Light Crochet Shawl – Summertide Wrap Pattern

This simple shawl is one of the prettiest in my closet and it’s fairly easy to make! It uses a variety of basic stitches to create an eye-catching wrap that you can wear day or night. It’s also become the most popular crochet shawl on the blog.

Use it as a cover-up, mini blanket, wrap, or gift it as a prayer shawl.

See the full free pattern below, or you may choose to purchase the ad-free printable version from my Etsy shop HERE. I’ve updated the pattern as I’m suggesting some other yarns since the Lion Brand Lowtide was discontinued. Read on!

Up until this point, I really loved both the Santa Monica Bias Wrap and the Wanders Wrap the most of any of the crocheted shawls from the blog. But this Summertide Wrap has to be the current winner. 🙂

What color would you make your wrap? I love this soft pastel, but I can see it in so many fun colors options. I’m a sucker for cream (which you could do with Lion Brand Comfy Cotton) and could also see it as a summer beauty in Lion Brand Mandala!

One of my favorite aspects of this wrap is the DRAPE! It’s flowy, loose, and so comfortable to wear. You won’t get bored with the stitching, but it also isn’t crazy difficult. It’s the perfect mix of a relaxing pattern, but it will still keep your brain slightly involved. LOL!

We had so much fun taking pics and walking around the Paint Mines here in Colorado.
See all those fun little stitches? They each make for an airy, light, yet structured wrap. Love this so much! Some of you might remember my Wintertide Sampler Throw Blanket. I named this the Summertide Wrap as it’s a similar “sampler” but definitely inspired for summer.
You could totally add fringe to the ends as well, don’t you think?

What Yarn Do I use To Crochet This Shawl?

Originally I used Lion Brand Lowtide Yarn, but it’s been discontinued unfortunately! However, the great thing about this shawl is that you can use ANY worsted weight yarn that you like! Try Lion Brand Jeans for a super soft wrap, or Lion Brand Comfy Cotton for a little more structure and similarity to the Lowtide’s drape.

I wouldn’t even hesitate to try a light #3 yarn on this shawl. Especially for those of you who line in a warm climate.

The colors in these rocks, right? It’s such a beautiful location. We even saw some wildlife, and my daughter loved climbing through the rocks.

Shall we get to the pattern?

Remember that you can find this pattern as a printable, PDF without the ads in my Etsy shop HERE. Or, check out the free pattern below!


Wrap yourself in this airy, oversized shawl featuring open stitchwork and beautiful drape.  Super cute paired with a tank or maxi dress yet versatile enough to wear with just about anything!  The various stitches and textures will keep you interested as you crochet while also creating a modern, feminine accessory.

Skill Level:

Easy + You should be comfortable with counting stitches and crocheting all basic stitches and chains.


US Size J, 6.0 mm Crochet Hook

4 Lion Brand Yarn Low Tide in Palm (100 g/skein and 306 yards) or any worsted weight #4 yarn that you like! UPDATE: The Lowtide yarn by Lion Brand was discontinued, however, you can sub with ANY worsted weight #4 yarn. Here are some suggestions!

  • Lion Brand Jeans Yarn
  • Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Yarn
  • Lion Brand Color Theory Yarn

and there are so many others that will work! You can even try this with a light #3 yarn as the pattern is very forgiving.

  Pattern uses approximately 340 g or 1,073 yards, so be sure when choosing your yarn that you purchase the correct yardage.

Measuring Tape

Tapestry Needle



16” X 65”


Not important for this pattern

Abbreviations & Skills:

ch – chain

dc – double crochet

sc – single crochet

sc flo – single crochet through the front loop only

hdc flo – half double crochet through the front loop only

st – stitch

sts – stitches

ch st – chain stitch

FPhdc – front post half double crochet

sk – skip

ch sp – chain space

tr flo – treble crochet through the front loop only


You’ll crochet this wrap widthwise, working a variety of stitch patterns. Consider going up a hook size to make the wrap slightly larger (keep yarn needs in mind). Count your stitches to make sure you’re following the pattern correctly. You may also choose to practice on a small swatch before beginning the wrap. Simply chain 20 and work the pattern from rows 2 – 15 (there will be 18 sts in each row).

Ch 62

Row 1 Dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in each st across the row (60) wrong side

Row 2 Ch 3 (counts as st here and throughout pattern), turn, dc in each st across the row (60) right side

Row 3 Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st st, *ch1, sk st, sc flo in next st; repeat from * across, sc in turn ch 3. (60 sc & ch sts)

Row 4 Ch 2 (doesn’t count as st here and throughout pattern), turn, hdc flo in each st & ch st across the row (60)

Row 5 Ch 2, turn, FPhdc in each st across the row (60)

Row 6 Ch 4 (counts as dc & ch 1), *sk st, dc in next st, ch 1; repeat from * across, dc in last 2 sts of row (60)

Row 7 Ch 3, turn, dc in each st & ch sp across the row (60)

Row 8 Ch 2, turn, hdc flo in each st across the row (60)

Row 9 Ch 2, turn, FPhdc in each st across the row

Row 10 Ch 4 (counts as st), turn, tr flo in each st across the row

Row 11 Ch 5, turn, sk 2 sts, sl st into next st (this is 8 sts from hook), *ch 5, sk 2 sts, sl st into next; repeat from * across the row to last two sts, sc in last two sts. (19 ch-5 spcs, 19 sl sts, 2sc)

Row 12 Ch 1, turn, sc in first 2 sts, *ch 5, sl st in ch5sp; repeat from * across to last ch5sp, ch 5, sc in 2nd ch of ch5 (19 ch-5 spcs, 19 sl sts, 2sc)

Row 13 Ch 5, turn, sl st in first ch5sp, *ch 5, sl st into next ch5sp; repeat from * across the row to last two sts, sc in last two sts (19 ch-5 spcs, 19 sl sts, 2sc)

Row 14 Ch 2, turn, hdc in first 2 sts, *3 dc in each ch5sp, repeat from * across the row, sc in 2nd st of ch 5. (60)

Row 15 Ch 3, turn, dc in each st across the row

Next, repeat rows 2 – 15, 9 more times or until piece measures approximately 65” long (or your desired length).

Tie off and weave in ends!


With remaining yarn, create tassels or fringe to add to each end.

Enjoy your new wrap!

Well, that’s a wrap! Oh, I’m so cheesy.

I sure do hope that you enjoyed this summery project, and as always, feel free to tag me and share your wrap with me on Instagram @mamainastitch or Facebook! I love when I catch your work over there!



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Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Light Crochet Shawl - Summertide Wrap Pattern

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  1. Is there a beginner’s version of this wrap for knitters or can you suggest a similar one? I am a new knitter.

  2. This is totally gorgeous. Love the color and I like that it’s worsted weight yarn. I’ll make this and take it to work so I can wrap myself in it this summer when the air conditioning in our building is blasting. 🙂

  3. Jessica, I LOVE this wrap. Wish I could crochet. It’s gorgeous. Is there a knitting pattern for it in the works?

    1. Hi Wendy! I do have a knit wrap coming up, but it’s a bit different than this! The Merlot Alpaca Wrap of mine is similar in ways!

  4. Do you have a video tutorial? I’m a new knitter. I can follow better if I see it done. Not to familiar with all the stitches.
    Thank you

  5. I’m SO glad I got your email tonight! I@ve been looking for a pattern for a wrap with a difference – and this is it. Can’t wait to get my crochet hook warmed up :).

  6. HI – it’s me again. I notice you suggest working a sample using 20 chains. Does this mean the wrap could be worked, say, on 40? I want to make it slightly narrower than your pattern, so I suppose what I really need to know is the number of repears across the rows.

  7. Hi Jessica, bought the pattern and yarn, this shawl is beautiful and you couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous color, my favorite. Can’t wait to start.

    1. How can I save this pattern to my Pinterest board?
      I’d rather have it with all my other Wrap patterns then to leave it sit in email.
      Thank you.

  8. Hi Jessica! You think it is gorgeous? No, it isn’t. It’s more than gorgeous! The pattern, the color…
    The location seems to be from a fairytale. I’m sure you enjoyed visiting The Painted Rocks. We are going through hard times. Thank you for creating something beautiful and sharing it with us. I’m crocheting the Lil Sedona now. So pleased with it! Mila

  9. Sorry, it’s The Painted Mines! And I even know the history behind the name. And yes, those colors are real. I’m staying home but visited that lovely place by the wings of the Internet. It’s a small world. Full of crocheters and knitters!

  10. I adore your patterns! Can’t wait to start this one….after I finish the two other patterns of yours I am working on! You are amazingly generous for sharing with us. Thank you! ❤️

  11. I finally found my next project! Love this! However, I will likely be using a much thinner yarn, something like the Whirl, with a 4.0mm hook. How shall I adjust the starting chain to make it wide enough? Is there any multiples for this or should I just chain to however long I would like it to be? Thanks much!

    1. Keep an even multiple of 3 and add two stitches for the beginning chain. Hope this helps!

  12. Hi! I love this pattern. And the color is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing. Unless I’m missing something (and it’s entirely possible that I am), I think you have to repeat rows 2-15 otherwise you’re starting the repeat on the right side instead of the wrong?

  13. I think you mean to say: Repeat rows 2-15, not 1-15. Rows 1 and 15 are both wrong side, so the right and wrong sides flip if you do a row 1 as you repeat the pattern.

    1. Yes, you are correct!! I’ve corrected the pattern here, on Etsy, and Lion Brand corrected it for the kit. Good catch and thanks for commenting about it!

  14. Hello Jessica,
    This is a beautiful shawl, perfect for the Summer and dressy for evenings anytime. I note it takes approximately 340 grams of yarn. What would be the approximate number of yards of #4 weight yarn that this represents? Thank you for your help and have a good day. Pamela.

    1. There’s about 306 yards per skein with the yarn that I used here! Hope this helps and so glad you like it!

  15. Love the diagonal filet, and the small rib areas. Stunning! I’m working on winter holiday gifts already, but I’m taking a timeout to make this for myself! After all, mother’s day is around the corner and all of my grown kids are scattered and home bound, and I can’t see them. Breaks my heart. So I’ll make a bit of happiness by crocheting this beauty! Thanks for creating such a lovely piece. I’ve crocheted several of your other patterns, and have loved them all. Again, many thanks, and I hope you and yours are doing well and staying sane during this time!

    1. Hi Betty! Thanks for the sweet note. I hope you’re staying sane and doing well at this time too!

  16. HI Jessica,

    I love all your patterns and I started this Shawl but I am up to row 3 and I did not understand when it said : SC in turn ch 3. ( I have 60- but do i chain 3 at the end? Was confused. Because the Row 4 said – Chain 2. Can you help me. I want to make this.
    Row 3 Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st st, *ch1, sk st, sc flo in next st; repeat from * across, sc in turn ch 3. (60 sc & ch sts)

  17. Lovely wrap! I’ve just started mine. I notice there are rows with skipped stitches… but wouldn’t you need an odd number of stitches for these rows to work out evenly?

  18. Just finished crocheting the Summer wrap in s midnight blue soft lightweight yarn. I live in Thailand so since it is mostly hot all year round, I will probably mail it to my mother.

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