Quick & Easy Knit Blankets

Today I thought I’d share some quick and easy knit blanket patterns. All of these patterns are free on the blog, and you can see them by clicking through the link to each one. Most of these throws are made with super bulky, chunky yarns so that they are fast to make. I love using a variety of stitches, but nothing to complicated. Pretty, but not difficult is key!

Whether you’re thinking of knitting a blanket as a Christmas gift (there’s still time for a few of of these) or starting a blanket for the new year, these are some fun options.

All of these blankets are considered easy, but some are easier than others!

For beginners, look for patterns with garter stitch, and it ONLY uses the basic knit stitch. No purling needed!

The Native Stripes Blanket Knitting Pattern that you’ll see below is the PERFECT beginner blanket. Just knit stitches for this one.

A step up, but perfect beginner blanket is also the Timberland Tweed Easy Knit Blanket Pattern you’ll see on the list. It’s the one you want to make once you can do both the knit, and the purl stitch. Here’s a video on my YouTube channel that will show you how to purl (HERE).

If you’ve never knit, no problem! Check out the tutorial below, and then get started. 🙂

How To Knit

Knitting is such a wonderful hobby, and even as a beginner, you can make such cool things – even blankets! This step-by-step video will show you how to knit. Learn, then come back here to check out the easy blanket patterns.


Easy Knit Blanket Patterns

Winter Cuddler Throw Blanket Knitting Pattern

It doesn’t get any cozier than this! A variety of amazing, raised texture and stitches make this an eye catching and warm throw.

Easy Heirloom Knit Blanket Pattern

Heirloom quality doesn’t have to mean super difficult. The timeless look and classic design of this blanket will be cherished for years to come.

Stripes & Eyelets Urban Blanket Knitting Pattern

Play around with colors and eyelets to make a fun and timeless blanket.

Fall Cuddler Throw Knitting Pattern

Inspired by the Winter Cuddler, the Fall Cuddler plays with texture but also includes beautiful sections of classic stockinette.

Cuddly Quick Knit Throw Pattern

Just about as easy and quick as it gets, this throw goes in any space.

Mae Ribbed Blanket Knitting Pattern

Made with worsted weight yarn, this could be a baby blanket or a lovely lap blanket.

Aspen Throw Knitting Pattern

Sometimes the simplest of blankets are the prettiest. An overall textured stitch pattern makes this a meditative and cozy choice.

Native Stripes Blanket Pattern

A perfect first blanket, this one is made entirely with the knit stitch. And imagine what you can do with your favorite colors.

Modern Mountain Throw Knitting Pattern

Cottage Squares Easy Blanket Knitting Pattern (here)

Billowy Quilted Throw Knit Blanket Pattern (here)

Seamless Quilt Easy Knit Blanket Pattern (here)

Timberland Tweed Blanket Knitting Pattern (HERE)

While blankets can sometimes take patience, I think they are one of the most useful and cherished items that we can knit.

Blankets have become one of my very favorite things to design and knit. I love the variety of colors and designs, as well as the fact that there are a lot of great, chunky yarns that make them a quicker project.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed checking out these patterns, and I’d love to hear if you make one! Just share on Instagram @MamaInAStitch #mamainastitch.

Have a lovely day, and happy blanket making!



Quick & Easy Knit Blankets

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  1. I have just finished the heirloom blanket to go with my new sofa and I am delighted how it turned out. Friends keep asking me to make one for them as they love the pattern. I am now knitting a Modern Mountain Throw for my sisters Xmas present and loving the pattern as well. Keep sending patterns x

  2. Wonderful patterns! I always enjoy making your knits. I’m currently working on the woven-look blanket but I see several of your other blanket patterns that I want to try. Thanks for sharing so many!

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