for this pattern???

    1. Hi Mindy!
      This pattern uses chunky yarn and if I’m right, I think Caron cakes is worsted weight? You would have to do some adjusting and make your chain longer if that is the case. Hope this helps!

  27. I bought lyon brands heartland and want to make a large and medium, I am wondering how many sts would I have to chain? love yours , thank you so much for sharing.

  28. I got the pattern for the one at top but it is a grannysquare and its not coming out right why are the patterns diffrent?

  29. Hi, I have a question about the yarn you used. Amazon said it was a #5 and lion brand said it was a #6 yarn. Which one is it? I do have red heart soft essentials #5 yarn. About 8 skeins left over from a project. So I’m really hoping its a #5 yarn lol. I know you said we can use any yarn on this but I really like the look of the chunky yarn. Thanks so much for sharing. Trish

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Do you think you can use a Lion Brand #6 yarn for this project and get the same look? I want to start this right away and of course I have #6 here, and #4, but no #5 at the present time. If so, what size hook would you recommend? I like the look of this and didn’t want to risk a change, otherwise I will wait til I can get out to the store. Lol…
    Thank You!

    1. Hi Tammy!
      Yes, you can use a 6 but just make sure to measure and ensure you’re getting close to the size listed as you go. You might need to start with a shorter chain. Better yet, would be to hold two strands of 4 together, then it would be close to using the #5. Just a thought. Most important is to measure before you’re done to ensure the sizing is about the same as mine! Make adjustments as needed.

  31. Hello

    Thank you for the patterns and advice you’ve given to all of us who love to crochet.
    I am a beginner and I need to ask you how much wool you need to crochet this sweater.
    You have mentioned that you used 7 skeins- 8 skeins.
    How many grams or oz or yards does that mean?
    Thank You

  32. So I love this pattern but only have 738yds of yarn in the colors I want to use. Will this pattern work with that amount?

  33. I really want to make this! But, I’m having trouble finding a decent printable version of the pattern, can you help?

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