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Knit & Crochet Blanket Sizing Guide

This blanket size guide will be so handy to see how big to make your blankets this season!

After many, many times spent searching online for how big to make my blanket, I figured it was time to put the sizes all in one place. Whether we are making a baby blanket, throw blanket, double bed blanket, or something else, it’s nice to know how it should look!

“How big should I make my knit or crochet blanket?”

It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times, and one I get asked often as well!

The hope is that this simple reference will make it easier for you and I when we get into blanket making. 🙂 I also talk about the various sizes below, and what sizes are my favorites.


Blanket Sizing

You can check this handy guide anytime you’re trying to figure out how many stitches to cast on, or how long to make your crochet chain. But there is definitely wiggle room with these sizes!

Read on for more details on blanket sizing and how you can do it!


How Big Is A Crochet Baby Blanket?

A baby blanket can vary in size, so don’t get too caught up in being specific. However, a good standard size to go with is 36″ X 36″ inches. There are also stroller blankets that are smaller. So don’t fret if your blanket turns out smaller than this! And if it’s bigger, no worries as well. Toddler size blankets are often larger.

If you’re looking for a simple crochet baby or toddler sized blanket that works up quick, check out the Loft Pom Blanket HERE.

How Big Is A Crochet Throw Blanket or Afghan?

A throw blanket or afghan can be in the range of 48″ x 48″ – 60″. Again, you’ve got some wiggle room with the size of your throw blanket. The cool thing about knitting or crocheting your throw blanket is that you can customize it!

Many of my followers have mentioned that they like to make their throws extra long for their tall spouses, or shorter for folks in wheel chairs. Which leads me to the lovely lapghan size!

I love this throw blanket pattern! The size is great and easy to adjust to whatever suits you for a throw blanket. It’s a fun make if you’re an intermediate crocheter. Alpenhaus Throw Crochet Pattern HERE.

How Large To Make a Lapghan or Blanket for a Wheel Chair?

Lapghan sized blankets are a fave of mine. I like them for ANYONE! You will see that many of the blanket patterns on my blog are lapghan sizes.

They are small enough that they aren’t cumbersome, but large enough to still cover the legs and body. A typical lapghan crochet or knit blanket will be about 36″ X 48″.

They are a nice size for a wheel chair because they won’t drag or be hard to handle.

This size is also PERFECT for toddlers. It’s actually a big size for them, but perfect for on their beds, in the car, etc.

How Long Do I Make A Crochet Chain for a Blanket?

In most cases you can simply make a chain as long as one side of the blanket needs to be (take into account the multiples you might need for the stitch pattern), and crochet until you reach the size that you need. 

I love blankets because you can take almost any stitch that you like and turn it into a beautiful blanket if you know the size that you want to make it.  This is what I did with my “Chunky Icelandic Crochet Blanket” using a stitch that has a fun bubbly texture.

I also REALLY love the Blanket Stitch crochet pattern HERE because it’s not “holey” and it’s easy to adjust to any size.

I like the blanket stitch because it’s simple to make a blanket any size that you like. Pattern and tutorial HERE.

For knitting, you’d cast on as many stitches as you want it wide, and knit until it reaches the length that you need.

My favorite blanket size to knit or crochet is the lapghan because it works up quickly and isn’t too big and bulky.

That’s what I kept in mind when I designed the Cuddly Quick Knit Throw blanket as well.

My favorite size blanket is the lapghan size – just like the Cuddly Quick Knit Throw

Where Do I Find Standard Blanket Sizes?

Well, now you can find them by looking at my guide that I shared here. Lol!

But also, when looking for the right size for blankets online, you can get overwhelmed pretty quick. I noticed that a few different sizes were listed for the same type of blanket.  What this tells me is that maybe it’s not so important to be exact on sizing in some cases.

However, I did find a site that I believe is really reliable and many of you may have heard of it before. It’s Project Linus, and you can see their blanket sizing HERE .  Their site used to have all sizes of blankets, but now they list them from premie to teen only. 

They help to organize and donate volunteer made blankets to children and teens in need. You can read about them and how to get involved HERE.   I used their sizing for the baby blanket in my chart, as they know what the hospitals prefer. If a hospital prefers it, it’s probably a good size!

How Much Yarn Do I Need For the Blanket I’m Making?

To figure out how much yarn you will need will depend on a variety of factors. If you are following a pattern, it will tell you how much yarn to purchase for the size they have listed.

Remember, that it’s important to use the materials listed, such as the indicated hook size as well as the correct needle size. Check your gauge before beginning to make sure you don’t run out of yarn!

If you’re creating a blanket on your own with out a pattern, it might take some best guesses. You will want to look at the yardage on the skeins of yarn you purchase. Some super bulky yarns don’t have much yardage, so take care to be sure to buy up enough.

You’ll want to look at the label of the yarn. Check out the yardage and size of your yarn to help determine how many skeins you need for the blanket your making.

How Many Squares Do I Need to Make A Granny Square Blanket?

Granny squares are so much fun because you can make them as large or small as you like! Once you crochet a square that you like, you can measure it across in inches.

From there, determine how many inches you want your blanket, and how many squares you’d need to make that size. Easy peasy!

You can also refer to my Granny Square Blanket Pattern HERE to see how many squares I used in my blanket! It’s such an easy pattern to follow.

I hope this chart will be helpful as you create your own blankets!  

What size blankets do you like to make?

Blanket Sizing Reference

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Have fun blanket making!

I hope this guide will help you as you create your knit and crochet blanket masterpieces.



Knit & Crochet Blanket Sizing Guide

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  1. I’ve made several of these blankets but I used yarn for a baby blanket with muti-colors. I make them a little larger than a regular sized baby blanket so they can be used longer. I’m currerntly making one in shades of denim with 4 ply worsted weight yarn for me.

  2. Love this but I’m new to crocheting and like to know the number in the foundation row for each size. Thanks so much.

    1. I want to make a queen size blanket with soft and shiny yarn. It’s a medium yarn and suggests using us9 needles. How many stitches will I need?

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I’m just about to start this gorgeous Icelandic afghan! I purchased 9 skeins of Lion Brand Thick ‘n Quick at Michael’s – they had a sale – buy 2 get one free! So I opted for the Oatmeal color. I love the way the stitch looks: nice and dense, that’s what I like. And the yarn has wool in it which I prefer – I’ve done a swatch and it’s a dream to crochet with, very soft, and so very relaxing! I’ll post a picture of it when I’m done. Thanks for the pattern!

    1. Hi Mary! I’m so glad that you are liking it. I bet it is GORGEOUS in the oatmeal color! I can’t wait to see it all finished up!!

    2. That thick and quick yarn makes an amazing blanket. I made a blanket with it holding 2 stand together and it came out so Awesome.

  4. Thank you so much <3 I will make a baby blanket for my soon to be born niece 🙂
    Love from Norway

    1. Hi Unn! I’m so glad this can help you out for your blanket. Congrats on your new niece. Love hearing from you all the way from Norway!

  5. I am new to crochet and I plan to make the chunky blanket in the twin size which is 89×94 so would my foundation be long to meat 89inches

    1. Hi Rosalind- I would make the chain(using an even amount of stitches) the length or width of the blanket you want, which is the twin bed size. Then crochet as the pattern says until you reach the length desired. If you want to be even more precise you could do a small swatch with an even stitch count and then multiply the amount of chain stitches you made times how many times larger it would need to be to make your blanket. Hope this helps! Our gauges can be a little different, so hope this helps!

  6. Great pattern,.Hook size depends on how tight or loose you work.Tis not an exact science.Enjoy the task at hand.

  7. I want to make this for a friend but in size 48×60. Now I’ve never made anything from a pattern before so need help. If I’m using 18sts-4# with 191 yards per skeins. How many skeins do I need to buy for the size I want? Thanks for your help and time! Laura

  8. Thank you for this beautiful pattern! I am new to crotchet and want to know if I want to make a full sz blanket how many chains would be in my foundation chain? Thank you for your help. Warm Regards, Carol

  9. Thank you for this beautiful pattern! I am new to crotchet and want to know if I want to make a full sz blanket how many chains would be in my foundation chain? Thank you for your help. Warm Regards, Carol

  10. Want to make 60×60 but no idea of crachet hook size and how much of this beautiful cream white yarn. Is it washable!
    Thank you

  11. I made my daughter one queen size using this pattern but used serenity yarn in red, black, n grey. I’ve also used this pattern for baby blankets.

  12. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for this useful post. Now I’m going to make and save my own sizing list in metric sizes. Your blanket patterns are beautiful. It’s easy to make the blankets “my own” by using the colors of my (or the recipient’s) choice.

  13. Hi Jessica , I need your help !!! I’m from Brasil and would like to know what’s the difference between BLANKET , AFGHAN and TRHOW

    Thanks , Maria da Graça

  14. Hey Jessica! Just wanted to let you know that the link to the Project Linus Blanket Sizing is not working. It comes up with an Error 404 – Page not found.

    1. Oh bummer! I’ll get that fixed when I get onto my p.c. in the coming days. Thanks for letting me know Nadine!

    1. I didn’t include those, but I’m going to try to find the correct link for Project Linus or elsewhere that have those sizes as well. I just never crochet or knit anything that large! hahaha

  15. I am using your pattern to create a baby doll blanket for my niece. In doing so, I am using #5 crochet thread instead of yarn and a 3mm crochet hook.

  16. I’d love to crochet a blanket but I can’t get the hang of crocheting yet. Are there any videos you would recommend? I’d love to try crocheting this blanket!

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