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Out of the many projects that I’ve shared on this blog, this blanket pattern has to be one of the most special.  It is going to end up in the hands of a child and a family that is going through very hard times.  I’m so thrilled to be working on the Lion Brand Yarn Heroes charity campaign and have created this pattern (which uses the squishy “wattle stitch” )and project for Project Linus. Read on for more details on this amazing organization!

This is the first item that I’ve ever crocheted for charity, and I’m excited to be joining so many fellow readers who have been doing this sort of thing for years.  After learning about Project Linus when I was putting together my blanket sizing guide earlier this year, I knew I’d love to find the time to make and donate something to their cause.  They take blankets from those of us who would like to make them ( they refer to us blanket makers as “blanketeers”) and give them to children who are seriously ill, traumatized or are in need of a comforting handmade blanket.  These blankets offer comfort, warmth and security to these precious children.


Because this is my first time making something for charity, I really wanted it to be special.  Not only did I wish to make a blanket that the child would love to cuddle and squeeze, but one that the parents might love as well. Ever since becoming a mama, my heart breaks for families with ill children.

The blanket pattern which I’ve shared below uses soft, washable, super bulky, Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn.  There are so many lovely, bright colors to choose from, but I went with white with grey poms which could go for either a boy or girl.  Grey is such a popular color right now for children and babies, so this would make a great gender neutral blanket.  However, there are some REALLY fun and vibrant colors in the Hometown USA yarn family. I’ve posted a picture of some other gorgeous options below.  In fact, I plan to make the pom-pom free version of this blanket with several colors from partial skeins that I have from past projects. It should make a squishy bed for an animal in a local animal shelter.

Wouldn’t these colors make a lovely blanket too?

I realize that many of us are quite busy making gifts for loved ones this time of year and it can be hard to fit in an extra project. Because this is made with the super bulky yarn and a large hook, it works up quickly.  Also, if you use the coupon code YARNHEROES2016, you will receive $5.00 off of your purchase of $20.00 or more when you shop at LionBrand.com!  It’s possible to make a small version of this stroller blanket or pet blanket with just 5 skeins of yarn. I’ve even seen this yarn for under $3.00 per skein at some big box stores.


If you’d like to join me in making this pattern or any other blanket for Project Linus, please check out their website HERE. Find a chapter in your area and click the appropriate link. It will tell you where and how to drop off your blanket. While the website says they accept blankets of all sizes, some chapters do have sizing requirements. You may want to check with your local chapter before donating your beautiful gift.

“The Loft” Pom Crochet Blanket Pattern Explanation:

A super soft, textured & lofty crocheted blanket lined with playful pom poms.  The super bulky yarn and simple “wattle stitch” pattern (see stitch tutorial and video HERE) makes this an easy and fairly quick crochet blanket pattern. The blanket is gender neutral as is, but you can have a lot of fun with colors and customize it as wanted!


7 skein option – Blanket as pictured – Approximately 29” inches X 32” inches

5 Skein option – Smaller Blanket without Pom-Poms Option – (great for pet shelters or as a stroller blanket)  Follow the pattern as written and simply finish without adding borders or pom-poms.  You would need 5 skeins. This will measure approximately 27” inches X 32” inches.

(You can customize the size by simply changing the length of the initial chain to make it your desired width, keeping the stitch count in a multiple of 3)


You will need:

Size N Crochet Hook  10.0 mm

6 Skeins Lion Brand Hometown USA (81 yards/skein) in New York White , 1 skein of Hometown USA in Dallas Grey for Poms

(5 skeins if you are making the small version)

Pom pom maker (optional)


Tapestry Needle to weave in ends




Single Crochet

Double Crochet




sc-single crochet

dc-double crochet




This blanket is made using the wattle stitch. It includes a single crochet border along two ends, and pom poms.

You can find my full tutorial and a video on this stitch HERE.

Click the image above to head over to the stitch tutorial and video!


(Remember, please see my video tutorial on the Wattle Stitch if needed)

Ch 63 stitches

Row 1 In 3rd ch from hook (these 1st two skipped chains count as an sc) make: (1sc, ch1, 1dc), sk next two chains, *(1 sc, ch 1, 1 dc) in the next chain, skip 2 chs. Repeat from * across, ending with 1 sc in last ch, turn.

Row 2 Ch 1, skip the 1st sc and the 1st dc, and *make (1sc, ch1, 1dc) in the next ch space, sk the next sc and the next dc*, and repeat from * to * across, skip the last sc stitch and make an sc into the turning chain. Ch 1, turn.

Repeat row 2 until your piece measures approximately 31” inches in length. Tie off, weave in ends.


Two Edge Border (Optional)

You will proceed to single crochet evenly along the two long edges, making a total of three rows of single crochet on each.

Attach yarn to corner end of blanket.

Row 1 Single crochet across edge of blanket, ch 1, turn.

Repeat row 1 two more times for a total of three rows. Tie off, weave in ends.


Repeat this pattern on the opposite side of blanket.


Making Pom poms:

Using a pom pom maker, or preferred method (see my tutorial on how to make a pom pom with your hands HERE), make 8 pom poms by holding both the white and grey yarn together.  Place poms evenly across two ends of the blanket. Tie tightly and weave in ends. I also played around with placing two poms on each corner, however I preferred the look of the poms evenly spaced along two sides.


You now have a beautiful blanket that will bring joy to whomever receives it. 🙂  I hope that the family who receives this blanket will find a moment of joy when they see it and that it will bring warmth and security to their sweet child.

If you are making this or something else from one of my patterns for charity, I’d love to hear about it! You can share a photo with me on my Facebook Page or on Instagram. Tag me @mamainastitch!


Have you made a blanket for Project Linus in the past, or perhaps another charity? I’d love you to share in the comments below.

Happy charity project making!


Thank you so much to Lion Brand Yarn for providing the yarn for this project! All opinions are always my own. 🙂

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  1. I have made a few knitted blankets and LOTS of quilts for Project Linus but no crocheted items. Maybe now’s the time.

    1. That’s awesome that you’ve done so many blankets! I’m so glad to hear from someone who has donated to project Linus as well!

      1. Jessica,

        I’ve been donating blankets to Project Linus for the last three years. They’re a great organization. I’ve made crochet blankets and also fleece blankets. Sometimes I crochet the edges of the fleece blanket. I haven’t tried the waffle stitch yet, but I will soon. Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Jessica,
    Your blanket is beautifully made, and I’m sure will bring comfort to whoever receives it. Thank-you for sharing, and bless your generous heart. I’m in Canada so this is the first I’ve heard of project Linus, it sounds amazing. I’ll look into it.

  3. New to your site and loving it! Do you have this pattern for knitters? I have been looking for a baby blanket pattern and love this one. Currently working on your pattern for a serenity shawl on my second skein already it’s looking good. Thank you and Happy a Thanksgiving.

    1. Hi Maria! I’m sorry, I don’t have this pattern for knitters. I wish that I did! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the “Serenity Shawl”. Isn’t that yarn soft? I just love it. Have a great day and thanks so much for following my blog. It means so much to me!

    2. This can just be made with the garter stitch in the same sized gauge, or the stokinette stitch, which would make it a little bigger. I’ve done my own moderation st of projects similar to this, though they were all knit projects. Hope this helps.

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  5. Thank you for the blankie pattern. I will be making it for both of my little granddaughters.

  6. Hey Jessica! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your projects and your blog! This is my favorite website to go to when I’m looking for a new project to start on. I’m more of a knitter, but I also crochet tiny things for stuffed animal costumes. I’m thinking of starting a blanket for one of my first actual projects. What do you recommend? Thanks!
    Ps, I saw the pics on your crocheted sweater blanket, and your daughter is an amazing photographer. I still shake when I’m taking my pics!

    1. Hi Jane! Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog! It makes me so happy that you come here first. What an honor! I actually haven’t made too many crocheted blankets, but this very blanket might be a good one to try. Because I made a video, it might be helpful to see how it’s done since this might be one of your first actual projects. There is also the Chunky Icelandic Blanket pattern which I made and use all the time in my living room. It’s fairly simple as well! Oh – and thanks for the compliment on my daughter’s picture taking skills. It’s actually neat to watch her as she really enjoys taking pictures and does a good job even taking pictures of our dogs! Ha! Have a great day!

  7. Hey Jessica! I tried out your crochet patterns, and I found them really easy and relaxing. The only problem is is that I give up on crochet projects too easily. I found, as I was crocheting a blanket for my aunt, that I was either crocheting too loosely, and it was having a very odd drape, or I was using the wrong sized hook, which I wasn’t. I tried to us a US size P hook with a size 6 yarn for the chunky Icelandic blanket pattern, and I found it pretty easy to follow (I am a VERY basic crochet-er, but a skilled knitter). The only problem is my skill. Should I practice more crocheting before starting a project like this?

    1. Hi Jane,
      Thanks for writing to me! I hear you, it is easy to give up on projects when they are a challenge. I’m not sure what your skill level really is, so it’s hard to know if you need more practice before attempting the blanket. However, did you see the video tutorial that I shared somewhere in the comments section? It shows you how to do the stitch, so that might be a big help if you’re having issues with how the blanket is turning out. It could be something as simple as not making the last stitch a single crochet, or placing your stitch into the wrong stitch as your start the row. I hope this might be of some help to you so you can make the blanket!

      1. Hi Jessica! I did see the video, and it was a big help. I was looking for patterns to do on Pintrest, and found how to hand crochet a blanket in an hour! It was SO helpful, and I now have the blanket done. I feel a little better about my crochet skills now, and I’m going to try out an actual pattern next. Thank you for all your help!

  8. I bought my yarn for the loft Pom baby blanket and was curious what size poms you made. This will be my first project from your site. I have confidence, yarn and will check out your tutorials. Thanks for your great pics. I can’t wait.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Beautiful stitch choice. I would like to make this in a twin size. Do you know how many skeins of Hometown USA I’d need?

    Thank you!

  10. How many grams of yarn does this pattern use? I saw that it says it in yards, but I’d like to know it in grams

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