Fall Crochet & Knitting Project Ideas

Here we are in the midst of fall and the best season for knitting and crochet.  Today I wanted to share some fall favorites from the blog in case you’re looking for a new, cozy autumn project.

I’ll start with a list of crochet ideas and you’ll find the knitting ideas below!

Fall Crochet Project Ideas

  1. Crochet A Wrap – The Wanders Wrap HERE is a versatile piece that works as a scarf or a shawl for chilly days.  The Smoky Mountains Wrap HERE is another great shawl – you won’t believe how quickly you can make this piece (and there’s a video tutorial to help you). Both of these wraps are light enough to put in your tote bag, yet warm enough to break the cold. 
  2. Make Washcloths – The Farmhouse Washcloth Pattern HERE is a favorite of mine and I love the stitch that’s used (there’s a video tutorial to help you).  We go to a lot of parties in the fall and there’s a lot of entertaining during autumn with Thanksgiving.  Another favorite is the Textured Hostess Washcloth Pattern HERE.  Washcloths make for great hostess gifts!
  3. Crochet A Pumpkin – Crocheted pumpkins are all over the internet and it’s easy to see why!  This Quick Chunky Pumpkin Crochet Pattern HERE works up in no time.
  4. Crochet A Layering Piece – Shrugs, kimonos and cardigans make a perfect layering piece for autumn days because they’re so easy to take on and off. A couple of fun fall shrug styles are this beginner friendly Everyday Kimono HERE or the Done In A Day Shrug HERE(if you like quick projects!)
  5. Make A Blanket –  If you get started now, you’ll have a cuddly blanket in time for the holidays. (Go-To Blanket HERE & Wintertide Throw HERE)

Fall Knitting Project Ideas

  1. Knit a Scarf or a Wrap – Scarves are fun because they are an easy, quick way to learn new stitches.  You can work on your cables with Cascades Scarf Pattern HERE, and a reader favorite from last year was the Merlot Alpaca Wrap Pattern HERE.
  2. Knit a Pumpkin – Nothing says fall more than a pumpkin.  This Chunky Pumpkin Knitting Pattern HERE is super fun and quick to make.
  3. Start A Blanket – Knitting isn’t a speed sport, so start your blanket making now to have them done by the holidays! The Endless Cables Blanket Pattern is a great one to try if you’re wanting to work on cables.  For beginners, I love the Quick & Cuddly Knit Blanket Pattern HERE.
  4. Make A Hat – Knit hats make great gifts and everyone needs them! The Beginner Chunky Knit Hat HERE is a really cute pattern that’s easy enough for beginners. Add a pom on top for a trendy look! You might also like the Quick Chunky Ribbed Hat Pattern HERE that is ultra-cozy and warm.
  5. Knit A Cardigan – Who else wears cardigans almost everyday this time of year? You can make the Cotton Candy Cardi HERE fairly quickly, or the Painted Sky Shrug HERE by Christmas!

What do you enjoy making in the fall?

While most of us always have a multitude of projects on our to-do lists, it’s always fun to add more, right?! Hehe!

I hope this list gave you some ideas and inspiration on what you can make this fall.




Fall Crochet & Knitting Project Ideas

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  1. The ‘blanket stitch’ is similar to the ‘sedge stitch’, which I found on another crochet blog. It is also started as chaining in multiples of 3. But it is ‘single crochet, half double crochet then double crochet in one stitch, skip two stitches and repeat. I have made several afghans with the sedge stitch and I really like how ‘squishy’ they feel. And it seems that the afghans finish up faster with the sedge stitch.

  2. I I the pumpkins on your website and started making them last night. They’re so fun and cute, I’ve making them for family and friends in all of the lion brand variegated fall colors. Everyone loves them. I’m on number 13 as we speak! LOVE your patterns! Im constantly sharing your website.

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