Easy Sweater Knitting Patterns

Easy Sweater Knitting Patterns

Easy sweaters are so much fun to make, and they look more complicated than they are! If you’re a beginner, it is totally possible to make sweater or cardigan. I love my hand knit sweaters. Read below to see 10 absolutely easy sweater knitting patterns!

If you follow my blog, you know that I love making simple designs (see all my simple sweaters and cardigans here). Many of my patterns were created simply because I wanted to make things like sweaters, but the patterns out there were too difficult. I think you’ll find that these are some of the easiest sweaters ever!

Some of us think that we have to stick to scarves and shawls for years before we tackle a sweater. It’s just not so! Get ready to make a sweater (or two). Haha!

Can A Beginner Knit A Sweater?

A beginner can definitely make a sweater!

When you’re searching out easy sweater knitting patterns, there’s definitely a few things to keep in mind.

  • The most important thing is to find a sweater with little to no shaping. This way there isn’t so much counting. It also means the pattern is less complicated.
  • Try to choose a sweater that uses basic stitches. Some of the sweaters below only use the knit stitch! This is what you want as a beginner.
  • Find a pattern that is knit flat. Once you learn to knit in the round, even some of the patterns that are written flat can be modified. But for new knitters, knitting a sweater flat is easiest.
  • Also, if you want it to work up quickly, which is a good idea for beginners, choose a pattern that uses a chunky yarn.
  • Lastly, avoid a sweater that has color changes or color work. If you want to use color, you can choose a variegated yarn.

Sweaters come in so many styles, from oversized, to fitted, from pullovers to cardigans. You can certainly find a style to match your taste, even with these easy options.

Okay, let’s get to these fun patterns!

Easy Sweater Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Easy Knit Blanket Sweater

easy knit blanket sweater pattern

The simplest of simple, this is suitable for complete beginners as it’s literally a rectangle that’s folded! As I mentioned above, beginners want to avoid shaping, so this is perfect. It also works up quickly with chunky yarn. There are picture tutorials to help as well!

Moonbow Slouchy Knit Cardigan

easiest cardigan knit sweater pattern

If you want a legit sweater that’s knit flat, this is for you! It’s also a fast make with the big yarn an needles. This is personally one of my favorite all time sweaters. It’s THE sweater cardigan to make if you’re wanting an easy sweater knitting pattern. Trust me!

Marled Cocoon Sweater Knitting Pattern

cocoon sweater knitting pattern

Another super simple cardigan that’s beginner friendly. This one uses worsted weight yarn, which is easy to find. You can also make it colorful without color changes by using two colors at once!

My Comfiest Knit Cardigan Pattern

basic easy knit cardigan pattern

I designed this to be a go-to, everyday cardigan. You only need to know how to knit and purl! It’s a true classic sweater that will never go out of style. Some followers have made several of these for friends and family.

Big Knit Coat Pattern

Warm, cozy, and easy as can be! If you love a hooded sweater, you will love this baby. It’s long as well, so it will keep you toasty all winter long.

coat sweater knitting pattern

Painted Skies Shrug Knitting Pattern

Shrugs are so cool, and this one is another option that is made from basic rectangles. It also uses only the knit garter stitch, so it’s wonderful for beginners.

total beginner knit cardigan pattern

Coziest Cable Knit Cardigan Pattern

This cardigan features cables, but believe me, they aren’t hard! Once you’ve mastered some projects, this one is a breeze.

Easy Cable Knit Sweater Pattern

Artista Raglan Knit Sweater Cardigan

After you’ve knit some sweaters flat, you might want to try a raglan! This is a perfect beginner raglan sweater pattern. It does have shaping and increasing and decreasing, so stick to the other sweaters if you’re just starting out.

Raglan Sweater Easy Knitting Pattern

Easy Vibes Sweater Knitting Pattern

Love this pullover style pattern! It’s another easy one with very little decreasing.

Easy Pullover Sweater Knitting Pattern

Alpine Sweater Vest Knitting Pattern

If you’re looking for something different, go for a knit sweater vest. It uses very little yarn too!

Beginner Easy Knit Vest Pattern

Lastly, I have to throw in another favorite…

My Big Comfy Ribbed Cardigan

chunky ribbed knit sweater pattern

This one is as easy as the Moonbow, but features an even warmer, textured rib fabric. So easy and so cozy!

How To Knit A Sweater

  • There are so many methods and types of sweaters out there! Some of the most popular are raglans, top downs, and sweaters that are knit flat (like the ones here).
  • Easy sweaters are made with basic stitches, and the easiest ones are knit flat. Most beginners learn to knit flat to start, so knitting flat is simple for newbies!
  • You’ll find in most of the patterns here, you will knit the sweater in pieces. First you will knit a back panel, next two front panels, and lastely the sleeves.
  • These pieces are then seamed together to finish! Sometimes you will add a neckline by picking up stitches, and sometimes you won’t.
  • I like to add pockets to a lot of my sweaters. You simply knit a square or rectangle to attach it to the sweater.

Knit Stitches & Techniques Needed for An Easy Sweater Knitting Pattern

  • You’ll of course first want to learn to knit (HERE)! This means you will cast on, and knit. Here’s a video on how to knit. The method I use is perfect if you knit crochet, and even if you don’t know crochet!
  • You will also want to learn to purl HERE if you want to make a sweater with stockinette.
  • Casting off is the last step, as well as seaming! Seaming can be as simple as making a whip stitch. There are other seams you can learn as well, like the mattress stitch for sewing together stockinette.

What Yarn Do I Use For A Knit Sweater?

You’ll definitely want to choose a yarn that your pattern requires. Some patterns use chunky yarn, super bulky yarn (like this one), and some use worsted weight or smaller.

For beginners, I like chunky yarns. Sweaters are big projects, and when you can make them a little quicker, that’s a good thing!

Worsted weight yarns are popular for knitting sweaters. My Comfiest Knit Sweater Pattern uses worsted weight yarn.

How Do I Make Sure My Knit Sweater Will Fit?

First, be sure to look at the sizes offered in the pattern as well as the measurements listed.

Next, check your gauge to be sure you don’t need to adjust your tension or needle size.

As you knit, eyeball the sweater, and even try it on as you go! This will help you determine if you need to make adjustments.

On a lot of the easy sweater patterns, it’s no big deal to make the sweater longer or shorter before you finish.

Other Simple Knit Sweaters To Try

More Knitting Patterns

You can also get lost in all the sweaters and styles on Ravelry HERE!

Lion Brand Yarn also has some nice, free knit sweater patterns in their library, so you can check that out too.

Tin Can Knits is also famous for their Flax Sweater!

I hope this you found a simple sweater that you’d like to make!! Happy knitting my friends.



Easy Sweater Knitting Patterns
Easy Sweater Knitting Patterns

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