Easy Knit Washcloth Pattern

It’s so much fun to knit washcloths and dishcloths because they are easy and FAST! This pattern is super easy, and can be adapted with any stitch that you like. If you’re a beginner, this is a good pattern because it’s just knit as a regular rectangle. Read on!

The types and styles of knit washcloths and dishcloths are endless because you can literally cast on stitches and knit whatever stitch pattern you like. My pattern today uses the seed stitch, which is a basic variation of knits and purls. However, if you’re brand new to knitting, simply use the knit stitch to get a pretty garter fabric throughout!

After I had shared my crocheted “Farmhouse Washcloth” pattern, I also wanted to make a cute knit version. Small projects like this are great year round, and they are fun to break up the monotony of a large project.

This is a super simple pattern that results in a pretty washcloth that you could be used to brighten up a bathroom or kitchen.  While I’ve used shades of yellow here, you can certainly use whatever colors that you prefer.  Feel free to use colors that match your kitchen.  These also make great hostess gifts, so get ready to get knitting!

Isn’t the texture wonderful? This is why I love the seed stitch. It’s so simple, yet gives you a beautiful looking fabric.  The little nubs from this stitch are also great to scrub dishes with.

You’ll find some tutorials as well as the pattern below, so check those out!

How To Knit A Dishcloth

You’ll see the full detailed pattern below, but here are the basics in people words!

  • Grab a skein of worsted weight yarn (cotton preferrably)
  • Get your US Size 8 or appropriate knitting needles
  • Cast on stitches for the edge of your washcloth or dishcloth
  • Knit across using the stitch pattern until your desired length
  • Cast off!

What Stitches Do I Need To Knit A Washcloth?

You only need to be comfortable with knitting and purling. If you haven’t learned these two stitches, you can find my tutorials for knitting here and for purling here. Once you’ve got it down, come back and make this washcloth!

And like I mentioned earlier, if you’re a beginner, you can totally just use the knit stitch on this entire pattern.

What Yarn Should I Use To Knit Washcloths and Dishcloths?

I always reach for cotton yarn for these projects. It soaks up the water the way I like. I do know some people use acrylic, but my go to is a worsted weight yarn that is 100% cotton. If not 100% cotton, then go for a cotton blend.

You can also have a lot of fun by using some of the scrubbie yarns out on the market that are specifically made for scrubbing and washing dishes. They can be tough on the hands though, so keep that in mind!

I use worsted weight cotton like this for most of my washcloths. This is a softer cotton, but there are a lot of great kitchen cottons out there too.


This dishcloth is made with the seed stitch (Alternate the knit and purl stitches across the row. You will be knitting the purl stitches, and purling the knit stitches.)

I use cotton yarn for dishcloths and washcloths because of it’s ability to absorb.  It also feels nice on the skin!

Gauge isn’t important here, which makes this project even easier!

**If you find that you’d like to make the washcloth larger or smaller, simply cast on more stitches or less stitches while keeping an odd stitch count.

Abbreviations & Skills:

k – knit

p – purl

You will need:

One skein of Drops Paris 100% Cotton in Strong Yellow or comparable worsted weight cotton yarn (Main color)

Small amount of Drops Paris 100% Cotton in Light Yellow or comparable worsted weight yarn (Contrast color)

US Size 7, 4.5 mm Knitting Needles

Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

This cotton is so incredibly soft. Perfect for a nice dishcloth!


Cast on 37 stitches with main color

Row 1: K1, p1 across row

Repeat row 1 until piece measures 6”

Change color to contrast color (light yellow)

Repeat row 1 for 1” inch

Change color to main color

Repeat row 1 for 2” inches

Cast off

Weave in ends

The dishcloth/washcloth should measure approximately 9”X9” but may be slightly different depending on how tight or loosely you knit

Have you tried the seed stitch before?  Such a wonderful stitch that doesn’t take much thinking. Perfect for easy summer knits!

I hope you enjoy knitting your “Sunshine Dishcloth”!

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Happy knitting!!

Easy Knit Washcloth Pattern

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  1. Beautiful work. I’m using Drops Paris cotton yarn to make a beach bag. It’s nice cotton at a great price, but I find it a bit rough rather than being soft. Does it soften up after washing?

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