Smoky Mountains Crochet Triangle Wrap

Hi friends! Not too long ago I shared how to make an easy knit triangle wrap, so of course I wanted to give a crochet triangle wrap a whirl.  This triangle is so easy to crochet, especially if you’re comfortable with double crochet.

You might remember this almost triangle wrap (hehe) that I made a while back, and it was easy too because the shaping was done with simple decreases at the end of each row.  However, this wrap is warmer and works up quickly which I love.

And while there’s nothing new about a granny triangle, it creates an easy, classic and beautiful wrap if you make it big enough. It’s also the PERFECT stash buster.  You will find the free pattern below and I’ve also made a little tutorial and video to help you as well in a blog post HERE.  Anyway, this wrap is inspired by fall and some gorgeous landscapes, read on…

I’m such a nerd you guys, but I’ve never been so excited about the names of yarns as I am with the yarns I used for this project. Yellowstone, Badlands and Great Smoky Mountains.  Yes.  I am obsessed with Yellowstone! Have you been there? That place is a dream and I can’t wait to go back someday.

I’ve never been to the Great Smoky Mountains, but I’d love to visit that area as well.  Needless to say, this triangle scarf is inspired by American landscapes and I think the beautiful colors make that clear.  Nature nerd is happy. 😉  And, it’s always a bonus when the yarn is not only pretty but feels good too. Lion Brand Heartland has always been a big winner in my mind when it comes to comfort and softness.  Update: Lion Brand has made this pattern into a kit that you can purchase here!!

I really like the simple, understated edging. Oh, and my brother and daughter picked me these wildflowers the other day!

As usual, you’ll see the free pattern below or you can always purchase the downloadable, ad-free, printable version from my Etsy shop HERE. 🙂

Explanation: An easy, American landscape inspired triangle wrap that can be made as small or large as you’d like.  Take the basic granny triangle and make a trendy wrap, scarf or shawl for cool weather.

Level:  Easy +

You will need:

Size L 8.0 mm crochet hook

2 Skeins Lion Brand Yarn Heartland Worsted Weight Yarn in Great Smoky Mountains

1 Skein Lion Brand Yarn Heartland in Badlands

1 Skein Lion Brand Yarn Heartland in Yellowstone   (You may also choose to purchase the yarn & pattern kit from Lion Brand HERE)

Pattern uses approximately 290 grams of yarn total (22 g Yellowstone, 39 g Badlands, 229 g Great Smoky Mountains)


Tapestry Needle to weave in ends


Wrap measures approximately 57 inches across and 27 inches from middle top to bottom point of triangle, however you can easily make it larger or smaller.

Abbreviations and Skills needed:

ch – chain

ch sp – space

dc – double crochet

sp – space

Final edging is made by crocheting slip stitches through the back loop only.


Gauge is not important for this pattern


You should be comfortable with double crochet stitches to make this wrap.  The fun part about this pattern is that you can modify it in any way that you’d like! Make your wrap with more of the golden yellow, make it larger or even smaller by crocheting for more or fewer rows.  You can find a full tutorial including a video on how to crochet this wrap in a separate blog post HERE if you’d like additional help with this pattern:

Click this image to go to the blog post that includes a video tutorial!

Smoky Mountains Triangle Wrap Pattern


With the color Badlands, Ch 5, sl st to join ends to make a circle

Row 1 Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc stitch), 2 dc into circle, ch 2, 3 dc into circle

Row 2 Ch 3, turn.  2dc into the first st. 3dc, ch 2, 3dc in middle ch 2 space.  Make 3dc into last stitch of row (the ch 3 from previous row).

Row 3 Ch 3, turn. 2dc into first st, 3dc in next space (this is the space created between the groups of 3dc stitches), then (3dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in top ch 2 sp, 3dc in next space, 3 dc in top of last stitch of row.  (Remember to find the video tutorial mentioned in the notes above if you need further help with seeing how this is done)

Repeat the pattern from row 3, making 3dc in each space across the row and (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in middle ch 2 space for entire project making color changes as follows:

Rows 1 – 8 Badlands

Rows 9-10  Great Smoky Mountains

Rows 11 – 12 Yellowstone

Rows 13-14 Badlands

Rows 15 – 31 or until piece measures approx. 57” across or as long as you’d like – Great Smoky Mountains. Note: Feel free to try on the wrap for size and make it larger if need be by crocheting more rows.

Final Edging:

Attach Yellowstone yarn to corner of wrap.  LOOSELY, crochet slip stitches through the back loop only in each stitch across. Make 3 single crochet stitches in the middle ch2 space and continue working slip stitches through the back loop only until you have worked the two lower edges of the triangle.

Tie off and weave in all ends.

Guess who has claimed the rights to this wrap?  My five year old. Yep, she felt it and said it was so soft that it was like her stuffed animals and she loves the “purplish” color in it. Hehe!

Hehe – that wrap is MINE!

I hope that you love the wrap as much as my daughter does, and let me know if you make one!

Have a lovely day!


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Smoky Mountains Crochet Triangle Wrap

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    1. Hehe! Thanks for the color encouragement Wendy. You’ve been following me since the start and know how neutral I am. It’s fun to use color (once I just say GO FOR IT) 🙂 Great to hear from you!

  1. Hey sis, Andrea from Boise….love, love, your granny square interpretation….and the colors…..what can I say…ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks again for you kind generosity of sharing …you “walk the walk, girl.”

  2. Jessica, you know what is the best thing in your posts? Your posts are so comprehensive and the way you outline the steps is amazing. It really helps to easily follow. I am a great great fan your your blog posts (Ofcourse your sewing skills) that i would really like to invite you to write a blog on my blog if you have time and interest. Let me know 🙂
    Keep Posting!

  3. Beautiful! Finished your pattern with K hook and one Lion Brand Mandala in Chimera. Looks like A SUNSET. THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION!

  4. My daughter absolutely loves this-it also her college colors. I would love to make this for her. The only problem is I only knit. I was wondering if by any chance you had a knit version of this?

  5. Can you tell me how many skeins of yarn do we need to make this if I’m using Hometown U.S.A. Lion Brand yarn? Thanks

  6. What I appreciate about this elegant shawl besides its simplicity, is that it has a self creating mantle by additional colors which also can be substituted for a myriad of other colors. The single stitch edging is the cherry on the cake. I was referred to your pattern from a Crochet Diva in one of my yarn groups. Perfetto! Grazie.

  7. Jessica.
    Thank you so very much for your great creativity and sharing the patterns and instructions. I just finished this shawl. Love. Love. It. Cannot wait to show it off


    1. Hi Sue! So happy you like your shawl! And you’re welcome for the patterns! It’s fun for me to share.

  8. I made this in Harry Potter House colors and it was a huge hit!! I get so many comments about it! Thank you for the great pattern!

    1. Aww that’s so great to hear! You’re welcome for the pattern. I’m so happy you’re pleased and that you’re getting great comments!!

  9. Hi Jessica!
    I just ordered another Smokey Mountains Triangle Wrap kit. This will be my 3rd! The first two I made for gifts. (The recipients loved them by the way. Who wouldn’t?) This one is for me.
    Quick question – is there any way to make the wrap wider? I realize I’d need more yarn but that’s ok.
    One last thing – you should get a commission from the sale of these kits, just saying.
    Thanks again & keep those creative juices flowing!!
    Happy almost Fall!

    1. Hi Mary!!! Thanks so much for your kind words and I’m thrilled you like this wrap. How sweet you’ve made them as gifts and you definitely deserve one for yourself! I do get a commission, so thank you so much!
      You can make it wider by continuing the very same stitch pattern for as long as you’d like. And yes, you’ll need more yarn. happy fall to you too!

  10. HI Jessica,

    Love all your patterns. I’m starting a shawl now. Getting ready for the fall/winter weather coming to Chicago.

    Thanks for sharing all your patterns and designs


  11. Thanks for the pattern…I belong to a Prayer Shawl Group that makes and gives them away… I like to try new patterns… I knit and crochet..
    Thank You..

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