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Summer Vacation Easy Crocheted Top Pattern

Today’s free crochet pattern is for an easy, modern sleeveless top that’s flattering on anyone! It has an understated baby-doll or swing-top style and is available in six size options. Yay! The lacy upper portion is easy to crochet and there is very minimal shaping. The top itself is made by basically crocheting two rectangles and seaming them together! You can see the full, free pattern below, or you may choose to purchase the ad-free, printable version HERE or the kit from Lion Brand Yarn HERE (you can now choose any color!).

Some of you might remember waaaaay back when I made my Summer Vacation Knit Top. It features the same lacy upper section, and a sleeveless design. I wanted to make a baby doll style top this time, but didn’t want it to be over super ruffly. It seemed like a good idea to feature an understated ruffle effect along with a clean lace, much like the knit version featured. I’m super pleased with how it turned out! And just a heads up, I’ve got a couple of other easy, summer top patterns. So if you’re a beginner, you might want to also check out the Vintage Easy Crochet Sleeveless Top HERE or the Topcho Pattern HERE.

So, how do we crochet this top? You’re basically making two rectangles and seaming them at the sides and shoulders. There is some increasing in a few rows to create the ruffling, but other than that, it’s mindless and wonderful. Hehe!

The yarn that I used for this project is Coboo by Lion Brand Yarn (see all the colors here). It’s actually been available for a while now, but this is the first time that I had a chance to use it. It’s so soft, drapey and perfect for summer wearables.

(Photo below courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn)

I plan to use it this fall as well because it’s just that good! And while this shirt was crocheted with the pretty Steel Blue color that I found while I was out shopping, it would be beautiful in a nice neutral as well. And if you like color, I could see this in the beautiful Orange or Peach!

I’d say the only thing that you might have to familiarize yourself with for this pattern is working behind stitches. To create the lacy upper portion, you will be skipping stitches and working treble crochet stitches behind the work. Definitely do a quick search on YouTube to see how this is done! It’s easy once you get it, but can be a confusing concept at first.

So, let’s get to the pattern!

Remember that you may choose to purchase the ad-free, printable PDF version from Etsy HERE.


Pretty, open stitchwork an understated baby-doll fit make this a breezy, comfortable summer top!  Flattering on any figure, it goes great with cut-off jean shorts, skinny pants or wide-leg capris.  If you know basic crochet stitches, you can make this top in no time and wear it all summer long!

Skill Level:

Easy +


US Size H 5.0 mm Crochet Hook (or size to obtain correct gauge)

4 (5, 6, 7, 8, 9) Lion Brand Yarn Coboo in Steel Blue (100 g/skein) Convenient kit HERE in several color options!

  Pattern uses approximately 330 g, (436 g, 501 g, 601 g, 709 g, 827 g)

Measuring Tape

Tapestry Needle



XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL

Please follow the key throughout the pattern according to the

size you are crocheting:

XS (S, M, L, XL, XXL)

Width (approximate at narrowest point):

XS – 15.5”

S – 17.5”

M – 19.5”

L – 21.5”

XL – 23.5”

XXL – 25.5”

Width (approximate at widest point)

XS – 29”

S – 31”

M – 33”

L – 35”

XL – 37”

XXL – 39”

Bust Circumference (approximate at narrowest point):

XS – 31”

S –  35”

M – 39”

L – 43”

XL- 47”

XXL – 51”

Length (approximate):

XS –19”

S – 21”

M– 23”

L – 25”

XL -27”

XXL – 29”

Abbreviations & Skills:

ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

tr – treble crochet

sk – skip

sk st – skip stitch

st – stitch

sts – stitches


Approximately 13.5 hdc sts and 10 rows in 4” x 4”


This top is crocheted in two, rectangular pieces and seamed at the sides and shoulders.  The panels are worked from the top down.  There are only two rows with basic increasing which will create the shaped, ruffle effect on the upper portion of the top.  The open stitchwork lace at the top is created by crossing treble crochet stitches.  In this section, you will crochet some of the stitches behind the work.  If you’re unfamiliar with this method, a simple online search for “how to work behind stitches” may be helpful.  Add more length to the top as desired by crocheting for more rows at the end of the panel pattern section.

Pattern Instructions

 Panel Pattern (make 2)

Ch 54 (60, 68, 74, 82, 88)

Row 1 Hdc in 3rd st from hook and in each ch st across the row. 52 (58, 66, 72, 80, 86)

Row 2 Ch 2 (doesn’t count as st here or throughout pattern), turn, hdc in each st across the row. 52 (58, 66, 72, 80, 86)

Row 3 Repeat row 2

Open Stitchwork Lace Section

Row 4 Ch 4 (counts as tr st here and throughout pattern), turn, tr in next st, *sk st, tr in next st. Working behind tr just made, tr in skipped st (twist stitch made). Repeat from * across the row to last two sts, tr in each of last 2 sts.   52 (58, 66, 72, 80, 86)

Rows 5 – 6 (6, 7, 8, 9, 9) Ch 4, turn, tr in next tr, *sk st, tr in next st. Working behind tr just made, tr in skipped st (twist stitch made). Repeat from * across to last two sts, tr in last 2 sts. 52 (58, 66, 72, 80, 86)

Row 7 (7, 8, 9, 10, 10) Ch 2, turn, hdc in each st across the row, working final hdc in turn ch 4 of previous row. 52 (58, 66, 72, 80, 86)

Row 8 (8, 9, 10, 11, 11) Ch 2, turn, hdc in each st across the row. 52 (58, 66, 72, 80, 86)

Repeat row 8 (8, 9, 10, 11, 11) for a total of  1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) more times

Ruffle/Increase Rows

Row 1 Ch 2,  turn, hdc in 1st st, *2hdc in next, hdc in next; repeat from * across the row, ending with 2hdc in last st of row. 78 sts ( 87, 99, 108, 120, 129)

Row 2 Ch 2, turn,  *1 hdc in each of next 3 sts, 2 hdc in next st; repeat from * across the row.

Row 3 Ch2, turn, hdc in each st across the row.

Next, repeat row 3 from this Ruffle/Increase Rows Section until piece measures approximately 19” (21”, 23”, 25”, 27”, 29”) or desired length


Place panels flat, one on top of the other with edges aligned.

With a length of yarn and your tapestry needle, seam up each side, leaving openings for the arms approximately 6.5” ( 6.5”, 7.5”, 8.5”, 9.5”) long (or desired length).

Next, seam inward at each shoulder leaving an opening, as large or small as desired for the head and neck.

Enjoy your new summery top!

I hope that you liked this, and if you make one, I’d love to catch it on social media! Just tag me #MamaInAStitch @MamaInAStitch!



This post was sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn. All opinions are 100% my own.

Summer Vacation Easy Crocheted Top Pattern

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  1. I absolute love this top! I can’t wait to get it started. I don’t follow a lot of blogs, but yours is awesome and I always feel inspired when you post something new. Now I just need to figure out what yarn I want to use!

    1. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! SOOO happy you’re enjoying and liking the pattern!

  2. I just bought the pattern on Etsy! Can’t wait to get started on it, just have to get the yarn first. I tried to order the kit from lion brand but it said something about not having enough quantity to fill order…? Idk! Anyway, i love your patterns! Thank you for sharing them!

    1. Ahh yay! So happy you like it! I saw that too! From what I could tell, there wasn’t enough of that quantity of the particular color. There are other color options available, but not currently the color I used.

  3. Love it too. I live in Thailand so being it is hot here most of the time, this will be perfect with some lightweight cotton yarn. Cant wait to make it.
    Thank you again for your great patterns

  4. I have never tried this yarn before and I ‘m going to have to get my hands on some. Lion Brand is usually my go to yarn.
    I saw the note about explaining these hard and confusing times to your daughter. I would see if there are some good children’s books out there. They cover so many different topics than before. Take Care
    Laurie Mowat

  5. Thank you for all of the beautiful patterns you share. This new top looks so comfortable and refreshing. The blue you chose for it is just gorgeous.. I am thankful for the ability to craft during these difficult times. Creating something feels so very positive.

  6. This is lovely and so flowy! I do have a question. Notice it is a little more open on the main part. If I use a smaller hook, do you think it will 1) help it be less see-thru (not quite as thin as used to be), and 2) do you think it will still have such great flow? Figure I would just have to increase stitches to meet measurements (?). Love all of your patterns, and some of you beautiful knit patterns have inspired me to knit. I got the final push with a request to re-create a vintage knit stocking. So thank you for the great posts and inspiration.

  7. Hello!

    Quick question. After row 2 in Ruffle/Increase Rows how many st are remaining?

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