How To Crochet An Easy Granny Triangle

Hi friends! I recently decided to crochet a triangle wrap and was trying to figure out the easiest way to make one. Ultimately, I decided the good old granny triangle would do it.  This is the most basic way I’ve seen to make a granny triangle so I’d like to share it with you today. Feel free to use any size yarn that you’d like and this is a great stash buster! Half the fun is choosing the colors and final size of your triangle. You can make it small enough for a little bunting or large enough to be a warm shawl or wrap like this one, all you have to do is crochet for fewer or more rows.   The pattern is super easy and if you’re comfortable with double crochet stitches this will be a total breeze. It also works up really quickly; my wrap that you see below worked up in no time.  Have fun!

I love these colors so much. The yarn I used here was Lion Brand Heartland.

For the full pattern of the triangle wrap pictured above, you can check out my blog post HERE.  Otherwise, just check out the stitch pattern tutorial below and you can make a triangle with any ole’ colors and yarns that you want!

Personally, I find it easiest to learn how to do this granny triangle by watching it. So here’s a little video so you can see how it’s done:

Abbreviations and Skills needed:

ch – chain

blo– through the back loop only

ch sp – space

dc – double crochet

sl st – slip stitch

sp – space

Granny Triangle Written Pattern:


Ch 4-5, sl st to join ends to make a circle

Row 1 Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc stitch), 2 dc into circle, ch 2, 3 dc into circle

Row 2 Ch 3, turn.  2dc into the first st. 3dc, ch 2, 3dc in middle ch2 space.  Into last stitch of row (the ch 3 from previous row), make 3 dc.

Row 3 Ch 3, turn. 2dc into first st, 3dc in next space (this is the space created between groups of 3dc), then (3dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in top ch sp, 3dc in next space, 3 dc in top of last stitch of row.


Repeat row 3 for entire pattern (working 3dc in each space across to middle point) making your triangle as large or small as you’d like.

That’s all there is to it!

I hope that you enjoyed learning how to make the granny triangle!



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  1. I have started this in heartland:purple(can’t remember the name), canyon and the smoky mountains. It’s coming together so pretty.

  2. So excited i came across your website! I started to crochet again, joined a crochet group with women who donate items to chairties. I am making this as a prayer shawl. So rewarding that the pattern works up fast and will wrap someone in comfort. Thank you!

    1. That’s great to hear! Thanks so much for your charitable work and I’m so glad you like the pattern!

  3. when is the appropriate time to change colors, when you get to the end of the row and do the 3 chain stitches and turn? or after that?

  4. Thank you so very much for uploading this pattern and the video. I’ve gone through so many patterns from yesterday and today looking for a shawl, and came across yours on Youtube. It’s brilliant.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I’ve seen so many granny triangle patterns, but this is the first one where I really got it! My scarf is coming together beautifully using the caron simply soft party. I plan on making several more.

  6. I’m just getting back into crocheting, and found your pattern for the granny triangle shawl. I’ve finished one and have started a second one. Question: Do I need to “block” these so they hold their shape? I’m using Big Twist acrylic yarn, very soft and cozy.

    1. Hi Shelley! It’s totally personal preference as far as the blocking goes. 🙂 Pieces always do look nicer when blocked in my opinion!

  7. I can crochet basics, I usually knit more than crochet but have been trying to get more creative and do more crochet projects. I love that you add a video but you go so fast that it is impossible (for me) to even follow along. The fact that there was no sound didnt help lol. I love the look of this pattern and can probably figure it out myself but I wish the video had been a little slower. Thanks.

  8. Beautiful shawl. A little critique. I tried watching your video TWICE . Both times it triggered my vertigo. When you pull on your yarn you bring your hands closer to the camera . Up and down up and down …too much movement. I’ve watched many many crochet vids but never got motion sickness from those simply cuz they pull bunches of yarn so they don’t have to make that motion on camera. You might want to consider that

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