15+ Gorgeous Crochet Basket Patterns

Crocheted baskets are so fun to make and are super useful! Most of these crochet basket patterns are easy, some perfect for beginners, and others are intermediate.

They are ALL beautiful! They come in so many textures, styles and sizes. Whether you want a small basket for jewelry, or a large storage basket, you can find so many options in this list of 15 crocheted baskets below!

What Can You Do With A Crocheted Basket?

Use Your Extra Yarn – Crochet basket patterns don’t use a ton of yarn, so they make for a great stash buster project. It’s a good use of yarn that that was leftover from those chunky blankets last fall, or for skeins of worsted weight yarns as well.

Gift Giving – These baskets make awesome gifts. I love to crochet a basket and then put a gift inside, whether a gift card, cute tea towels, candy – just about anything!

Storage – handmade baskets like these are so trendy in home decor right now, and they are super useful to store anything!

Supplies Needed To Crochet Baskets

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hook
  • Measuring Tape
  • Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

Okay, let’s get to these gorgeous crochet basket patterns!

15 Beautiful Free Crochet Basket Patterns

The Herringbone Single Crochet Basket by Briana K are a great way to add some decorative holders to your plants.

Plant Basket Crochet Pattern

The Double Hanging Basket by Made by Gootie looks great as a plant hanger!

Hanging Basket Crochet Pattern

This Chunky Crochet Basket by Ned & Mimi works up fast by using super bulky yarn.

Chunky Crochet Storage Basket

These Belle Chunky Bobble Baskets by LuloStitchCo have a fun texture that makes them sturdy.

Small Crochet Basket

The jewelry catcher basket by Mama in a Stitch is perfect for kitchen counters or bathroom sinks so you have somewhere to put your rings and jewelry.

This simple, yet elegant, bread basket makes a great addition to your table settings when entertaining.

If you need a quick gift, make some of these Simple Crochet Treat Baskets and fill them with goodies.

Make tis simple yet versatile Easy Hanging Basket for a touch of coziness and functionality to any room in your home.

This Plant Basket by A Box of Twine uses cotton cord for a sturdy basket that can have multiple uses.

Make these versitile Hartfield Hanging Baskets for organizing in your craft room.

Add some texture to your home decor with the Waffle Stitch Square Basket by Knitting with Chopsticks.

This Handy Basket by Sunflower Cottage Crochet is a nice way to store your wood during the winter.

Chunky storage crochet basket pattern

Keep all those little items organized with the Millie Hanging Baskets pattern by The Loophole Fox.

Hanging Crocheted Storage Baskets

If you’re looking for some yarn storage, Bluestar Crochet has this Yarn Basket made with t-shirt yarn.

Crocheted Basket with Handles

Fosbas Designs has this cute little hanging basket that you can make for your plants.

Plant Crochet Basket Pattern

Prairielands Big Basket Crochet Pattern

Big Chunky Basket Free Crochet Pattern


What Yarn Is Best For Crochet Baskets?

The trick to making a good crochet basket is to have a sturdy, firm fabric. To do this, it’s easiest to use a chunky or super bulky yarn and a small hook. This will create a tight fabric so the basket will hold it’s shape.

However, there are great patterns that also use worsted weight yarn! You just need to use a small enough hook for it to work out. You can also hold several strands of worsted weight yarn together to equal a the thickness of a chunky yarn!

Crochet Skills Needed To Make a Basket

You will definitely want to be comfortable with single crochet stitches and crocheting in the round. Many patterns require you to knit a flat, round base. You can find a lot of tutorials on how to do this on YouTube.

Depending on the kind of basket you make, you’ll likely also want to learn how to crochet in the front or back loop for the first round of the sides of the basket. This is how you will work from the flat base, and then up the sides.

How Do You Crochet A Simple Basket?

There are many ways to crochet a basket, but the most common way is to first make a flat base, and then work the sides. Some baskets are a rectangle shape, so you’d start with a flat rectangular base, and then crochet the sides.

For round baskets, you will crochet flat circular base and then crochet in rounds to make the sides.

To keep it simple, use easy stitches like single crochet. Double crochet stitches can tend to be too loose, and you want to make a tight fabric!

Free Crochet Basket Patterns

More Free Crochet Patterns To Try

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful baskets from so many lovely designers! Basket making is so much fun.



15+ Gorgeous Crochet Basket Patterns

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