Crochet Mountain Wall Hanging – As Seen In Homespun Magazine

Mountains Crochet Picture 2
This project was featured in Homespun Magazine June 2015. It was quite a thrill for me!

I love making things for my daughter and me to wear, but I also really enjoy making things for our house.  Instead of another accessory (though I will be posting a knit scarf in the next week), I went for a new wall hanging. Triangles are fun, and there are so many things you can do with a crochet triangle.  From pillows to garlands, to mountains, (as you see here) the sky is the limit.  I had to remind myself how to crochet a triangle, and will do my best to explain how I did it in my pattern.  These  mountains hang from an aspen branch to add a touch of geometry and rustic charm to the room – sounds fancy, huh?!

Growing up in Colorado, the mountains have been a big part of my life. Besides them being my compass when I drive around (it’s easy for me to get lost when I don’t see mountains to the west of me – ha ha! ), they are an ever present reminder of nature’s beauty and how small my life problems normally are.

Pikes Peak Mountain
This is my view everyday. So inspiring!

You need to know how to single crochet, and decrease for this pattern. Pretty easy! I start with a chain for the bottom of the triangle and work up to the tip. Every other row is decreased. If you already know how to crochet a triangle, then you don’t need my pattern.  If you aren’t sure, and want some guidance, go ahead and follow the pattern below.

It might be cute in a boys bedroom, don’t you think?


You will need:

Size G Crochet Hook

Worsted Weight Yarn ( I used Lily Sugar N Cream in Navy Blue, Light Blue, Grey and White)


Tapestry Needle

Tree Branch ( I got one from the Aspen Tree in my backyard 🙂 )

Thin string

Tutorial Crochet Mountains


Chain 14

Row 1 SC across (13 stitches), Chain 1, Turn

Row 2 Decrease, Single Crochet 9, Decrease (so you decrease the last two stitches, and the first two)

Row 3 SC (11 stitches) across row, Chain 1, Turn

Row 4 Decrease, SC (7), Decrease

Row 5 SC (9) across row, Chain 1, Turn

Row 6 Decrease, SC (5), Decrease, Chain 1, Turn

Row 7 SC across row (7), Chain 1, Turn

Row 8 CHANGE TO WHITE FOR THE SNOW Decrease, SC (3), Decrease, Chain 1, Turn

Row 9 SC (5) across, Chain 1, Turn

Row 10 Decrease, SC (1), Decrease, Chain 1, Turn

Row 11 SC (3) across, Chain 1, Turn

Row 12 Decrease, SC (1), Chain 1, Turn

Row 13 Decrease, Tie Off, Weave in ends



Cut four strings to various lengths in order to hang your mountains.

Take your crocheted mountains, and using your tapestry needle, pull through end of string. Tie a knot at top of the mountain. Tie your string to the branch. Do this for all four mountains.

Hang your branch from a couple of small nails in the wall.

Admire the geometric beauties that you have just created! You could totally make this into a mountain garland rather than a branch wall hanging as well.


Hiking in the mountains
Enjoying some fresh mountain air!

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Crochet Mountains

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    1. It’s true, Sheila! I am lucky. You’d think I’d take the mountains for granted after having lived here for so long, but I appreciate them everyday. Thanks for the kind words about the wall hanging!

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