Folklore Mandala Yarn Blanket Crochet Pattern

After sharing my Woven Knit Blanket, several of you asked for a similar crochet version. Enter the “Folklore Throw”!

I love how the colors work together and it’s such a happy, earthy, fun blanket!

See the full free crochet pattern below, or you may choose to purchase the ad-free printable version on Etsy HERE, or the kit from Lion Brand HERE.

Striped Mandala Yarn Crochet Blanket Pattern
The beautiful look of weaving with the ease of crochet!

Stripes can be a pain to crochet because of all the color changes and weaving in ends. However, there are no color changes needed here as you’ll simply carry the yarn up the sides as you switch skeins every two rows. Woohoo!

The stitch used for this pattern is the trusty moss stitch – a go to for me when I want a modern look with clean lines. I also wanted it to replicate my knit version as much as possible and I found this stitch to be super similar.

While the color used here is “Warlock”, you can choose any colorway that you like. The key to the striping is to use alternating skeins every two rows, starting each row with a different color.

If you were to just crochet through the skein, it would give you great color, but the striping effect would gradual and more ombre.

Mandala Yarn Crochet Blanket Pattern

This is definitely a light weight blanket, so it can be used in a lot of places and climates. It’s kind of fun to share something that’s spring and summer worthy!

This is sort of an addition to my somewhat new found love of color over the last couple of years. Doesn’t this blanket remind you a bit of The Mountain Throw? It’s so fun to play around with these colorful yarns.

Sometimes I go a little crazy and I buy yarn like this, not knowing what I will make. It’s sitting there in the store, all the pretty colors in one ball, and I just like it, okay?! It comes home with me and sits because I don’t know what to do with it. Lol

Anyway, this is one of those patterns where you can use that color changing yarn you bought up. Haha! The Folklore Mandala Yarn Blanket Crochet Pattern is that pattern. That pattern for those colorful yarns you bought without a plan. 😉 (Or you can grab the kit or yarn to make it just like mine.)

Okay, are we ready to get to the pattern? Let’s go!

Crochet Blanket Made With Mandala
The Folklore Mandala Yarn Crochet Blanket Pattern
is easy peasy and it turns out so cool! You can see the first two rows done with a deep purple, and the next skein was started with the burgundy. Then you just crochet away! Read more about it in the pattern notes!

(Remember you can grab the ad-free printable for sale in my Etsy shop HERE as well!)

Folklore Mandala Yarn Crochet Blanket Pattern


Modern stitching and cozy, timeless appeal come together to create this colorful, woven inspired blanket! By using color changing yarn, there’s no need to cut the yarn to make the stripes. It’s a dream to crochet as the pattern is meditative and the flow of color is both soothing and interesting. This is a light weight blanket, suitable for many climates. Check out all the color options! Two sizes available, a small lapghan (pictured) and an extra large throw.
Note: the self striping pattern will change colors more frequently in the XL throw, so striping will not be as gradual.

3 (9) Lion Brand Yarn Mandala Light #3 yarn in Warlock (or preferred colorway) 150 g/skein Kit available here from Lion Brand Yarn

Pattern uses approximately 325 (1300) grams
US size H 5.0 mm crochet hook
Tapestry needle to weave in ends

Size (approximate):
Lapghan: 30” X 41” (pictured)
X-Large Throw: 60” X 82”
Follow directions throughout the pattern for the size you are making. The smaller size is listed
first, followed by the larger size.
Size can be adjusted and customized. See the “Pattern Notes” for more details.

Approximately 16 stitches (includes sc and ch sts) and 16 rows of moss stitch used in pattern in 4” x 4”.

Pattern Notes:
This blanket is crocheted from the bottom up using the gorgeous crochet moss stitch.

Color changes: You will change colors every two rows but will carry the yarn up the sides as to not cut the yarn. Use an alternate color every two rows, working 1 skein for two rows and then a 2nd skein with a different color for two rows. Consider pulling from the center of one skein and use the outside yarn for the other – this will likely give you two different colors. If not, wind the yarn to get to a color that you need to begin. Simply crochet to the end of the skeins before picking up your next set of two skeins. Read more under “Important”, just before the pattern. If you prefer to cut the yarn when you change colors every two rows, that is fine too!

*The striping patterns WILL VARY depending on which colors you begin with due to the nature of the yarn! If you are wanting to begin with a particular color, and your skein doesn’t start with it, simply wind the yarn until you are at the desired color. Save this yarn for later in the pattern when needed.

Size Adjustments: To adjust the width of your blanket, you will want to start with a longer or shorter chain using an even number of stitches. To make your blanket longer or shorter, you’ll simply crochet more or fewer rows until your desired length is reached. Keep yarn needs in mind if you adjust the size of your blanket. Enjoy!

Abbreviations (US) & Skills:
ch – chain
st – stitch
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
st – stitch
beg – beginning

You can crochet this blanket without cutting the yarn when making color changes. Color changes will be made every two rows. For your beginning chain and first two rows, begin with the yarn end on the outside of one skein. Next, pick up a second skein of yarn and pull from the center to obtain a different color for the next two rows. Simply carry your yarn up the sides of the blanket without cutting the yarn, switching skeins every two rows. Then work to the end of both skeins. The yarn will do the work for you! The trick is to have two contrasting colors every two rows. If needed, you may wind yarn and save it for later to get to a color that you need to start with.

*Beginning turn chains do not count as stitches
*Change colors every two rows and carry yarn up the sides as you go
Ch 116 (230)
Row 1 Sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch1, sk next ch, sc in next ch*. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row. 115 (229) sts
Row 2 Ch1, turn, sc in 1st st, sc in ch-sp, ch1, *sk next sc, sc in ch-sp, ch1*. Repeat from * to * across the row, sc in last ch-sp of row then sc in last st of row.
Row 3 Ch1, turn, sc in 1st st, *ch1, sk next sc, sc in ch-sp* to last 2 sts, ch1, sk next st, sc in last st.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you’ve reached approximately 40” (80”) or your desired length

Single crochet evenly around one time and work 3 sc into each corner stitch. Next, half double crochet in each stitch around for the second round. Tie off and weave in ends. Feel free to customize your blanket by adding more rounds to the border, or by adding tassels or poms for a fun detail!

And that’s all there is to it!

Colorful Mandala Yarn Blanket

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I hope you loved this colorful pattern. Sometimes we just need some color and bright, happiness in our lives!



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The Mountain Throw is a goodie too 🙂
Folklore Mandala Yarn Blanket Crochet Pattern

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