Easy Knitting Patterns To Try

Hi friends! You know I’m all about easy, and today I thought I’d share some easy knitting patterns from a few of my fave bloggers.  If you’re anything like me, you appreciate a simple pattern that’s beautiful but doesn’t take a lot of brain power.  The cool thing is that you can find simple patterns that will take a lot of time (like blankets) to patterns that will whip up in no time like hats, scarves and mug cozies!

So let’s get to some great, easy knitting patterns!

I love this Simple Striped Knit Blanket from Rescued Paw Designs

The striping on this wrap from Two of Wands!

And who doesn’t like snuggly?! Try this one out from Make & Do Crew!

What a great beginner scarf by Patty Macknits

Wanting to brave a pullover? Here’s an easy and beautiful pattern from All About Ami

Here’s a reader fave from my blog for an Easy Knit Blanket Sweater!

Here’s a great hat that would make a fun gift from Sewrella!

It’s awesome to make dishcloths when you’re trying to improve your skills or try out a new stitch. Love this one from Underground Crafter

Love this simple poncho from One Dog Woof!

And who can’t use an extra clutch from Moogly?

Lastly, we all want a cozy knit blanket to cuddle! Here’s a simple one!

Oh! And we can’t leave out a simple extreme knit blanket from All About Ami!

Isn’t it great how you don’t have to be a crazy, amazing knitter to make wonderful things? Happy knitting to you!



For more easy free knitting patterns, check out all of my free knitting patterns HERE

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