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Here are all of my “Into The Wild” Patterns! Click the picture of the project you like to take you to the pattern. Enjoy!

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to share the first of several patterns that are part of my newest “Into The Wild Collection” (see the pattern HERE).  I’ll be releasing these patterns over the next few weeks! Each of them feature colors and styles inspired by the outdoors and the natural environment.  While many of my patterns are inspired by the outdoors, I wanted to go the extra mile to use colors, fibers and patterns that are perfectly natural.  From neutral color tones, to cozy pieces to wear outside, these projects will be both knit and crochet.  The goal of this collection is to hopefully raise awareness and appreciation for the beauty of our open spaces and environment.  From beginner to more advanced levels, these easy projects will be approachable and calming.

In light of this collection, I’ve made a donation to Focus On The Forest in your name.

Below: Juno Boucle Beginner Crochet Wrap Pattern HERE  (the first of the collection)

As many of you know, my photos are often shot in the Pike National Forest. I’ve personally seen this group, Focus On The Forest, working to keep the land clean and the environment healthy.  I’ve also learned that working and donating within our own communities is often the best way to help.  As many of you know, my family spends a lot of time in the outdoors camping, hiking and just hanging out.  It’s saddened me more than once to see the amount of trash and debris in our forest, not to mention the unintended and intentional fires caused by humans.  I’ve witnessed couches, chairs, drug paraphernalia, and even multiple trash bags being dumped in our public lands. Do you have a natural location (park, beach, hills etc) near you that you get to enjoy? Isn’t it refreshing to be in those places?

I’d be remiss to not mention my sorrow about the current devastation in Australia right now. Many crafters are busy helping to make bird nests and pouches for displaced wildlife – I love our crafting community.  Just a reminder though, check directly with the charities before you make and send anything as several needs might already be fulfilled. Lastly, there is a lot of fraud that happens online, so be sure you’re donating or sending to a legit cause.  It’s so awesome that we have the power to give, and thanks to each of you generous folks for donating to these causes!

Hopefully with more awareness, we can leave our children with an environment that they can enjoy and the wildlife with an environment where they can thrive.

Because there’s nothing better than looking out at a gorgeous vista, by a campfire with yarn in one hand and a hot, gooey marshmallow in the other. Ha! 😉

So without further ado, here’s the first pattern! Since it’s the beginning of the collection, I’ve chosen a complete, beginner pattern!

Juno Boucle Wrap Beginner Crochet Pattern (HERE)

Above: This wrap features natural color tones that remind me of a snow covered hill.  It’s fluffy, warm, and so easy to make. 

Did you make any resolutions for yourself this year?   I’ve tried not to stress myself out with too many resolutions, goals and plans. But before you think I’m a slacker (lol), I guess I do have some sort of idea of what I’d like for this year on the blog and in life.  That starts with creating pieces I enjoy, and that you enjoy, and helping you be successful in making those pieces.  I also plan to have more purpose behind my projects (and my life choices in general lol).  With this collection, I hope it helps us to remember and promote an appreciation of the environments around us.

I sure hope you enjoy this little collection, and as always, thank you for all your support and inspiration!  Feel free to share your projects from this collection by tagging me on Instagram @mamainastitch so I can possibly share them!  You can also shoot me an email (and I’ll assume your giving me permission to share).

Best wishes!



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      1. Thank you so much for sharing a knit version of the wrap, Jessica! I’m a new knitter, not a crocheter, and can’t wait to try this pattern. I love your blog and patterns! Happy New Year!

  1. Hi! I absolutely love your creations and your posts…..and your love and concern for the earth. You mentioned the fires in Australia…..do you know how to make the ‘nests’ that are needed? There are other medical, vet wrap-type things I could send but I’d like to try and make things also. Crocheting is my area of creating. We have a small farmed animal sanctuary so we are always low on funds but have quite a lot of medical supplies we can share.
    Thank you!!!

  2. Hello dear Jessika. I love your latest Shawl, it looks so cosy and lovely. It must be the softest you have made lately. Yes, I dearly love to call it a Prayer Shawl. As I am (85 yo now) old and not much money I just use at this moment a DK. Yarn and making a Shawl for my Dear Daughter, hoping one day she will remember me and use it in the cold winter time, or other.
    I am on the same view with you about the places, that we must look after our Planet, as we only have ONE!.
    I just watched your video, I love it, but my hand is not as good as it was at your age now. So I just do what I can. Wishing you dear all the very best for all what you are doing, and I am fallowing you all the time, but not sending any reply, only now and than, Best wishes, good health, and
    HAPPY CROCHETING. lots of love. Julie ❤️

  3. Enjoyed making your Juno Wrap. Anxious for your next pattern to come out. Do you know when that will be. Thank you.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I love following you and all of your beautiful patterns. You are so talented and so kind sharing your lovely patterns with us. I so look forward to your emails!!!

  5. Hi
    Reading the comments about your lovely patterns, I am an over 60 knitter who has just taught myself to crochet through Youtube, Loads of great helpers on there. Of course I love your patterns and have now made the Jute Circle Bag and just finishing the granny square Hooded
    vest. Do give it a try ladies. Wish I had years ago but thoroughly enjoying patterns particularly from Mama in a Stitch Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I LOVE your patterns!! Besides being a big fan U to am a country girl. I have lived most of my life in mountains. I am originally from the Ozarks. Now I live in Utah. So I have the great mountains here. I just wish more people had the love and respect for the beauty that surrounds them. I could go on and on about this but you got it. Again Love your patterns!!

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