Mama In A Stitch Top Fall Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Hey friends! I’ve been sharing my projects and patterns here on the blog for over three years which is so crazy to me! It’s been a wonderful whirlwind and I’m incredibly grateful every day.  Anyhoooo….occasionally it’s fun to look back and see which projects and patterns have resonated with you. Today, I’d like to share some of your fall and autumn favorites from past seasons.  Each one is fairly simple and perfect for the inevitable cooler weather that’s on the way. Have you made any of these? 

(You can also check out other gorgeous favorite fall knitting and kits that are currently on sale for 20% off from several other Lion Brand bloggers HERE)

  1. Coziest Blanket Cardigan – Free Pattern HERE or you may purchase the kit HERE


2.  Telluride Knit Kimono – Free Pattern HERE Kit Available HERE

3.  Honeycombs Knit Scarf – (it’s called a “summer knit scarf” but the color and yarn are totally fall) Free Pattern HERE find the yarn HERE

4.  Easy Heirloom Knit Blanket – Free Pattern HERE or find the kit available HERE


5.  Light Alpaca Poncho – Free Pattern HERE Kit Available HERE

6.  Go To Crocheted BlanketFree Pattern HERE

7. Marled Knit Blanket SweaterFree Pattern HERE Kit Available HERE

8.  Adak Hooded Wrap – Free Pattern HERE 

Kit available HERE

9.  Mod Heirloom Crocheted Blanket – Free Pattern HERE

10.  Easy Knit Blanket Sweater – Free Pattern HERE


More recently, you have also liked the Anya Fall Scarf, Arlo Granny Cardigan and the Merlot Alpaca Wrap!


Thank you for all of your continued inspiration and support my friends.  Happy fall knitting and crocheting!



What do you plan to work on this fall?!




Mama In A Stitch Top Fall Knitting and Crochet Patterns

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  1. Hi Jessica, I have made the Blanket Cardigan (first on the list) and it was so quick and easy. There’s a lot of your patterns I like but the problem for me is that it doesn’t really get cold enough where I live to wear such chunky items. When I have time I will experiment using thinner yarn.
    Thanks heaps for sharing your patterns x

  2. I love the honeycomb scarf…but I don’t know how to knit..just crochet!
    I’m trying to teach myself, just so I can make this!

    1. Knitting becomes easy in a short time. Remember it’s basically just two stitches, knit and purl!

  3. At present I’m working on two of your creations and plan on finishing more. Thanks for sharing your lovely creations.

  4. I love all the patterns that you share I have so many that I want to make! The one on my list and I’m going to make it the coziest blanket cardigan! Can’t wait!❤❤❤

  5. I live in NY and I made your blanket sweater for my girlfriend who lives in VA and she says she loves it! Next will be the vest – very simple to do so thanks for that!

  6. where have you and your easy but elegant patterns been all my life? Working on 2 kimonos right now. Christmas is coming!

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