We Are Knitters Hat Review & Giveaway


I’m a fan of We Are Knitters. I love their cotton, but this wool BLOWS MY MIND.  Today I’d like to share their “Deja Vu Hat” kit with you from We Are Knitters and they’ve also kindly offered to do a giveaway! You can find all the details for the giveaway at the bottom of this post.  The name of that coupon code makes me giggle! You can see all of their kits HERE!

Let me start by saying, this wool is SOOOOO luxurious. First of all, you would never know that this is 100% wool with how soft it is to the touch. Second, the color choices will have you unable to narrow down a color because they are all so beautiful.  And third, it’s a lot of fun to get the kit in the mail with a cute little brown bag, a tag, knitting needles and even a little tapestry needle.  This hat was done in Salmon and you guys, I’ve tried to find a color similar to this at my local craft stores and have never seen it.  Isn’t it great?!

You may also use the coupon code WAKINASTITCH to receive 20% off of your purchase from We Are Knitters through February 14, 2017!  



The hat works up easily and quickly. If you know how to knit and purl, you will have no trouble making this hat. It’s also a great option if you’re short on time since it’s done on straight, large US size 19 (15mm) knitting needles.  The needles come with the kit and I found them to be really nice.  These were even better than the needles which I received with the previous kit for the seed stitch scarf from this past summer.  I chose the salmon color for this hat, but any of the color options would look really nice.  The wool care instructions say that the wool can be washed with cold water and mild soap and to lay flat to dry.  Easy enough!




It’s really a pleasure to work with this wool and I highly recommend it.  🙂




Alright, shall we have a little giveaway?

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To be eligible, you must be 18 years of age or older, with a valid, USA, Europe or Canada shipping address.

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Email entry is mandatory through choosing one of the options, and the other options will simply give you additional entries.

Good luck friends and happy knitting. 🙂



I received this knitting kit in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. My go to wintertime knit is a nice chunky infinity scarf! Though I do make a fair number of hats as well :). This winter I’ve branched out and knit a few blankets too!

  2. I love knitting anything that will keep us warm! Hats, mittens, socks, there’s usually one of each on the needles. And for crochet, that’s usually a blanket each winter.

  3. My favourite thing to crochet (I am not great at knitting yet!) Are hats! Beanies, earflap, messy bun hats and slouches! All and any!

  4. I crochet toys, but it is my newyear resolution to start knit. So far I knit only clothes for my toys. Maybe it us time to knit sth for myslef

  5. This year, my favorite winter knitting project was hats! I made one each for my daughters and their hubbies/significant others. I didn’t realize how fun and quick they could go, and everyone needs a hat in the winter. The hat in this contest looks like a winner, I’d love to win this kit and knit it – for me!

  6. I am returning to knitting since recently learning to crochet – there are so many wonderful designs and yarns around now and I would love to try a beanie hat and scarf!

  7. I love knitting scarves and cocoon style shrugs and sweaters! I’m trying to be just as good at crochet as I am knit, so I’m working on your latest sweater you featured! Can’t wait to knit/ crochet up some of the W.I.P.’s I started last year!!!

  8. so excited about this giveaway I’m very new to knitting but so far I love it I’m looking forward to learning new Stitches and patterns. When I came across your website several months ago I really enjoyed the patterns you post great instructions makes things very easy to follow looking forward to new posts in the future good luck everyone

  9. I love this hat! I haven’t worked with yarn quite that thick before but would love to try it. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize!

  10. I love the look of your designs. That hat, and the great description you gave of the yarn is making me want to learn to knit now. I have crochet ADD – I love working on like afghans, but I find that I have to take breaks in between and do quick small things.

  11. I usually like to crochet and knit my blankets in the wintertime plus it gives extra warmth;) I love making hats, scarfs, and mitten sets in the spring and fall.

  12. Love scarves, lapghans, throws, coccoons. Just getting into hats. Mostly easy knit and rookie crochet. Love your stuff and WAK.

  13. I love this hat and the color of yarn used. I mostly crochet, but my new years goal is to learn how to knit hats. I have knitted blankets and easy patterns in the past. I would love to receive this giveaway.

  14. My favorite things to knit in winter are blankets and scarves. I get to keep warm while knitting them as well 🙂

  15. I love to make scarves and hats in the winter months. I am addicted to the yarn from We Are Knitters and have already accumulated a huge stash of it and multiple kits from them too!!!!

  16. Good afternoon… I got a bur in my bonnet this fall to knit a warm hat for each of our friends in MN… after 25 hats I’m ready for kit that will introduce me to a style… hats are fun, useful, and easy to mail. Whoever wins will have a great time… thank you for being so generous …

  17. I crochet a new hat for each of my children each winter… also i am currently obsessed with WAK!!! Just ordered the canal sweater as a special Christmas gift to myself 🙂

  18. I absolutely adore this yarn! I definitely hope I win so I can make a cute hat with it. I love to knit with deep, rich, royal colors during the winter. (dark purples, navy blue, hunter green) and I always love to make a new thick scarf during this chilly (Los Angeles chilly) weather. 🙂

  19. It’s weird, but in the winter, I like to make spring/summer items like light scarves for work in an interesting yarn. After all my “gift” knitting for others in the fall- I like to do something for myself .

  20. I knit lots of things during the cooler months (this IS Texas, after all) but my most frequent knits are all kinds of bags: string shopping bags, little dice bags, small bags for phones and glasses. I just finished a lap blanket, and am designing a Spring hat.

  21. I love to knit all year. In the winter I love to knit warm and snuggly things with delicious yarns.This includes: sweaters, hats, shawls, scarves, cowls and vests…

  22. Doesn’t matter the season, there’s always a hook in my hand! I love making scarves, hats, blankets, and boot cuffs. Also love anything for little ones!

  23. ‘Tis winter I am pushing myself to knit blankets and scarves with more challenging stitches. This yarn looks incredible and love that color.

  24. My favorite thing to make are “snoods” or circle scarves – so practical and necessary here in Michigan.

  25. Since I’m fairly new to knitting, scarfs and hats are my favorite. This hat looks soft and cozy. Love it.

  26. I like knitting hats and scarves. They are really appreciated by the family during the cold winter months.

  27. I seem to be knitting a lot of poncho’s this winter. I usually have several projects going on at the same time!

  28. I love making hats, and this one is gorgeous! I also love knitting blankets in the winter because it keeps me warm while I’m working on it!

  29. I like crocheting scarfs in the winter. I’d be excited to win this knitting kit so I can work on knitting and hats. My mom knitted and tried to teach me, I struggled with it. I’d love to feel connected to her and get better at knitting more than dishcloths (lol). Love the color too

  30. I love making hats ( I learned how to knit a hat this past season for the first time!), scarves, and blankets.

  31. I love to knit slippers for gifts in the winter months – and warm scarves/cowls. I love your new slippers pattern that partners with Lion Brand. I purchased enough yarn with the kit to knit two sets of slippers. Both the hat pattern and the color choice of yarn is gorgeous. I, too, am a We are Knitters fan. Thank you for sharing your talent and especially the free patterns. That is what motivates me to up my skills, and get a deeper understanding of this fascinating world of fiber art.

  32. I love to knit big, cozy wraps in winter. They warm you twice-once while you’re knitting and again when you’re using it.

  33. My favorite items to crochet in the winter are hats and scarves. There’s never too little of them LOL

  34. Since I live in the Midwest and the winters are very long, I love to work on bigger projects. Last year, I worked on a blanket for my mom and this year, I’m working on my first sweater.

  35. I like to crochet cowls and hat, I’d love to make a beanie with this yummy pink yarn 🙂

  36. I like crocheting warm things in the winter- hats, scarves and shawls.
    Just holding the yarn in my hands makes me feel warmer.

  37. I would love to try one of their beautiful patterns for the first time….this would be a great opportunity ! Thank you for this amazing contest!

  38. I am a beginning knitter. Your website is really lovely. It has given me so many ideas. So far, I have made scarves, bunnies for Easter and over the holidays I knitted up beards for my son and his cousins. Lots of fun so far! I would love to add a hat into my repertoire! Thanks.

  39. I love making hats, scarfs and most of all blankets as they tend to keep me warm as I am making them! Lol

  40. My current “UFO”‘s are a cople of scarves, a hat and scarf set, and a Chrsitmas wreath for next year

  41. Beautiful hat…and beautiful photographs!
    My favorite items to make in winter are cowls…so cozy and I have a thing about my neck being really warm.

  42. I, well the cats, like to work on blankets and wraps as it drapes across my lap keeping me warm. I’m constantly having to shew them off projects. Plus there’s the added bonus od cat fur incorporated.

  43. Now that the gifts are done, I usually make a few little things for me (socks, fingerless mits, new hat) and then dig into a big project (usually a blanket).

  44. I love knitting afghans and hats during winter! It’s the best when blankets are draped over your legs while knitting!

  45. I love to make big blankets, which is really impractical because we already have tons of them, but seeing one worked up by my own hands is very fulfilling!

  46. When I saw the light pink We Are Knitters hat and yarn the first thing that happened… I said OMG! outloud. The yarn is gorgeous and the hat is the style I love. I’ve been crocheting for a few years but just taught myself to knit a month ago. I’ve been knitting hats on circular needles and am having a wonderful time. My favorite things to make in the winter are hats & cowls, the two things I use the most here in very cold & snowy north central Idaho. I want to make some mittens & gloves too! Thank you for your wonderful patterns and lessons!

  47. I love to knit what people who are born and raised in West Virginia call toboggans or what the rest of the world calls beanies.

  48. I tend to crochet hats and scarves in the winter, and usually donate them
    to the local cancer center for chemo patients. I’d love to make a hat with
    this yarn, so if I win I’ll be looking for chunky yarn crochet hat patterns!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  49. My favorite thing to make in winter, is afghans. I love working on things that are Cuddly when it is cold out.

  50. I’m a new knitter so I haven’t really discovered what my favorite thing to knit in different seasons is (I haven’t even done a sweater or blanket yet!). So far though, knitting cowls/infinity scarves in the round is by far the most enjoyable and I love that they keep people warm and cozy!

  51. I like knitting scarves in the winter, but I’ve just started doing some blankets which do keep your lap warm while knitting 🙂 This hat is awesome, and I do have a couple of hat projects in the works! So many fun patterns, so little time!

  52. I like working on practicing my knitting (I am just learning), but I love crocheting hats, scarves, and slippers during the winter months because they’re quick projects that I can wear right away before the season ends lol.

  53. Vau I hope I get this yarn for my daughter,S hat.I am a beginner so I need easy pattern that you show us,thanks

  54. In knitting my favorite lately has been some washcloths. However, I’m going to start SOCKS!
    In crochet my favorite lately has been lacy scarves, shawls, cowls. King sized blanket to be started soon.

  55. I love WAK yarn! I have some of the wool in black and i agree, it’s incredibly soft. Thank you for posting the pics of you modeling the hat. It gives a much better perspective of how it wil look. Thank you, Jessica!

  56. I love knitting hats, ear warmers, hand warmers and scarves during the winter. They work up fast and I can please all my children with a new accessory

  57. I love to knit and really must learn to crochet so that I can take advantage of some of your beautiful crochet patterns too!

  58. I love to knit scarves and hats, as well as the occasional blanket or throw. Love your blog, BTW!

  59. In the winter I love making cozy sweaters for all ages and sizes. They make me feel warm on the inside.

  60. Love reading Mama in a Stitch blogs! I enjoy knitting blankets and scarves, my favorite is always my next project! I’ve not yet made a hat, maybe it is about time I did? Thank you for the giveaway

  61. I crocheted the chunky Icelandic blanket and I ❤️ it! I used four different colors and made a gigantic version! Thank you for the pattern. I will definitely continue to follow you!

  62. I’m a relatively new knitter so I haven’t done much other than hats & scarves but I really enjoy doing them!

  63. I’m beginning to knit a bunch of gloves! It’s fun seeing how different the various patters turn out when using new yarns.

  64. I love to make warm, cozy shawls in the winter. I can wrap them around me and I feel so toasty.

  65. Thank you for the giveaway!!! knitting and crocheting is my stress relief!! Love this giveaway! And their yarn!!

  66. I mainly crochet, but do love to knit hats, especially for babies/children. Trying to increase my knitting knowledge/skill. I especially love this yarn color! So yummy!

  67. I just finished making a 2016 Sky blanket that turned out incredible. Now I’m going to start a blanket for my son, since my daughter “called” the sky one. Oh and in between I’ve been knitting your Aspen Tote bag. I can’t wait to finish it up and be able to use it.

    Love your blog and all your amazing creations!

  68. Cowls are my favorite item to knit in the winter! Everybody loves to get a cowl for Christmas!

  69. My favorite thing to crochet in the winter are blankets and afghans.. As you create them they keep you warm!

  70. Love to make hats for. Cancer survivors, newborn and NICU units at the hospitals, hats for the underserved children and adults. Doing lots of baby blankets and assorted baby items for a new great grandbaby due in May.

  71. I’m addicted to hats and scarves. It field my knitter’s ADD. But I am attempting a sweater again soon. It will be warm by the time I’m done but, it’s simmering to look forward to. I am in LOVE with that salmon color! I to am always in the hunt for it at yarn shops to no avail. Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!

  72. I am mostly a crocheter, but, I have been working on a large knit afghan, I will finish it by next month. I would love to try the Mountain chalet boot Slippers and the hat in the kit. Thank you.

  73. I love to make hats,but this year I found that kippers are my thing. Everyone can use a pair or two of house slippers!

  74. I’m sort of a process knitter so I normally prefer to knit scarves and not very intricate patterns, but I’ve been wanting to try somethings more complex for a while 🙂

  75. OMGosh….I love this!
    I’m a crocheted just learning to knot and this looks perfect & so prettty!

  76. Beautiful hat, such peaceful glowing color! I love to knit socks, bright colored socks. Right now I am trying a shawl with fairy yarn for my daughters wedding! Knitting is like painting to me!

  77. Right now my favorite thing to do is to crochet blankets. It keeps me warm as I work them up!

  78. hats, i love to make hats…so many unique designs out there. thx for having a contest. Love yours and their designs.

  79. I am new to your blog, but love it! My favorite thing to knit or crochet in the winter is a blanket. After seeing your blanket sweater though, that is on my horizon for next winter, it is just gorgeous!

  80. I love this hat and beautiful yarn! I went to the website to buy some but the discount code is not working. Am I missing something? Please help

    1. I’m so sorry! I’ve sent them an email and am waiting to hear about what might be going on with the code. I will update the page to let you when it’s working!

  81. I recently ordered their Snood scarf kit in hopes of learning to knit. . IT COMES TOMORROW :):):) So excited! This looks a great kit to put on my ‘next’ list

  82. Jessica, I love this hat! Both the pattern and the yarn are great, and this pink color is fantastic on you (would be on me, too)! What is the color of the yarn in your photos? On their website it looks like the one labeled ‘salmon’, but I wonder if the pics and captions got mixed up.

    Thanks for the fun posts and this giveaway!

  83. I’m torn between knitting a chunky afghan or fingerless gloves. There are so many great winter patterns out there; I will never be able to make them all!

  84. I love nice, thick cowls that you can wrap around your neck twice if you are cold or let them hang as a scarf. And fingerless gloves since my hands get so cold even when indoors.
    I love the color of the yarn you showed. You can almost feel how soft it is by looking at the picture. Would love to make a cowl with it.

    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you so much for letting me know. I have written an email to them and am waiting to see what’s wrong. I’m going to take it off the blog until I hear that the code’/ working. I’m sorry Cindy and am trying to get it figured out ASAP.

  85. I love to crochet shawls, afghans, scarves and hats. I’m working on an afghan as I type this.

  86. Winter is my favorite time to knit hats, cowls and socks. I have a whole bunch of grandchildren that live in snowy, cold areas of Montana and Oregon and I love to knit them warm things.

  87. I really love to make jumbo sized afghans in the winter to give away to my friends and family.

  88. I agree, what a Lovely yarn color! ..*laughs* and I have yet to try We are Knitters for exactly that reason!…Because they have such great looking Yarn & so many Colors!, that I simply haven’t been able to pick one or a even a few skeins of yarn….Instead, I add to my cart, and when I finally stop to look, there’s alwwys an insane amount of yarn in my cart…like virtual bunnies multiplying when I’m not looking!…so, I then have to start the process of picking yarn all over again! *winks*..,

    Maybe this coupon code will finally send me over the edge & I’ll pick some yarn out for myself & actually buy it this time!

    Thanks for sharing your review of their kit!

  89. I’m loving the easy knit blanket sweater right now – about a fourth of the way through and started tonight! All my roommates want one already 🙂

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