Stash Buster – Knit Bow Tie and Pom-Pom Collar

Easy Knit Bow for dog collar 

 I have a lot of little scraps of yarn left over after all of my scarves and projects this winter. I always loved the idea of making a blanket out of them, but I have so many different shapes and sizes, I can’t imagine trying to make them all work together.  Enter the idea to use up some scraps to make my pups look pretty!

Pom pom dog collar

Ruby, my little French Bulldog, is as sweet and fun as she is cute.  She’s even a decent model, that is, when I can get her to stop rolling on her back for a tummy rub. The best part about Ruby is that she is wonderful with my toddler.

The bow tie and pom-poms are both quick and easy to make (and completely beginner friendly). I think they would be nice to put on a dog after taking them to the groomers (Ruby isn’t so lucky as to go to the groomers – I’m her groomer).  The bow would be fun if you are having a dinner party, or even a dog in a wedding.  The uses for the pom-poms are endless. Next Superbowl game, put your team colors on the dog! Fourth of July party? Red, White and Blue!

Either of these projects can be modified in MANY, MANY ways. So grab whatever yarn bits you have left over and create away!

Here is how I made these two projects:

Bow Tie

You will need:

US Size 15 Knitting Needles

Super Bulky Yarn – I used Lion Brand Hometown USA in Dallas Grey

Any Worsted Weight Yarn


Tapestry Needle


With your Super Bulky Yarn and Size 15 needles, Cast on 9 Stitches

Row 1 Slip first stitch, Knit across row (Garter Stitch)

Row 2 *Slip first stitch, Knit across row* (Garter Stitch)

Continue this pattern from * to * (garter stitch), for each row, until your piece reaches the length of approximately 6 inches

**If the slip stitch confuses you, you can simply knit the first stitch.  The slip stitch just gives it a smoother edge.

Cast off

Weave in ends

With a length of yarn, whip stitch center, and pull to tighten (see picture). Tie together to create the look of a bow.

Whip stitch to then “cinch” and tie to make the shape of a bow


With your choice of worsted weight yarn, wrap around center many times.  I wrapped mine quite a bit. Tie off. Weave in ends.

With your tapestry needle and a length of yarn, pull through the bow and tie to make a loop. The dog collar will go through this loop. You should make two loops on either side of the center of the bow.

Nothing fancy, just make two loops for the collar to go through. They should fit snuggly around the collar.


Easy knit dog bow

Pom-Pom Collar

Pom pom dog collar

The Pom-Pom Collar is super easy. I literally just tied handmade pom-poms right onto Ruby’s collar.  I made them on the large side, using a lot of yarn and wrapping it around my entire hand (you can see in my tutorial how this will create a large pom).  These poms were made with super bulky yarn, and a small amount of worsted weight. I just used up any yarn bits that I had left over.  If you don’t know how to make a pom, it is so easy! All you need is yarn, scissors and your hands. See my easy tutorial here: Pom-Pom Tutorial.

In the process of making one easy pom

Once you make your pom, leave the tails. Use the tails to tie the poms right onto your dog’s collar.  For Ruby’s collar, I used three poms which were all the same size. It would be fun to make enough pom-poms to wrap all the way around a collar, don’t you think?

Knit Bow

Have fun using up your left over yarn!

What ideas do you have to use up the yarn bits at your house?


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  1. What a great way to use scraps and have fun with them too! That Ruby girl is quite the model! I also like the idea of using them to add color for special events . Go Broncos!!

  2. I’m thinking that it would be easier to make an intact pom pom collar like let’s say pre-attached to some kind of lightweight tubing, like velvet tube trim or some kind of stretchy tubing, and then put it in one piece on the dog and tie it in a bow so as not to tax the owner and the dog in tying and untying the pom poms. Great idea for stash and for special holidays and events you can color coordinate the poms. Thanx.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Great ideas and thoughts about different ways to attach the pom-poms! I agree, especially if you wanted to use the poms more than once , it would be easier to have something to slide on and off of the collar. For a single occasion, tying them on isn’t too bad. I just took the collar off (because Ruby wouldn’t last long if I were to make her sit to tie each one – ha ha! ). Thanks so much again for sharing, and for your wonderful idea!

  3. Love fun ideas for the pets who have to sit patiently while we create just “one more quick ” project! I have a basket of leftover yarn and I love to make “Comfort Dolls”-just the right size for little hands!

    1. Lovely idea to make “Comfort Dolls” – thanks for sharing! Yes, my poor pets are subjected to my yarn addiction. 🙂

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