How To Crochet V Stitch Tutorial

V Stitch How To Crochet

For my “Oversized Crocheted Blanket” sweater I used the V-stitch. I really enjoyed it because it’s easy and created a fabric that had a nice drape and texture.  Below you can find a picture tutorial to help you use the v stitch in your projects.


Chain any number of odd stitches (For my sweater I chained 79)


(Please note that on row 2 and for the remainder of the pattern you are double crocheting into the SPACE between the two double crochet stitches that form the V shape)

Row 1  2 DC in 5th ch from hook, *skip 1 ch, 2dc in next ch. Repeat from * across the row. 1dc in last stitch, ch 3, turn.

Row 2 Make 2 dc in space below 5th ch from hook ( this is the space between the first V shape formed by 2 dc stitches). Make 2dc in the middle of each dc group across the row.  At the end of the row make 1 dc in the last stitch, which is the turning chain from the previous row. Ch 3, turn.

Repeat row 2 until your piece measures 31 ” long.

Vstitch crochet 1
Start with your chain
vstitch crochet 2
Double crochet in 5th chain from hook
v stitch 3
Make another double crochet in that same stitch
v stitch 4
Skip a chain and make another set of two double crochet stitches in the next chain. At the end of the row, make only one double crochet in the final stitch.


V Stitch 1
This is at your start of row 2. You begin with a chain of 3.
Work a double crochet into the center space of the first group of double crochet stitches.
I’ve made a double crochet into the first group of dc stitches.
Make another dc stitch into the same stitch.
You’ve now made a V.



Simply make another dc into the next group of dc stitches. You will make a total of 2 dc stitches into each group. Repeat this across to the end of the row. When you reach the end, simply make one dc into the last stitch (the ch 3 from the previous row).


That’s all there is to it!  Do you think you’d like to try this stitch?


V Stitch Crochet How To Tutorial


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  1. Love how you do the step by step but maybe you could use a lighter yarn, for us older people, black is a hard color to see.



    1. Yes – this is true. I never have used black yarn for that reason. I tried to brighten up the pictures so you can see the stitches well even with the dark color. I will be using lighter colors in the future as that’s what I normally like to use. Thanks Brenda!

  2. Thank you Jessica for this pattern! I’m Italian but I could easily understand your explanations. I’ll make it for sure, I live in Rome (Italy) and I can wear it during all winter season as it’s never really cold here!
    Now that I’ve found your blog I will follow you for ever!!! Thanks for sharing your works!
    P.s. Your daughter is so cute !

    1. Hi Ida! Thank you so much for writing! I LOVE Rome and have been there once. My mother is Italian and her last name is Ottino! Thank you so much for your very kind words. I’m so happy you like the blog. Take care there in Italy!!

  3. I’ve just started I’m a late bloomer I’m 49 , The only thing I know how to do is a granny square and I learned that on YouTube watching a video probably 50 times I don’t know how to read any of the crochet instructions cause you know I just got started but I really want to Shaw so bad I’m going to try to do this one but I won’t be able to do the buttons or anything and I probably won’t be able to make it cuff around the whole edge even though it’s absolutely gorgeous but do you think a beginner could do this one is what I wanted to ask you and do you know of anyone that I could Watch I live in a one horse town and there’s no classes no one to do this with it which is kind of sad

    1. Hi Shelia,

      Thanks so much for writing me! So, honestly, I think this would be a challenge for someone who hasn’t done a few projects for a while. I would start with something small on YouTube, like a double crochet scarf. After some practice, this might be easy enough to follow with my pictures. I don’t have a video, but hope to start doing videos soon for new patterns. If you do try it at some point, I’d love to hear what you think of it! Thanks Shelia! You have a great week!

    2. Hi Sheila,
      I don’t know if this helps but this pattern uses the same stitches as the granny square, only in a different configuration. Probably the biggest difference is that, instead of rounds, you’re working back and forth and you have to turn your work at the end of each row. So you get to the end of a row and chain 3 which counts as the first stitch on the next row. If you’re willing to try, I think you could make this pattern with some practice. Maybe try working a few rows of the pattern using yarn you already have even if it’s not as thick as the yarn used in the example. Also, the Crochet Guild of America has free videos for learning to crochet for both left and right hands. https://www.crochet.org/?page=LearnToCrochet Hope this helps, good luck!

  4. I wanted to say thank you for showing step by step I hope it comes out , especially Since I have no ideal lol but I’m trying

  5. i love this project. i would say i’m an experienced beginner, LOL. i think i could make this, but i’m not sure what size it would turn out to be. how would i make a med. size, if this isn’t it already? Thanks so much. Looking forward to trying this 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I’m a small, and you can see how it fits me in the photo. The drape might be slightly different, as with any “one size fits most” tops, but as a medium you will be able to wear it. 🙂 Some size medium readers have sent me photos and I believe it looks nice on them and they were happy with it. Hope this helps! You can see some photos from readers on my Instagram account ( I posted a video of various photos ).

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