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Wow – Thanksgiving is over and soon we will be heading right into winter.  Can you believe it? Time is going so quickly.  Today I’d like to share the full winter collection that I have been releasing over the last few weeks.  This fall, I decided to make several patterns and put them in a sort of “collection”. It sounds so official and kind of fancy doesn’t it? Ha! Well, I’m not a fancy person but it is kind of fun to see all of the projects together in one place.  So there was the “Fall Collection” and now here’s the “Winter Collection”. I’ve loved seeing some photos and hearing some cool stories about your projects and experiences with these patterns.

Some of you have been kind enough to share photos with me, and I just love that!  I’ve seen quite a few knit blanket sweaters (this has become one of the most popular patterns on the blog) and have heard a lot of feedback about the “Sedona Serenity Shawl”. Some of you have made that shawl for a loved one or someone who is sick and it goes to show how caring the knit and crochet community is.

Anyway, here are the links to each of the patterns. I hope that you enjoy them (if you haven’t already)!

Knit Blanket Sweater Free Pattern


Mod Heirloom Crocheted Blanket Pattern


Sedona Serenity Shawl Knitting Pattern


Loft Pom Baby Blanket Pattern


Winter Nights Easy Knit Scarf Pattern


Happy almost winter my friends.  Personally, I love this time of year and can’t get enough of it…….until March. When it’s snowing in March, you will most likely hear a faint complaint that I’m ready for some warm weather. But until then, I’ll be loving this cozy time of year. 😉 I hope you will too.



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  1. I love the big blanket sweater, I used homespun by Lion Brand and I love it ! thank you for a beautiful and easy pattern.

  2. For Christmas charity, I enjoy knitting scarves. Everyone can use a new scarf! Thank you for all the new project ideas!

  3. Love your knit blanket sweater! I tried to start making it last week end but find using the two strands of yarn. Get all tangled. Even tried wrapping yarn together and that did not work either. Please do you have any suggestions. Thank-you.

    1. Hi Sharon! I don’t really have any tricks besides simply untwisting the yarn after each row. It sounds like a lot and can get a little annoying, but it’s what I did as my yarn twisted. I hope this helps! There may be another trick out there that I don’t know about.

  4. I am looking for an older pattern of yours apparently. I found it on the I Love to Crochet website and could not get it to let me print the whole thing. I am on your website and cannot find it. I am in LOVE with it. Is there any way that you could either direct me to the pattern, or email it to me to download. I love your work. I wish I could knit because you do beautiful knitted work too. I am signed up to your newsletter and look forward to receiving that. Thank you for your passion and passing that along to us.

    Debbie Spitzner

    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks for your sweet words. They mean a lot to me. You might have luck finding the old pattern by clicking on “free knit and crochet patterns” above in the menu. If you tell me which pattern you’re looking for I can help you out. Have a great day!

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