How To Crochet A “Knit” Stitch

I love that knitting and crochet each have their unique looks, but sometimes I want to get the knit look from crochet.  There are all kinds of beautiful “knit” look patterns using crochet and it’s becoming more and more popular.  The stitch that I’m showing you today is so easy and creates a really tight, eye catching, usable fabric. I’ve seen this stitch called the center single crochet stitch, the waistcoat stitch and the split single crochet stitch. No matter what you call it, I think you’ll love it!

Because it’s tighter than many crochet stitches, it makes great washcloths or anything that you don’t want to be “holey”.  😉 I used this stitch in the round when I made my Manhattan Market Tote several months ago to give it a sturdy base and on several other projects.  Since I use it so often, I thought it only makes sense to show you how it’s done. So here we go!

You can see the pattern below and also check out my video:

How To Crochet the “Knit” Stitch Video Tutorial HERE (Aka Center Single Crochet, Waistcoat Stitch)

Click on the photo above to view the video tutorial on YouTube


How To Crochet the Center Single Crochet or Waistcoat Stitch:

(The video tutorial will show you how to work this stitch flat)

**This stitch is worked by working through the legs of the next stitch, rather than the upper portion of the stitch with regular single crochet.

Center Single Crochet Flat:

Insert the hook below the horizontal line or dash and between the “legs” of the next stitch, then work a regular single crochet stitch. Repeat across.

Center Single Crochet In the Round:

Insert the hook between the “legs” of the next stitch, then work a regular single crochet stitch. Repeat around.



The “knit” stitch, aka the center single crochet stitch was used on the bottom portion of my Manhattan Market Tote pattern. Click the photo to go to the pattern.

Isn’t this a simple stitch? I love how easy it is to make, yet you get a beautiful look.  What do you think would be a nice project to make with the center single crochet stitch?


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! Have a great day!



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  1. Hey Jessica! I’ve seen this pattern in so many different places. I totally agree that it is a sturdy stitch! I had an unfortunate encounter with this stitch – I was trying to undo it, and the yarn got stuck! I eventually ended up cutting the yarn :,-( which (as a fellow knitter and crocheter i hope you’ll agree with me) every yarn-crafter’s nightmare. But I learned this stitch to be called Tunisian Crochet. it’s interesting to here it called something else, to be perfectly honest.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  2. please forget what I just said – this pattern looks just like the afghan stitch, or tunisian crochet. (that stitch looks like you are doing the stockinette stitch)

    so sorry!


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