Quick Chunky Knit Hat Pattern

 I’m all about quick and easy when possible and this super chunky hat meets both those criteria. Yay!  If you’re starting to feel the time crunch for the holidays or you just want to make a quick project, this is a good project for sure.

The other plus is that it only takes one skein of yarn.  Do you like the pom?  I still love all the big poms that I’m seeing in stores and online.  While you don’t have to add a pom to this hat, you certainly can! And did I mention how luxurious this yarn is? 

I absolutely love the light and airy look and feel to the yarn and it’s a dream to work with as well.  This hat is knit flat, making it perfect for a beginner knitter too!  So let’s get to it….


This easy hat is knit flat and there’s only one decrease row at the top. You will then cinch the top closed and voi’la!

You will need:

US Size 19 Knitting Needles

1 Skein Wool & The Gang Heal The Wool 100% Recycled Wool in Dusty Blue (or comparable super bulky yarn)


Tapestry Needle to weave in ends and pull top of hat closed

Optional fuzzy pom ( I used a key chain pom )

Quickest Chunky Knit Hat Pattern

Cast on 28 stitches

Row 1 K2, p2 across the row

Repeat row 1 until piece measure approximately 12″ tall


Once your piece measures approximately 12″ tall you will decrease by knitting 2 together across the row.

Do not cast off.

With a length of yarn, work your needle through the stitches on top. This will hold the stitches while you seam up the sides.  You will then cinch this closed and tie it at the end to make the top of your hat.  You can if you’d like, cinch it first and then seam. Which ever you prefer.

To seam up the ribbing you can check out this tutorial from Vogue Knitting HERE. Scroll down where it shows you how to do invisible vertical seams on knit ribbing.

Cinch top closed

If you haven’t yet cinched the top closed, be sure to work your needle through the stitches on top and cinch tightly closed. ( You can see how I did it with the Favorite Textured Knit Hat HERE. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the photo)

Weave in all ends.

Add a pom if you’d like and there you have it!

This hat looks cool on just about anyone!

Happy knitting my friends! What do you like to make for last minute gifts? I’d love to hear more ideas!



Thank you to Wool & The Gang for providing the yarn for this project! All opinions are 100% my own. 🙂

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  1. I crochet fingerless gloves by making a rectangle the lengths of the glove (6″) and the distance around the hand (4″). I seam it leaving an 1″ opening for the thumb about 1″ from the fingers. I can make a pair in no time. You could easily knit these by working a 4 in row for 6 inches.

    1. Great idea Audrey! I’ve made fingerless gloves almost the very same way. They are so simple and fast. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us! It’s a great last minute gift idea!

  2. I’d love to make this in infant and toddler size. How do you resize the pattern for different sizes?

    I love your knitting patterns because I’m still a novice knitted and your patterns are usually fast and easy yet look sophisticated and advanced!

    1. Hi Susan! You can cast on fewer stitches and knit for fewer rows, but since I didn’t go through toddler sizing and other sizes I don’t know the exact amount this time. So sorry!

  3. Is this possible to knit in bulky weight yarn(chunky in UK)? Would I need to cast on more stitches?

      1. How many more stitches would I need? I’ve never followed a pattern before so I’m a complete novice! 🙂

  4. I just knit the chunky hat, and I love it. However, I am not sure how you attached the pom to the hat. Could you please let me know? I have the perfect key chain pom for my new hat. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      My pom had a tiny little loop on it. You might find one too if you feel around in all the fuzzies. I just attached it with yarn to that loop. Otherwise, you might have to work a needle through the pom. All of the poms I’ve had do have that little loop.

  5. I’m am doing this pattern with two strands of super bulky yarn. Would I need to cast in fewer stitches and if so how do I know how many less stitches to cast on. Thanks for the help. I’m a beginner but I love your patterns.

  6. “With a length of yarn, work your needle through the stitches on top.” Do you have a pic of what you mean here? I degreased one row so now down to 14 stitches but not sure what to do since im not casting off?

    1. Don’t cast off. Just use a tapestry needle to run your yarn through the remaining stitches and pull them together to close up the hat 🙂

  7. Amazing. I actually found this exact same hat at a thrift store, but discovered it was a wee too small after buying it. Never thought I’d find a pattern for it! Woohoo!!!

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