How To Knit

If you want to learn how to knit and your a beginner, I seriously have the best way for you to do it! The step-by-step video and instructions below will help you get started. It will even get you on the road to knitting your first piece!

As a total beginner, I learned knitting from videos online after trying to learn from a book with diagrams. It was so much easier to visually see how the knitting is done on video, rather than try to decipher a photo.

Definitely grab your yarn, needles, and a cozy chair, and hop over to the video below to see how it’s done. Maybe you’ll be like me, designing and making hundreds of projects someday! Lol



By the way, if you already know how to crochet, I definitely recommend learning the continental method of knitting that I use here. It is easier because you already have the muscle memory that it takes to knit this way.

What Supplies do I Need?

You will need a skein of yarn, and appropriate needles for the yarn you purchased.

Choose a yarn you love that’s at least a worsted #4, or chunkier like this one.
When knitting, you will want to choose needles that are the right size for your yarn. You can find out what size to use by looking at the yarn label. More on that later!

Also, you’ll want some scissors. That’s really it!

What Yarn Do I Need To Knit?

There isn’t any particular yarn that you need to learn to knit. Of course there is a huge variety available! I love worsted weight yarn and larger. Worsted weight is the yarn you are most used to – the usual craft size.

Super bulky yarn is the chunky yarn that I love! It makes projects that work up quickly.

You can use any size yarn you like to learn knitting, but you must use the corresponding needle size. You can find the size of the yarn as well as the needles will be listed on the yarn label.

There are many yarns to choose from. The label will list the size of the yarn, as well as the size of the needles that you will need for it.
Chunky yarns like this are fun to use when you’re learning how to knit because the projects work up quicker!

What Needles Are Best For Knitting?

I prefer to use wooden needles, but also love to use metal needles. Beginners might like one better than the other, but could try both.

Metal is nice because the yarn doesn’t “stick”, however, the stitches can also fall off a little easier! Wood tends to hold the yarn and stitches a bit better.

I’ve also used plastic (you’ll see them in a photo below), but that is my last choice.

Step By Step Knitting

  • Step 1 – Pick a yarn and needles that match (read the label on your yarn to see what size needles to use)
  • Step 2 – Cast on your stitches (see the video on how to cast on to your knitting needles)
  • Step 3 – Knit across the row (see the video as I use Continental Style knitting to knit across the row)
  • Step 4 – Continue knitting for as many rows as you’d like
  • Step 5 – Cast off (I don’t show this step in this video)

Once you have that knit stitch down from watching the video above, scroll down to learn how to purl stitch. These two (the knit and purl) are the king daddy and mommy of knit stitches!

learning how to knit vs crochet
Once you learn to knit, this is the fabric you will make! It’s entirely done with the beginner knit stitch.

Can I teach myself to knit?

Of course! I taught myself knitting. It was so easy once I could watch a video that worked for me. There are so many on YouTube beyond the one that I shared with you here. Check out several, and see what makes sense to you.

After many folks have wanted to me to do a knitting tutorial, I went ahead and made this video.

I also made a video on how to purl. So check that out too here below!

What are The Easiest Things To Knit?

Beginners often like smaller projects like scarves. Here is a beginner scarf pattern that I designed, which you can try Winter Nights Beginner Scarf Pattern

Shawls are also easy, and this Sedona Serenity Shawl Knitting Pattern is for total beginner knitters.

The Sedona Serenity Shawl is perfect for new, beginner knitters because it only uses the basic knit stitch. And bonus – big yarn means a fast project!

How To Purl in Knitting

As a beginner, you will learn the knit stitch, followed by the purl stitch.

Most people find the purl to be a tad more difficult than the knit stitch. So be sure to have the knit stitch down, then try out the purl!

How To Purl Step By Step

You’ll find that purling is much like the knit stitch – just backwards in a way! With some practice, you will be knitting and purling like a pro.

So, what do you think of purling?

Now that you’ve got knitting and purling down, you can make something like this sweater in no time.

The stockinette, flat beautiful fabric is made with alternating knit and purl stitches. Isn’t this what you picture when you think of knit fabric?

How Do I Finish My Knitting Project?

You will want to “cast off” from your needles when you are done. You will find a ton of tutorials on YouTube for how to cast off knitting.

You’ll also want to weave in your ends with a tapestry needle. That part isn’t my favorite!

Different Knitting Styles

If you look at tutorials or videos online, you might notice two different ways that folks will knit. There is the English way, which most people recognize, or the continental style.

I prefer continental because you can knit faster. I also found it easier and less cumbersome. But many love the English method! Do whatever works best for you.

Again, once you can both knit and purl (the baby beginner stitches), you can make the beautiful stockinette stitch that is the quintessential knit fabric.

For instance, this blanket is the perfect beginner blanket that uses only the knit and purl stitches.

Timberland Tweed Easy Knit Throw Blanket

woman showing how to knit and how it's similar to crochet
See how I’m holding the yarn much like you might hold it for crochet? This method is easy for beginner knitters. And if you crochet, it’s a must!

Learning To Knit FAQs

Is it hard to knit?

Everyone has their own opinion, but it usually isn’t HARD to knit. It is a new skill that takes a little practice though. Don’t give up too quickly like I almost did. A good video is so helpful!

You can always learn more and improve your skills over time too, which is the fun of it!

As a beginner, just getting the knit garter stitch down is a huge accomplishment There are so many things you can make with that basic stitch.

More Beginner Knitting Tutorials

How to Knit A Giant Chunky Blanket

How to Knit A Summer Scarf (easy once you are a pro at knit and purl!)

You can also check out these great beginner worth projects:

Native Stripes Throw Blanket Knitting Pattern – perfect for practicing and learning to knit

Native Stripes Blanket

Sunshine Dishcloth Knitting Pattern

Fun for once you learn to knit and purl!

I hope this got you started on your knitting journey! Did you have fun?

By the way, I’ve designed sooo many knitting patterns that are all considered easy. Definitely check out all the things you can make here Knitting Patterns.

I’m so glad that I learned to knit. It’s opened a whole new world, and really life for me! I hope you get joy from it too.

Happy knitting!



How To Knit

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