Pretty & Simple Crochet Stitches To Try – Free Patterns

Sometimes it’s fun to practice new stitches without committing to a big project. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite, easy crochet stitch patterns that I’ve used over the last few years.

I often like to make small washcloths with new stitches that I’m learning so I can practice while making something useful.  Many of the stitches listed here work really well for washcloths, so feel free to give that a try!

Let’s get to this! Each of these simple stitches have either a picture tutorial or a video to help you along (just click them to check it out).

Crossed Half Double Crochet Stitch Pattern

This stitch pattern almost appears to be knit and it works up quickly and easily.

Textured Crochet Stitch Pattern

This stitch pattern is so beautiful and has a modern, square texture. It’s nice for washcloths because it’s good for scrubbing!

Diamond Mesh Stitch Pattern

This mesh stitch is very open and is perfect for market bags, wraps or netting!

Purl Slip Stitch Pattern

This stitch creates a sturdy, hefty fabric with no holes.  It also looks similar to knitting and makes a particularly beautiful border on blankets and more.

Knit-Like Waistcoat Stitch

There’s a lot of knit-like stitches on this list, and here’s the queen of them all! This stitch makes a sturdy fabric.  I loved using it on the bottom of my Manhattan Market Tote in order to give it a hefty bottom.

V-Stitch Pattern

One of the easier patterns on this list, this stitch works up super quickly! If you want to finish a project quick, this is the perfect stitch.

Spider Stitch

This stitch makes for a really nice washcloth or baby blanket!

Wattle Stitch

Another beautiful crochet stitch that I love for blankets, scarves and more.

Blanket Stitch

This is a go-to crochet stitch! It works up quickly and is easy enough for beginners who can single crochet and double crochet.

Even Moss Stitch

This stitch has a really cool texture and works for nearly any type of project.

Block Stitch

This stitch makes a stunning blanket, especially when using multiple colors!

Simple Mesh

This is a beautiful, airy crochet stitch that looks a lot like knitting.


While these stitches are all super simple, I love the beautiful results they create. Hope you enjoy them too!

Have fun crocheting!!



Pretty & Simple Crochet Stitches To Try - Free Patterns

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  1. I love learning new stitches. Making washclothes is a good idea and very suitable for summer.

  2. Thank you so much,I really appreciate the clear pictures and especially the tutorials!
    everything is wonderfully in one “go to”email and I will be referring to it countless time and time again.this library of crochet stitches and the beautiful patterns you present are incredible,again ,thank you so much.

  3. Thanks so much fpr ypur contribution to the world of crochet. Your patterns are modern, simple and most importantly they are beautiful. I love your work!

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