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Quilted Knit Throw Pattern

This “Billowy Quilted Knit Throw” features a beautiful texture that’s puffy, cozy, and simple to knit. Made with chunky yarn and big needles, it works up pretty quickly! The stitch uses a fairly simple repeat, and it’s so much fun to watch the pattern emerge. Each year I try to make a blanket that is simple, but eye catching, and this is THAT blanket.

See the FREE pattern below, or you may choose to purchase the ad-free, printable PDF pattern from my Etsy shop HERE, or the kit from Lion Brand Yarn HERE.

Hand me my coffee and a good book so I can cuddle up underneath this thing for the winter, thank you. 🙂

It was so much fun to see all the love on this texture when I posted a sneak peek on Facebook. This beautiful seersucker stitch used in this blanket is an eye catcher, and when it’s paired with a chunky yarn and an all over pattern, it pops even more!

While the cream color really shows the stitching, you can use absolutely any color that you like. Just an FYI that darker colors tend to not show up quite as well (think black or navy), but are still beautiful and unique.

What yarn do I use for this knit blanket?

For this blanket, I chose to use Lion Brand Hue + Me, which is a chunky #5 yarn. It’s great because it works up quicker than a worsted weight yarn would, but it’s not quite as bulky as a #6. If you don’t have a chunky yarn on hand, you can always substitute worsted weight yarn by holding two strands together throughout the pattern. The two strands will be similar to the thickness of one strand of chunky yarn.

The reverse side of the blanket is pretty too. Very stitchy!

How do I Knit this Seersucker Stitch?

Before you begin, it’s always smart to practice the pattern on a little swatch. This way, if there’s any difficulty with the pattern, you’re not getting frustrated with a big giant blanket. It’s easier to figure out what’s going on with a wee little swatch.

You’ll see that the stitch pattern is made up of just knit and purl stitches. You will have to do some counting, so this isn’t for brand new beginners! Just do a little practice, and then get started. There are also several tutorials available online if you do a search on the seersucker stitch.

It’s really nice for a couch or your fave chair.

It’s also helpful to check your gauge against mine to be sure the size will turn out about right. The gauge isn’t suuuper important in this pattern, since it’s not a fitted sweater or anything like that. You just may get a larger or smaller blanket if you knit tighter or looser than what’s listed in the gauge here.

Let’s hop to this pattern!

Remember that you can grab the ad-free, printable version from Etsy HERE or see the free pattern below.

Snuggle up under this timeless, quilted-look throw that adds beauty to any space. The
textured fabric traps pockets of warm air so it’s extra cozy. This squishy blanket is perfect for gift making or for gifting yourself! The reversible stitch pattern uses a series of simple knit and purl stitches. Grab your favorite color of yarn and settle in for a peaceful day of knitting your luxurious throw.

8 (10) skeins of Lion Brand Yarn Hue + Me in Salt Chunky #5 yarn 137 yds/skein 125 g/skein
Pattern uses approximately 920 (1170) grams Convenient kit available here in several color options
US Size 13 9.0mm, 36” or longer, circular knitting needles (blanket is knit flat)
Tapestry needle to weave in ends

Size (approximate):
Two sizes:
Lapghan 47” x 46” or
Throw 47” x 56”
Lapghan directions are listed first, and Throw directions are listed 2nd in ( ) throughout pattern, unless otherwise noted. The two blankets are the same width (same number of cast on stitches), but the Throw size is longer. See Pattern Notes for further instructions on how to adjust the size of the blanket.

Approximately 12 sts and 14 rows in 4” x 4” in pattern repeat

Pattern Notes:
You will begin with a garter stitch border. Next, you will move into the pattern repeat which
includes a 9 stitch garter trim on each of the sides. Finally, a garter stitch edge is knit to finish the blanket.

The pattern calls for circular needles in order to comfortably hold all of the stitches on the
needles, but keep in mind the blanket is knit flat.

To adjust the length, simply follow the pattern until your blanket is the desired length (keep in mind the final garter stitch edge length as well). To adjust the width, cast on with any multiple of 4 + 1 extra, + 18 for the garter borders. Keep yarn needs in mind when adjusting the length and width of the blanket! This pattern uses the Seersucker Stitch. Feel free to practice on small swatch before beginning to make sure you understand. You would simply cast on a multiple of 4 + 1 extra stitch and follow the pattern, leaving out the K9 at the start and end of each row here in the pattern (as that is the border).

Have fun!

Abbreviations (US) & Skills:
k – knit
p – purl
st – stitch
sts – stitches
RS – right side
WS – wrong side * * – repeat (you will repeat the pattern between * * across)

Billowy Quilted Throw Blanket

Free Knitting Pattern

Cast on 143 stitches (same for both sizes)
Stitch count remains the same throughout the pattern.

Beginning Garter Edge
Rows 1 – 14 Knit each st across the row.
Next, continue onto the Pattern Repeat.
Pattern Repeat
Row 1 (RS): K9, * K2, P1, K1 *, K1, K9
Row 2 (WS): K9, P1, * P1, K1, P2 * K9
Row 3: K9 * K1, P1 *, K1, K9
Row 4: K9, P1, * K1, P1 * K9
Row 5: K9 * P1, K3 *, P1, K9
Row 6: K9, K1, * P3, K1 * K9
Row 7: K9 * K1, P1 *, K1, K9
Row 8: K9, P1, * K1, P1 * K9
Repeat Rows 1 through 8 until the lapghan or throw measure approximately 43” (53”) inches

Knit rows 1 & 2, 1 more time to finish this section.
Next, move onto Final Garter Edge.
Final Garter Edge
Knit last 14 rows in order to match Beginning Garter Edge.
Cast off and weave in ends.

Enjoy your gorgeous blanket!

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Have a lovely day, and happiest knitting my friends!



This post sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn. All opinions are 100% my own.

Quilted Knit Throw Pattern

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  1. Any chance that there is a similar crochet stitch? I don’t knit anymore, too clumsy me with 2 needles.
    It’s a beautiful afghan!

  2. WOW!! This blanket is gorgeous!! Definitely finding the time to knit it. Thank you Jessica, take care.

  3. This is beautiful and I would love to knit it. Would it work with Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn? If so would larger needles be appropriate?

    Thank you, Jessica. I’ve recently gotten back into knitting and am enjoying it.

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