20+ Quick Chunky Crochet Blankets

I’ve made so many chunky crochet blankets because they are so fun, easy, and quick to make! You can get your large hook, chunky yarns, and whip out a blanket pretty fast-like. Today I’m sharing some of the prettiest, chunky crochet blanket patterns out there!

It’s fun to make throws and afghans, but they are super time consuming. By using chunky yarn or super bulky yarn and a large hook, it’s doable to make a blanket fairly quickly. It helps me avoid getting bored!

Honestly, these blankets are really nice to keep in mind for gift giving and they also work really well for charities.

What Supplies Do I Need For a Chunky Throw Blanket?

  • Large crochet hook (look at the label of the yarn to determine the size)
  • Chunky #5 or Super Bulky Yarn #6
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Measuring Tape

What Is The Best Chunky Yarn For A Blanket?

Oh this is a loaded question! While we all have our own personal preferences, after making a lot of blankets, these tend to be my faves. They are washable, which is huge, and also generally affordable.

Chunky Yarn To Crochet With
I love a good, chunky yarn! This is Cascade Superwash Merino, but I use a ton of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick too.

Remember, any chunky or super bulky yarn will work! I just get asked which I tend to use – so there you have it.

Can I Use Worsted Weight Yarn For These Blankets?

While chunky yarn and super bulky yarn are best, you can totally use worsted weight yarn too! Just hold two or three strands together to equal the thickness of a chunky weight yarn. Voila!

And you technically can use worsted weight yarn, but you’d have to use a smaller hook, which in turn makes a smaller blanket. So be sure you’re experienced if you’re going to change a yarn in the pattern.

Without further ado, let’s get to these quickies! (Well, as quicky as a blanket can get, lol)

There is something about chunky crochet blankets that is just over-the-top, super cozy. The texture you can get with the big yarns is so lofty and wonderful!

Quick Chunky Crochet Blanket Patterns

My Icelandic Throw works up super quickly and is unbelievably cozy, which makes it great for cuddling. It’s been one of the all time, most popular chunky blankets on the blog and even on the internet!

Icelandic Chunky Crochet Blanket Pattern

This Chunky Even Moss Blanket from Daisy Farm Crafts is simple but stunning.

Chunky Moss Stitch Blanket

This Mystic Ripple Throw by You Should Craft is easy to work up and is great for a farmhouse touch.

Ripples Chunky Crochet Blanket

Make my lux, modern Lodge Woven Throw for a stunning addition to your home decor.

Chunky Modern Throw Crochet Pattern

With the Log Cabin Throw by Rich Textures Crochet you can just work on one square at a time, so it’s a great on-the-go project.

Chunky Log Cabin Blanket Crochet Pattern

Make the Ties That Bind by Nana’s Crafty Home blanket for any momentous or happy celebration.

Beautiful Tasseled Crochet Blanket

Another popular chunky pattern from the blog is The Colorado Throw

Learn Tunisian crochet and make this gorgeous Sophina Throw by Exquisite Crochet UK, all at the same time.

Chunky Tunisian Crochet Afghan

The Done In A Day Cuddler is one of the all time quickest blankets. It’s super duper easy too.

Quickest Super Bulky Yarn Blanket pattern

If you want the chunkiest of the chunk, go with the Big Hand Crocheted Blanket!

Chunkiest Big Yarn Hand Crochet Blanket

For a quick, cozy blanket you can crochet the Sunday Chunky Blanket by Lulo Stitch Co and be ready to stay warm in no time.

Simple Chunky Blanket

This easy, beginner-friendly afghan by The Loopy Lamb uses a slight variation of dc stitches that makes it good for someone wanting to make a blanket for the first time.

Textured Chunky Blanket

My Winter Chunky Ribbed Afghan has a timeless style that looks beautiful draped over a bed or the back of a couch.

Winter Warm Chunky Blanket

Get ready to curl up with a cup of cocoa and a good book when you finish the Book Nook Tunisian Throw by Ambassador Crochet.

Cream Chunky Blanket Pattern

Rustic and timeless, my Forest Lodge Chunky Throw will become your favorite go-to pattern for quick and cozy.

Easy Chunky Crochet Blanket

The Hopeful Throw by Mason Jar Yarn Designs is a cheerful, beginner-friendly throw that is relaxing both while you make it and after.

Chunky Look Colorful Blanket

The Brunch Blanket by Knitting with Chopsticks combines simple stitches with contrast colors to create a modern blanket.

Chunky Poms on A Crochet Blanket

My Wintertide Sampler Throw uses multiple stitches for a stunning and stylish look.

Chunky Gorgeous Crochet Blanket Pattern

Simple stitches combined with beautiful stripes creates the Wattle Stitch Blanket by Okie Girl Bling n Things.

Striped Chunky Blanket PAttern

This Silver Linings Blanket by Fiber Flux is a great example of what you can do with the super soft blanket yarns that you find out there!

Blanket Yarn Chunky Crochet Blanket Pattern

So aren’t you just feeling so cozy after seeing all these beauties? Lol!

I’ve found that chunky crochet blankets tend to usually be made with simple stitch patterns. It’s nice, because it keeps them simple and meditative.

How Big To Make My Chunky Crochet Blanket?

We’ve all been there. Wondering how long to make a chain to create the right sized blanket.

The best, easiest way for me has been to make a chain about as long as I want the width of the blanket. From there, crochet with the stitch pattern you want until you’ve reached the desired length.

And here is a handy little blanket sizing guide too!

I hope you loved these patterns!

Beautiful Chunky Crochet Blankets From Designers

More Free Crochet Patterns:

Thank you to all the wonderful crochet designers who have shared these beautiful blanket patterns with us!

Happy crocheting my friends!


20+ Quick Chunky Crochet Blankets

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