Knit Mesh Square Pattern

Today, I’m happy to share an easy knit square pattern as part of my contribution to the Harmony Blanket Knit Along! This Knit Along includes several different square patterns that you can use to create a blanket or simply learn new stitches. There are several knitting bloggers and designers who are each contributing a pattern, so it’s a great way to find new knitting blogs as well!  Each Thursday, through the month of November, you can find a new square pattern to knit from the various blogs. To follow along, you can join the KAL Facebook Group here and you can also find a group with Underground Crafter on Ravelry .  Thank you to Stitches N Scraps, Underground Crafter and Creative Crochet Workshop for organizing this knit along and Lion Brand Yarn for providing the yarn for my square!

As I was trying to decide what type of square I’d like to contribute, I was thinking about my all time fave knit stitches.  This mesh stitch is both easy and beautiful, so I thought it would make a nice square.  You only need to know how to knit, yarn over, and knit two together in order to make this square.  I hope that you enjoy it! OH! and I recently used this stitch pattern in my “Honeycombs Summer Scarf Pattern” where I shared a video as well.  Feel free to check that out if you need some extra help with this stitch. Let’s get to it!


You will need:

US Size 11 Knitting Needles

Lion Brand Yarn Vanna’s Choice in Pale Grey HERE

Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

Skills & Abbreviations:

k – knit

yo – yarn over

k2tog – knit two together

Final measurement is just over 6″ wide by 5.5″ tall. Block to size as desired.

Knit Mesh Square Pattern

Cast on 19 stitches

Row 1 Knit across row

Row 2 – 4 Repeat row 1

Row 5 K5, *yo, k2tog; repeat from * across to the last 4 stitches. Knit last 4 stitches.

Row 6 Knit each stitch across the row

Row 7 K6, * yo, k2tog; repeat from * across row until 5 stitches left on the needle. Knit last 5 stitches.

Repeat rows 4 – 7 until piece is 5″ in length. Finally, knit 4 more rows for the final border, cast off and weave in ends.


That’s all there is to it!

Here is the summer scarf I designed with this stitch (click photo to see the pattern):


Summer Scarf Pattern that uses the “mesh” stitch

A similar stitch pattern was also used in this hooded wrap:

Thank you so much for checking out my knit square pattern and I hope you enjoyed it!



Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for providing the yarn for this project!

Knit Mesh Square Pattern

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  1. it’s just beautiful, Jessica. You are one talented lady with great vision. Sorry to hear of the loss of your dog. Sometime soon I hope you’ll get another forever unconditional love from a new dog. Love everything you create.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and sympathy for us Tiffany. It’s so hard losing our fur babies, but luckily we still have one that’s wonderful too. I’m so glad you like these creations – it’s such a joy to share them!

  2. Oh Jessica leaving for a short trip tomorrow and wanted something portable and easy to work on with some new fingering yarn I just bought. Perfect project thanx for the perfect solution!!!!!

  3. Beautiful!! Prayers for you as you go this difficult time. May you find your true love in the One who loves us more than we’ll ever know, the Lord Christ Jesus.

    God bless.


  4. So sad to hear about Willy. I completely sympathize. We lost our wonderful FatKitty 2 summers ago and still we mourn. People say pets are like family. No. They ARE family. lots of hugs.

  5. So very for your loss! Family pets are so hard to lose! Thank you for your creativity and beautiful work. God bless you and your family!
    Amber in Alaska

  6. I am sorry to read of your loss. It is a sad time. Also, thank you for what you do. Deedie

  7. You have installed in me the hunger to start knitting once again. God bless you girl. Im now picking up my needles and going crazy with a passion for knitting . Keep it up.

  8. So sorry to hear you lost your knitting companion. My Boxer mix rescue dog at times does the same thing, lies on my feet when I knit. It is a comforting feeling. I have a question about your beautiful square. If one wanted to make a blanket using that pattern would you make the square in the size given in the pattern and then sew them together? I can see where that might be a good thing as right now I am knitting a large blanket out of chunky yarn and it is getting cumbersome to work on in the heat we have been having. Thank you so much.

  9. Hola Mama in A Stitch, I love your blog and just finished one of your blanket sweaters, my first! Pic will follow !Thanks!!

    1. Congrats Delia and I’d love to see a photo! So glad you liked it and thanks for taking the time to let me know.

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