Wanders Wrap – Summer Shawl Crochet Pattern

With summer in full swing, I realized that it would be helpful to update this Summer Shawl Crochet Pattern!

This pattern uses Lion Brand Comfy Cotton, and when I made this light summer shawl, it was the first time I’d used this yarn.  As yarn lovers, we know it’s so fun to try out new yarns but the true test is once you’ve used them for a while.

I can say that after using this light yarn for several projects (the Cottage Crochet Blanket, Breckenridge Knit Topper), it holds up well and is still a fave of mine!

This “Driftwood” color option was certainly fun to use in order to make this summery wrap as it has a gorgeous mix of blue, beige, and cream tones.  The wrap turned out to be open, airy and super comfortable on the skin.  The stitch pattern is simple enough for most crocheters and it’s a project that you won’t get too hot working with under the summer sun. 😉 It turned out to be a lovely piece to have for cool summer nights, or air conditioned restaurants.

A lot of the cottons that I find are awesome for kitchen items (Peaches & Cream, etc), but I don’t necessarily like them for a sweater.  I’m THRILLED to know of this new cotton blend as it’s often hard for me to find a cotton yarn that I like for clothing items. 

This yarn has a perfect amount of drape and is very nice to work with. Yay! As usual, you can scroll down for the free pattern below, or you can find the kit available at the Lion Brand Yarn website HERE, or you can purchase the ad-free, printable version here.

This wrap got it’s name (Wanders Wrap) as it’s such a nice shawl to have where ever you might “wander”.  We try to wander as much as we can in the summer time – into the mountains, and into knew experiences. This wandering also includes play dates at the park with my little girl which doesn’t sound quite as enthralling as travel, but it’s a part of summer fun!

While the tassels are a fairly small detail, they are so much fun and add so much interest to this wrap.  I made these especially small and delicate since the wrap is quite delicate itself.  You can totally be creative with this though and make any kind of tassels or fringe that you like.  Of course, you can make it without the tassels as well!

Below: Love this big giant tree stump.  It’s a great place to sit and knit or crochet!  Being outdoors and knitting or crocheting this time of year is just the best.  I mean, I LOVE crocheting by the fire, but it’s just as good to be outside with my yarn this time of year – don’t you think?

Comfy Cotton Blend in “Driftwood” (See all color options HERE)

Wanders Wrap Crochet Pattern Description:

A light and airy wrap, crocheted with a cotton blend that’s perfect to cover your shoulders wherever you may wander. This wrap also doubles as a lovely scarf come fall or winter.  The fabric is easy to fold and pack as you travel, making it a fun and practical piece to take on trips near or far.

Skill Level:

Easy +


US Size L 8.0 mm crochet hook

2 skeins Lion Brand Yarn Comfy Cotton Blend in Driftwood 200g/skein (Pattern uses approximately 306 g of yarn)  Lion Brand has made the kit available (HERE) in other amazing colors as well – Fireside and Ocean Breeze!


Tapestry needle


Not important for this pattern

Dimensions (approximate):

13” wide X 66” long

Skills & Abbreviations:

ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

sk st – skip stitch

st – stitch

crossed half double crochet – within the pattern, you will work crossed half double crochet stitches. This entails skipping a stitch to make a half double crochet, then going back to the skipped stitch to make a half double crochet. This pattern is repeated across the row. See website listed in the “Notes” to view a picture tutorial.


This wrap is crocheted from end to end and uses crossed half double crochet stitches as well as double crochet stitches and chain stitches.  You can find a full tutorial on how to make the half double crochet stitch at the Mama In A Stitch blog here: https://www.mamainastitch.com/crossed-half-double-crochet-stitch-tutorial/  It also might be helpful to practice the stitches on a small swatch before beginning the wrap project. See “Additional Help” at the end of this pattern for directions on how to do this.  Optional tassels are added at the end.

Wanders Crochet Wrap Pattern

Ch 46

Row 1 Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each st across the row, turn. (44)

Row 2 Ch 2, * skip hdc, work hdc in the next hdc,  hdc in skipped hdc. Repeat from * across, turn. (44)

Row 3-4 Repeat row 2

Row 5 Ch 4 (counts as 1 st), dc in 3rd st of previous row (this is 7 stitches from hook), *ch 1, sk st, dc in next st. Repeat from * across, make final dc in turn ch of previous row, turn. (44)

Row 6 Ch 4 (counts as 1 st), dc in 3rd st of previous row (this is 7 stitches from hook and the top of dc st) * ch 1, sk st, dc in next dc st. Repeat from * across, making final dc in turn ch of previous row, turn. (44)

Row 7 Ch 2, sk 1st st of previous row, hdc in 2nd st of foundation row (2nd st of foundation row is a ch st and 4th st from hook), hdc in skipped st, * sk st, hdc in next st, work hdc in skipped st. Repeat from * across the row working final two hdc stitches into turn ch of previous row, turn. (44)

Row 8 – 11 Repeat row 2

Row 12 Repeat row 5

Row 13-14 Repeat row 6

Row 15 Repeat row 7

Row 16-19 Repeat row 2

Row 20 Repeat row 5

Row 21-25 Repeat row 6

Row 26 Repeat row 7

Row 27-79 Repeat row 2 (Note: Entire piece should measure approximately 47” long once row 79 is complete. You may add rows, repeating row 2, to reach desired length if needed at this point depending on your tension.)

Row 80 Repeat row 5

Row 81-85 Repeat row 6

Row 86 Repeat row 7

Row 87 – 90 Repeat row 2

Row 91 Repeat row 5

Row 92 – 93 Repeat row 6

Row 94 Repeat row 7

Row 95-98 Repeat row 2

Row 99 Repeat row 5

Row 100 Repeat row 6

Row 101 Repeat row 7

Row 102-103 Repeat row 2

Row 104 Hdc in each st across the row. (44)


Make one round of single crochet stitches around entire wrap. Tie off and weave in ends.

Block to size and shape as desired.

Optional Tassels

Wrap yarn around three fingers approximately 16 times.  With a length of yarn, tie the yarn together as pictured below.  Next wrap another length of yarn around the top of the tassel, tie a knot and weave in the end. Cut bottom of yarn and trim to desired length.  Attach 5 tassels to each end of the wrap, ensuring they are evenly spaced. Find a full tutorial on how to make tassels online at https://www.mamainastitch.com/how-to-make-tassels/

Additional Help:

Below: It might be beneficial to make a practice swatch before beginning. Here, chain 12 stitches and work the stitch pattern from rows 1 – 7 to practice stitches and ensure correct stitch counts. (For a swatch with 12 stitches, you should count 10 stitches per row following the pattern)

It’s pretty simple, right?! That’s all there is to this lovely, warm weather wrap.


Now, enjoy your new “Wanders Wrap”!



Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% my own.

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Wanders Wrap - Summer Shawl Crochet Pattern

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        Nice to have when driving, too. My back is very sensitive to air conditioning. I alwas bring a wrap with me.
        There are gorgeous modern knitting patterns all over the Internet. It is more difficult to find interesting and modern crochet patterns.
        I think this wrap is a perfect way to learn how to crochet. It’s so easy and you’ll love the result. I know both crafts since my childhood. Crochet=Summer!

    1. Wish I had a magical computer that made all my patterns into both knit and crochet! So glad you like it!

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