Madrid Tunic Free Crochet Pattern

Scroll down to see the free Madrid Tunic Pattern below, find the kit from Lion Brand Yarn HERE, or grab the printable, ad-free PDF pattern from my Etsy shop HERE

While it seems that fall is just around the corner, the reality is that it is still HOT outside.  This cotton piece is perfect for the warm weather and can be used as a cover-up, dress or a top.  I’m so pleased with how this crocheted tunic turned out and I can’t wait to use it on our vacation next week (Florida, we’re coming for ya!) .  My hope was to use some new, interesting stitches, but still keep it simple enough that I felt like making it on these lazy summer days. I also wanted it to have a bit of a boho feel, but not boho overkill.  Hehe!

As is the case with most all of my patterns, the tunic’s made with simple shapes.  You will crochet two rectangles while crocheting some fun, beautiful stitches and then seam them together to finish.  I love the bold, picot lace stitches along the front and back.  Such an easy little cover-up, right?  I definitely took some inspiration from the Casablanca Poncho Pattern from last year.

This Comfy Cotton by Lion Brand is one of my favorite summer yarn options you guys.  It’s super soft, drapey and one cake has 392 yards of yarn! I literally just shared the Garter & Eyelets Sleeveless Top Pattern which uses this yarn in the Whipped Cream color.  However, I’m loving this brown as it’s such a beautiful, rich color that’s totally appropriate for summer or fall wardrobes.  And as always, feel free to make this in any color that you like! I think it would be gorgeous in a bright tangerine or deep teal.  The kit available at Lion Brand also has some really nice options to choose from.

Never knew there was a jungle here in Colorado, did ya? Hehe!

Let’s get to this pattern!  But first, it might be a good idea to practice the stitch pattern on a small swatch.  If you can do this on a small swatch, these two large rectangles will be a breeze.

Stitch-Work Picture Tutorial 

Chain a multiple of 5 + 2 and work the pattern. Pictured below is a swatch made with a starting chain of 17 stitches.

Again, if you got your swatch right, you will be able to make this so easily!


Madrid Tunic – Free Crochet Pattern

See the free pattern below, or find the printable PDF in my Etsy shop HERE.

Mamas Makers Members, your printable pattern is waiting HERE.


Description: This soft, cotton tunic features a bold, picot lace down the center and large airy stitches throughout. Crocheted with simple shapes, it’s a fun and easy project. A super cute, boho summer piece that can be worn with shorts or over a swimsuit!


US Size H 5.0 Crochet Hook

2 (2, 3, 3, 4)  Lion Brand Comfy Cotton #3 Yarn in Mochaccino (200g/skein)  (Kit available from Lion Brand HERE in 4 color options)

   Pattern uses approximately  338 g (370 g, 403 g, 435 g, 467 g) total


Tapestry Needle

Skill Level: Easy +

Sizes: Five sizes available. Small, Medium, Large, XL & XXL. Follow key throughout the pattern, with smallest size first and other sizes in parentheses.

Key:  S (M, L, XL, XXL)

Bust (approximate): 40” (44”, 48”, 52”, 56”)


All sizes approximately 30” long. Pattern and style of garment is forgiving, allowing all sizes to have same length. Instructions included on how to make longer if desired.


Approximately 12 sts & 4 rows of Treble Crochet in 4” x 4” swatch. Adjust hook size up or down to match gauge before beginning.


This tunic is created by first crocheting two long rectangles lengthwise while following the stitch pattern.  The rectangles are then seamed at the center front and back, leaving an opening for the head and neck. Each side is then seamed from the bottom-up and openings are left for the arms.  A belt is then created and woven through the fabric to finish.  Ensure that your gauge is correct before beginning in order for sizing to turn out correctly. A picture tutorial is included at the end of this pattern. Tip – to make wider simply repeat row 11 for as long as desired on each panel.  To make longer, you may add a border once finished or start with a longer beginning chain on each panel using a multiple of 5 + 2. Keep yarn needs in mind.

Abbreviations (US) & Skills:

ch – chain

st – stitch

dc – double crochet

sc – single crochet

tr – treble crochet

Madrid Tunic Pattern

All sizes, ch 192 loosely

Row 1 Sc in 2nd ch from hook, * ch 5, sk next 4 chains, sc in the next ch *; repeat from * to * across, turn.

Row 2 *Ch5, (sc, ch3, sc) in center st of ch 5 of previous row*; repeat from * to * across until last ch 5 of previous row, ch 5, sc in center st of ch 5, sk 2 ch sts, 1 dc in last sc, ch 1, turn.

Row 3 Sc in same st, * ch5 (sc, ch3, sc) in center st of ch 5 of previous row*; repeat from * to * until the last ch 5 of previous row, ch 5, sc in center st of ch 5, turn.

Row 4 Repeat row 2 omitting ch 1 at end of row, turn.

Row 5 Ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in next sc st *4dc in ch5sp, dc in next ch3sp; repeat from * across the row to last ch5sp, 4dc in ch5sp, turn. (191 sts)

Row 6 Ch3 (counts as dc), dc in each st across to end of row, dc in top of turn ch of previous row, turn. (191 sts)

Row 7 Ch4 (counts as tr st), tr in each st across to end of row, tr in turn ch of previous row, turn. (191 sts)

Row 8 Repeat row 7

Row 9 Ch5, sc in 6th st inward of previous row, *ch 5, sk 4 sts, sc in next st, repeat from * across working final sc into turn ch, turn.

Row 10 Ch 4 (counts as tr), *4tr in next ch5sp, 1tr in next sc st; repeat from * across, tr in 1st st of ch 5 of previous row, turn. (191 sts)

Row 11 Ch 4 (counts as tr), tr in each st across the row and in turn ch, turn. (191 sts)

Row 12 Repeat row 11

Size Small, tie off and weave in ends. All other sizes continue through pattern as indicated for your size.

Row 13 Repeat row 11

Size Medium, tie off and weave in ends.

Row 14 Repeat row 9

Size Large, tie off and weave in ends.

Row 15 Repeat row 10

Size XXL, tie off and weave in ends.

Tip: All sizes – measure to ensure approximate width is correct for each panel 10” (11”, 12”, 13”, 14”). Block to size or crochet more rows if needed. Keep yarn needs in mind.


Option 1 (easiest): Cut three lengths of yarn to make the belt.  Using your hook and holding all three lengths together, make a long chain until you’ve reached your desired length. Tie off.  This belt will look braided. Belt should measure about 5 ft long total for XS-M sizes and 6ft or longer for larger sizes.

Option 2: Cut three lengths of yarn approximately 140” long for S/M, and approximately 20” longer for each size up.  Hold together and tie a knot to secure. Next, tie them to something like a desk or chair. Twist until the lengths of yarn begin to twist on themselves.  Continue until you’ve reached your desired look. Tie the end together and remove the secured end as well, ensuring both ends are tied with a knot. Cut and trim so they are even. This creates a twisted cord – find tutorials with a simple online search


Place rectangles together lengthwise. Seam loosely from bottom up and top down, leaving an opening for the head and neck. Next, fold in half and seam each side from the bottom edge up, leaving openings for arms at the top of each side.

Block with steam or preferred method as needed to shape and size.

Weave belt through sides and tie at front or side when worn. That’s it!

So, cheers to warm days, summer and pretty cotton Madrid Tunics.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed the pattern!



This post was sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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