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Hi friends,

So if you follow my blog, you might have noticed that I’ve done a little something new by sharing a few patterns and projects that I worked on over the summer. These have been part of my “Cozy Fall Collection”. It sounds so official, doesn’t it? Ha! I’ve put all of these patterns on the blog (for free of course), and I’ve also added them to my brand new Etsy shop where you can purchase inexpensive, ad-free printable versions.  Staying true to what I love, they use easy stitch patterns and they work up fairly quickly.

So maybe my blog and my new little Etsy shop with the fall collection isn’t as big a deal as Fashion Week in New York City or anything, but to me it’s just so exciting! Everyday that I get to meet you, blog about my projects, play with yarn (and be with those whom I love) is a day to celebrate.  Lately, that’s been everyday and I am SO GRATEFUL to each of you for giving me the opportunity to share in this hobby with you.  (Am I being too dramatic? Do I sound like Oprah? Doesn’t she thank people for allowing her to come into her home via Television?)

I went with muted tones, creams with bits of leather and brown for this cozy set of projects. Super bulky yarn is a “go to” yarn for me because I really like the look and I like how it works up in a flash.  Many of these patterns use super bulky or chunky yarn for this reason.  Of course, the fun of making any pattern your own is choosing the colors that you love.  I have enjoyed seeing many of your pictures showing off all kinds of colors and variations of these patterns.

If you want to visit my Etsy shop to get these in the ad-free printable version you can use the coupon code GRAND (As in GRAND Opening) to get 15% off (It’s valid until September 20 2016).  Or check out the links to my blog posts below for the free patterns and projects.

Here, you can go to any of the knit and crochet patterns by clicking on the picture of each one:

Crochet Blanket Cacoon Pattern 5
Blanket Cacoon Shrug


Aspen Knit Bag - Free Knitting Pattern Easy Purse
Aspen Mountain Knit Bag
Boho Granny Square Crochet Bag Pattern 1
Boho Granny Square Purse
Cabled Knit Chunky Scarf Pattern 1
The Cascades Knit Scarf Pattern
Chunky Crochet Blanket Free Patterns
Chunky Icelandic Throw Blanket
“Two Ways” Giant Knit Cowl

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I’d love your feedback if you’ve tried any of the patterns. Thank you so much to several of you who have written to me or sent pictures.  I want them to be 5 star patterns, crystal clear for you to understand, and I want you to love the outcome. The truth is, I’m not a pro pattern writer. I use people terms instead of crochet and knitting terms quite often. If you understand it, that’s what I want. If there is something that I can do to make a pattern better – anything – please let me know. I am not easily offended. You have to be pretty mean to me for me to get sad. So there!



Easy knit and crochet patterns for fall y’all

Happy fall my yarn friends!



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  1. I am a novice knitter and just finished the Cascade scarf – looks terrific and am not working on and enjoying the Aspen bag. I like the bag so much I bought yarn to make three more for Holiday gifts. Love, love everything so far. Would really like to make the blanket sweater but I don’t crochet – any chance of having something similar in a knit pattern? Thanks so much for such terrific offerings. The scarf has induced an experienced knitter I work with to take up the hobby again after not knitting for many years. I also told her about your blob and the sale site.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and let me know how much you’ve enjoyed the scarf and the bag pattern!! It makes me so happy to hear! I’m also laughing really hard that you wrote “blob”. It’s something I would do – I know you meant blog. Thanks so much Patricia! And I’m working on a knit version now for the blanket sweater – hopefully by next month it will be ready.

  2. I love the easy blanket sweater but I don’t do crochet, it will be nice if you have a pattern for knitters like me. Thank you …

    1. I’m working on a pattern right now – crossing my fingers that it turns out well and I can share it!

  3. Hello mama I have followed you for a while and am truly excited for you and the grand entrance for fall in the etsy empire of enthusiasts:) I am jelly; I admit. I’ve been contemplating my own jump there… Yet fear and other projects at home keep me from truly doing what takes fortitude and creativity such as yours! Congrats! Look for you in my inbox frequently,
    Crochet love keeps me alive,

    1. Hi Angie! Just do it! I know it’s easier said than done, but if it’s something you dream of, try to make it work for yourself. I hope that you can find the time and fortitude to jump on the Etsy train or whatever creative train you want! I know how intimidating it can be and it’s scary to put yourself out there. I wish the best for you in your creative crochet endevours!! Thank you so much for following along on the blog and for leaving such a sweet comment. I really appreciate it!


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