Easy Crochet & Knit Bag Patterns

I’ve recently been coming up with a new bag design while dreaming about warmer weather.  During the spring and summer months I’m always using a bag or tote of some sort. Whether we are on vacation, heading to the farmers market or just going to a friend’s house, the right bag is a must. Today I’ve gone through the vault of my patterns and thought I’d share several of my favorite bags from the last few years.  I have to say, the Manhattan Market Tote has been my fave of all! Have you ever crocheted a bag or a tote?

1.Palmetto Tote Crochet Pattern – This quintessential spring bag is made with what looks like palm fiber! An easy pattern and pictures will help you along.

2. Farmers Market Knit Tote Pattern – This pattern works up quickly on larger needles, with super bulky yarn.  Use any two colors you’d like to make this beauty.

3. Caribe Tote Crochet Pattern– This colorful bag is big and on trend with tassels and all. The construction is a bit more complicated than the other bags listed here, but it makes for a pretty summer time tote!


4. Camel Bucket Bag Crochet Pattern – This bag features a tight, knit-like fabric so nothing will slip through big crochet holes, even if you don’t line it.

5. Aspen Mountain Knit Tote – The stitch on this is a stunner, yet it’s so simple.  Store bought handles give it a polished look.

6. Manhattan Market Tote – This is still my favorite of all! It has a tight fabric on the bottom with open, airy stitches along the top. A sturdy handle makes it comfortable to carry.

Manhattan Market Tote Crochet Pattern

7. Boho Fringe Granny Square Purse – such a cute and simple purse to make if you love the boho style.

Anything Knit Pounch – Sometimes all you need is a little pouch for inside your bag or purse. This is definitely a practical, beginner friendly project.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for bag making. Currently, I’m working on a new knitting pattern for a bag that I hope to share in the next few months.  Have a lovely day my friends!




Easy Crochet & Knit Bag Patterns

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  1. I think that tote bags are perfect gifts. A young male relative needs a practical tote. I’m going to use the knitted Farmers market tote pattern, omitting the mesh part and using his favorite colors and making it s bit bigger. The broad strap gives it a masculine look. The Caribe tote is my choice for vacations.

    1. He is more than pleased with his tote. My Caribe is going to go on vacation with me in May. Maybe to Spain. I love my new tote! Thank you once more for the patterns and the good instructions.

  2. Yo Mama! Thanx so much for this collection. I was just thinking I need a bag to keep my nebulizer stuff in so the dog doesn’t chew up the tubing again. The anything knit pouch is PERFECT! First thing I did was pull out my button box of antique buttons found at yard sales and such. Found 2 gold ones the right size. Then, the first box of yarn I pulled out (I have about a dozen) had a dark and light blue variegated acrylic/wool yarn by Bergere de France. It was one small skein of a splurge purchase waiting for inspiration. You brought it all together! I’ll have to do a yarnover for buttonholes, when I get there, but that’s easy. Just drop the yarnover on the next row. Instant buttonhole. LOVE YOUR IDEAS, keep up the good work. And I can hardly wait for the new bag pattern!

    1. Hehe!! Yo Sandy!! So glad you like the collection and can use that pattern. It’s an old one of mine, but such a practical little bag! Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to leave me a note! Yay for having some cute antique buttons available. 🙂

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I love your bag patterns! Have you ever thought of knitting a backpack?


  4. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your patterns. I’ve knitted two of them and love both! You always inspire me to take out my yarn and needles. Thank you again!

  5. HiYa!!! Can’t wait to try making a couple of thesee. I do both knitting and crochet, and I thank you for sharing the options.
    **All the way from Oklahoma!!!
    Frances S.

  6. I am new to crocheting and the first stitch I learned was your simple mesh weave. I found your video very easy to follow, but I’m not sure how to do the last row so it looks like the beginning edge. Could you please do a video to show how to crochet the last row?

  7. I have all my pieces done, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to see it together. Was wondering if there was a video or additional photos?

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