Big Yarn Giveaway!


I’m excited to let you know that Lion Brand Yarn has offered to give away 7 skeins of Hometown USA to TWO of you! This will be enough yarn to make the super squishy baby blanket that I made for Project Linus (see that pattern HERE) for the Yarn Heroes Campaign.  What, what!!! I don’t do a whole lot of giveaways here on the blog, but I’m thrilled to be part of this charity campaign and know that many of you would love the chance to win some yarn.  This Hometown USA yarn would also work beautifully for the “Winter Nights Knit Scarf” pattern that I recently shared on the blog.  The second giveaway will be hosted over on Instagram, so please visit me there for another chance to win!  Okay, ready to enter? It’s really easy. 😉

lofty-pom-lion-brand-yarn-hometown-usa-blanketThis is one of my all time favorite yarns, have you tried it?

Here’s the scoop on the giveaway…… Email entry is mandatory, and you can gain entries by visiting my Facebook page and/or leaving a here on the blog! Comments and likes are encouraged but not required over on Facebook. Thanks so much and good luck!!

To be eligible, you must be 18 years of age or older, with a valid, USA or Canadian shipping address. False, fraudulent, or deceptive entries or acts will render entrant(s) and entries ineligible.

The winner will be contacted by email, and must reply to that email or and provide the shipping address within 1 week in order to receive the prize. By entering this giveaway, entrant consents to the use of their email address for this purpose. If the winner does not reply within 1 week, a new winner will be selected. By entering this giveaway, you consent your email address to be added to my mailing list.


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Good luck!

What is your favorite project to make as a gift or for someone in need?

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    1. I love making fingerless gloves and hats. They help and every year they go to a local winter clothing drive

  1. Hats have been my new favorite item to make especially since I stocked up on thick & quick while it was on sale!

  2. I’m making chunky blankets using lion brand thick & quick and scarves using woolease! So fun and cozy to make!

  3. I love making hats! I feel like I can tailor the hat to match each person’s personality.

  4. I love to gift crocheted blankets to my nieces and nephews. I have also started to crochet teddy bears and bunnies so I will probably be gifting a few of those as well this year.

  5. I have a thing for shawls. They’re great to throw over your shoulders to run outs2. They’re great for a quick nap blanket for a child (or pet).

  6. I love making hats. I have a pile of hats I’ve made that are waiting to be distributed to local schools for the winter. Thanks for the opportunity to win some yarn!

  7. I’m a pretty new knitter but so far Hats and Dishcloths have been what I’ve given for gifts. Trying some headbands this year for the gals in my family. When I get a little more experience under my belt I would definitely like to look into making and donating blankets to the local Hospice care facility. Something cozy the families going through loss can snuggle under.

  8. My next project is your pattern for the blanket sweater! Can’t wait to make it for my 89 year old mother!!! She will love it and always loves to have something to wrap up in!! Thank you for your wonderful Patterns!!!

  9. New to this site but from what I have seen I’m very impressed. looking forward to reading your patterns and trying them out.

  10. I crochet masses of hats, gloves and scarfs for the homeless. This year I hope to learn how to make socks.

  11. This yarn is very rich looking and any crochet or knit item would be beautiful. I am definitely going to get this yarn.

  12. I will be making hats and scarves as gifts this year. Winning this yarn would be a great boost to gift giving.

  13. I always love to make stockings or gift baskets of scrubbies and dishcloths. I would love to be able to make hats and blankets for babies at my local Children’s Hospital since they gave so much to my family when our granddaughter was born needing open heart surgery.

  14. Over the years I done a ton of charity projects. Blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, washcloths, facecloths, dishtowels and lapghans. I would have to say hats are my favorite. Theyre fast, portable, easy and so beneficial to so many. Ive made them for childre and adults, sick, homeless, displaced. Everyone can use a hat. Cold or warm weather, heavy wool or the lightest cotton. If you cant decide what to do, make a hat.

  15. I enjoy making squares for Warm Up America – I try out new stitches and make something that contributes to a warm blanket!!

  16. I’ve been crocheting for about 15 years (mostly blankets for friends and family) and this past October I joined a local knit/crochet club. For those of us who are learning a craft, we were asked to make cat blankets for a local animal shelter. I’m allergic to cats so at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it; however, after knitting several blankets (my first knitting projects ever!), I have such a warm feeling in my heart. I’m excited to have finally learned how to knit, but more importantly I’m happy to help keep homeless kittens and cats warm and hopefully make them feel safe.

  17. I’m making leg warmers for my granddaughters since they like to wear dresses in the winter. I’m also making a set for a friend since she can’t find any…I made a snowman ornament…baby blankets…pot holders…face scrubbies…and bookmarkers…what I’ve just made lately.

  18. I love making scarves and hats for children and adults in need. However, I really enjoy making blankets for the preemies, newborns, and babies in the local hospital.

  19. Hats and booties that have a cuff so will stay on the feet…………have made dozens of them and shipped them off to various places………Indian reservations, Guideposts, and our shelter near where we live.

  20. I used the Hometown USA yarn for a blanket last year. Very soft! And it washes well (according to the receiver!).

    Would like to Knit a lapagan though! It calls for 9 skeins though!

  21. I am currently crocheting your blanket sweater pattern (using Hometown USA in Los Angeles Tan) for myself. Loving how it’s turning out so far. I’m thinking my next project may be a bolero or shrug to wear for my wedding next year, but slouchy hats have been my go-to favorite to make as gifts. I love your blog and checking for new patterns!

  22. Looking forward to trying out this yarn. Patterns are patiently waiting. Thank for the contest.

  23. My favorites to knit for donating are hats, mitts scarves and slippers.. I knit these things all year round so when the colder weather arrives those less fortunate will be a little warmer 🙂

  24. Hats! It’s partly a selfish thing, I love knitting hats. But I donate them to Delaware Head Huggers (check them out if you have the inclination to knit and donate hats, Robin is wonderful).

  25. Either hats or fingerless mittens because they keep you warm where you need it most. Thank you for this opportunity! 🙂

  26. I used this yarn to make an afghan for my boyfriend’s sister! It’s an amazing yarn, and feels great!

    1. In terms of the question, I love making granny squares. Once I have enough, I can make blankets for people in need!

  27. The baby blanket looks so lovely!! It would make a great Baby Shower gift for my daughter in law!!! Thank you!!!

  28. Omg this is every newbie knitters such as myself’s dream! I’ve literally learned via this blog so much so greatly appreciate every pattern you post!

  29. thank you for the free patterns I enjoy them and I have used weareknitters wool and I like it very much

  30. An Afghan, keeps you nice and warm on those cold evenings or to curl up in and watch a movie.

  31. Blankets hats and scarves are what I like to make for people in need . basically anything that will help keep them warm and cozy and help them feel safe and that someone cares. ❤

  32. I like making blankets, shawls ,hats and finger less gloves

    I would be so excited to win this

  33. I am a big scarf giver for friends. Works for both guys & gals. I pick their favorite color or sports team/college colors. For giving, I have made baby blankets & mittens. I’m not good on those though. My next project for giving is attempting a loom infant cap.

  34. Yay for yarn giveaways! I like to knit chemo hats and blankets for folks battling that horrible disease.

  35. I have started to make boot cuffs and hats. I’m new to crocheting and these are excellent gifts!

  36. I usually make hats or scarves. I’m new to your blog and am looking forward to receiving new postings.

  37. I love to make teddy bears as a gift! I also love to make scarves and baby blankets. I am always looking for a new project to try so I can give it to someone!

  38. I am currently making the blanket shrug with some twinkle yarn I have. I am LOVING it and cannot wait until it is finished. Wish I crocheted because the blanket pattern is beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful patterns and hello from Bailey, Colorado!
    Stay warm

  39. made my sister in NY the Winter Nights scarf and she loves it! I love your blog and designs 🙂

  40. I like to try to make hats or scarfs for people. I have not been able to do as much as I would like (I am very slooooow) but hoping this year I can become faster at it!!! Lol love the emails from mama in a stitch, they brighten my day

  41. Hats. I am more into crochet than knitting but I’m making hats and scarves to put in our community’service blessing box to help out people in need.

  42. Love your easy knit blanket sweater pattern. I started knitting it over the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s going to be nice and warm for those cold winter days. Great pattern!

  43. I enjoy making shawls for gifts to friends and family. The yarn be a wonderful help in this endeavor.

  44. I love making afghan’s, scarves, baby cocoon’s and anything that will help keep friends and family warm 🙂

  45. Right now I have two orders for Team snowmen for a Gamecocks fan, AND another snowman for a BullDogs fan! Other than that, trying to increase my Elf on a Shelf sales.
    I am also finishing my book, The Adventures of Kit KAt – A Bully Rescue, the first has been published since April 2016.

  46. Jessica I like the scarf pattern and will be making one to give away also working on your sedona shawl pattern and making boot toppers for my oldest daughter

  47. I need more yarn like I need another hole in my head! LOL! But seriously, this would be perfect to knit myself a sontag…I’m starting my own business giving historic tours of my hometown and I need a 1860-1864 style sontag for my Civil War era interpretation of a local woman who lived here.

  48. Scarves, hats, and cowls! Also baby gifts – just made a dress for an infant – really enjoyed making it!

  49. I am a part of a prayer shawl ministry. This yarn looks like it would be perfect for a warm, soft shawl or lap robe. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. This yarn is amazing! I like to make scarves, but I am about to start my first blanket 🙂

  51. I love making clothes for my grandchildren! They are small so projects work up so quickly. Love the instant gratification!!

  52. I love your patterns and work! I love making scarves and hats for people in need, scarves work up so quickly and easy to do!

  53. I would make a LOVELY gift for myself. I am always making things for others and this would be something fun for me.

  54. Hats are so much fun to make. And quick too! I love knitting something that is so useful when it’s cold outside!

  55. I love to make what I think others will enjoy! Afghans, scarves and hats. Right now I’m working on some Christmas stuffers – they look like Santa’s pants with suspenders – can be used as a little stocking stuffer. I love trying new things.

  56. Current favorite is box stitch neck warmers & diamond stitch cowls. Lovely & only takes 1 skein.

  57. This Yarn will come in handy for the hats I make for our local cancer center! It looks warm for the patients to wear while undergoing chemo.

  58. Thanks for the giveaway! Every year I knit hats and scarves for preemies and newborns. I also knit a lot of scarves and blankets for charity. I’d love try this yarn!

  59. Cant believe how many commwnts are on here. I havent knitted for over 20+ years and am trying to relearn feom scratch. My memory is not good so dont remember how to knit a dish cloth so thats my first project. I have been making dryer balls for gifts this year. Doesnt take a lot of skill for those and saves money doing laundry. No more dryer sheets for me. I would love some yarn to try to eithwr knit or crochet hata for my grandkids then would try to make some for charity.

  60. I have a special pattern for extra-warm hats that I give to a homeless shelter using whatever odds and ends of yarn I have leftover from other projects.

  61. I am new to following your blog, but I’m so glad I finally found you. I love your patterns, especially the ones using chunky yarn, makes the projects finish fast and still look wonderful. I love to knit Prayer Shawls for people in need.

  62. onjour, Knitting and crocheting is now a ZEN activty! Youpi, now I am not alone knitting my heart away!. My daugther came back to knitting, my grand-dauther just discoverd this and even may daugther-in-law-is joining us. My family has now 3 generations of ZEN of persons. Merci for all these wonderful patterns. Crossing my fingers, Christmas is a great time to win this yarn.

  63. I love, love this yarn. I make tons of fingerless gloves, I call them mitts, this time of year and this yarn is nice and thick. I also make neck warmers with this yarn. So cozy and warm!

  64. I love making hats for newborns and premies just so their families know they are thought of with love!

  65. If people are in need; I like to give them 1) time and attention, 2) I like to share food/a meal, 3) to give socks and hygiene supplies, things to make them feel a little more normal.

    Of course things that keep/give warmth but also things like a few dollars for a night in a hostile and away from the shelter. A bag of bread and a jar of PB…

  66. Socks are now my favorite gift to make and give but I want to get back to giving blankets, it’s been long enough that I think they’d be needed again! Thanks for offering up this giveaway, it’s so sweet!

  67. Scarves would be my favorite knitwear to make for others. They are an easy way to add that something extra while keeping warm. I haven’t tried to make hats yet, but would like to!

  68. I love to make baby blankets, shawls and amigurumi as presents. I’m usually working on several of each as gifts at the same time!

  69. I love to make prayer shawls for my family and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer or other illnesses.

  70. I’m just learning how to knit/crochet. I love how easy it is to follow your patterns!! I’ve been making scarves and blankets!!

  71. I’m making Mitts, hats, cowls for family for Christmas. I’m using up my stash, so a win would be Great!

  72. I am a member of a prayer shawl ministry at my church. I make prayer shawls for those who need comfort, baby blankets for new babies, hats for cancer patients or children at a local inner city community center, and lap throws for nursing home patients. I have also made sweaters for children in other countries. Our group has been knitting & crocheting for 12 years.

  73. I make baby hats and cocoons. They are quick, easy, and very needed in our poor community. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to do!

  74. I love all the projects you show. I am currently making a couple blanket scarfs for Christmas presents.

  75. I am loving your Grey Skies Scarf pattern made with Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball. I have bought it in nearly every color and it is an easy and beautiful pattern, which winds up looking more difficult and complex than it is! Thank you! I may not get them all done in time for Hanukkah and Christmas 2016, but there is always next year. 🙂

  76. I enjoy making and donating hats, scarves and socks for those in need….my small way of helping to keep them warm and comfy.

  77. I enjoy giving hats and mittens, scarves and a few afghans along the way. What I really love though is the fingerless gloves, fancy and clever 🙂

  78. I have done lots of hats for chemo patients and do preemie and burial projects for the neo natal units.

  79. I love to make prayer blankets when I can. It is a great way to think and concentrate on well wishes that can serve as a comfort. Lion Brand’s Hometown line is excellent because it comes it great and vibrant colors and makes blankets a quick knit.

  80. This year I’m making scarves and bags for my 5 daughters and some of their friends (college students).

  81. I am working on blankets for my 3 children, one down and two to go. I recently finished your serenity shawl for my coworker’s mom who is ill. Also have a few scarves up for presents.

  82. I love to knit! Always have a project or two going, if not for a friend then for any of our local shelters. Socks, hats and mittens are always needed this time of year! Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!

  83. I love Hometown because it works up so fast. I’ve been using it to make Christmas gifts.

  84. I make lots of hats and scarves for families in need. My Mom started a charity over a decade ago when she found out that there were homeless students at the local k-12 school in a community of less than 10,000 people. She started by making sure that the kids had food for the winter break because with school closed they wouldn’t get the free breakfast and lunch. She also made sure that they had gifts to open and that is when I made my first scarves. Every year the number of homeless students varies from 10 to 70.
    Mom passed away in 2009 so we’ve continued and expanded to provide back to school, holiday and graduation boxes, in her honor.
    I’m almost done with 30 sets of hats and scarves for this year but winning this yarn would help me get a jump on next year.

  85. I enjoy making afghans as gifts for family members and to donate to our local Salvation Army. Your work is such an inspiration, Jessica!

  86. I’ve been making Christmas scarves and hats for seven grandchildren. Whew! I’m gonna need more yarn!!
    Thank you for the contest and wonderful patterns, Jessica.

  87. I love making blankets, scarves and hats! I work full-time, so I’m usually working on gifts when I’m home.

  88. My wife enjoys crafting mittens and giving them to the kids holiday events – they usually get stuffed in as stocking stuffers for those that need it.

  89. I love knitting patchwork squares, with each square a different pattern. Through the years I’ve learned many new patterns from making these, and my skills as a knitter have increased. But aside from these, I just love to knit!

  90. I love all of your work…I just might have to learn how to crochet!

    I knit scarves, shawls and hats for friends, family and for sale. I knit chemo caps which are FREE. I also support another “Hero”…Delaware Head Huggers. They distribute hats everywhere they are requested…throughout the country.

  91. Jessica, I’ve been following you for a while. I really love all the white projects you’ve been making. Thanks for the inspiration!

  92. I make hats and cowls and mittens. Think these are the best things to donate and can really give a sense of warmth!

  93. I love making scarves and hats for people. They are so quick to make up, they can be matching, and the patterns can be so different and unique.

  94. howdy – Thanks for hosting this giveaway.
    Ever hear of a quillow? it’s when a person adds a panel or pocket to a quilt, so that you can fold the quilt, turn it into the pocket and it becomes a pillow. Gifting to those for whom I have special affection, I like knitting an afghan with a panel attached so it can turn into a pillow. (“Afghlow”?)
    But for charity, like a lot of others here, I usually make caps, especially Brooklyn Tweed’s “Turning a Square”. It’s fast & a great way to practice a new stitch or technique & easy on the budget.
    There’s also a red scarf project for young people who have aged out of the foster care system; that’s an unqualified “feel-good” endeavor!

  95. I really feel like it is more blessed to give than to recieve. As much as I love getting gifts, I always remember their faced when I hand them a gift. Thanks Jessica!!

  96. Just discovered this site and already bought yarn to make a scarf from a pattern on here. I like to make blankets. But I am making items for our hat and mitten tree at church currently.

  97. I just started knitting and I keep knitting scarfs…so everyone is getting scarfs for Christmas! At the same time, I’m discovering new yarns and would love to win this giveaway!

  98. I love reading your blog and trying out the patterns you share. Lion Brand Yarn is one of my favorite brands o yarn to work with. I’m super stoked about this give away…!

  99. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I knit with the prayer shawl group at my church, and also make hats for charities in the winter.

  100. I just started knitting this year but I love making hats and headbands/ear warmers! They’re relatively quick but they can make a big impact. I’m a senior nursing student and I’m planning on going into neonatal nursing. As long as the facility allows it, I look forward to knitting outfits for the little ones. I think it’s a simple way of reassuring the parents that someone cares about them & their baby when they need it the most.

  101. I make warm blankets and scarves. I just read your Lemon Stitch afghan pattern, I realized I just finished one, and now am working on my 2nd blanket. Love the look of them! I buy extra yarn when the craft stores have their Black Friday sale. Also check your local dollar store, I bought many skeins for $1 at mine. Love helping others keep warm in our cold weather.

  102. I usually make hats during the year to give away in November. I have made preemie hats, children and adult hats. Last year we collected coats for kids at our church and I also donated hats to go along with the coats. My project for 2017 is to make hat and scarf combos for our military.

  103. I love making scarves! Great way to practice new skills and stitches while making something useful

  104. I love making scarves and hats for those in need. Lately, I’ve been using Lion Brand Thick and Quick Wool-Ease. This is one of my favorite yarns to work. I haven’t used the Hometown yarn as yet, but have wanted to try it soon. Lion Brand has so many great yarns that I really, really love.

  105. I don’t have any WIP right now. If I were to get some yarn, I would try to make at least one Christmas gift for each of my kids.

  106. I’d love to win this yarn….thank you – and Lion Brand Yarn for this opportunity!
    I like to make hats as well….because they are so quick to make and so many folks seem to need them….you do lose a lot of body heat through the head – and covering in cold weather is important! I like to make them for children, esp. – as I did recently – made several to send to a Children’s Cancer Hospital for children…
    Those who’ve lost their hair because of chemo treatments really need hats more than anything. I’ve also donated a few cowls and scarves.

  107. My Passion is crocheting for Circle of Love xo – my group of devoted volunteers crochet, knit and sew for NICUs, Cancer Centers, Childrens Hospitals, Schools, and anyone in need of comfort. If someone in our group makes a gift, I find a home for it.


  108. I enjoy most anything that is challenging, both knitting and crochet. Currently I’m working on a bunch of partial afghans I was given to make them complete afghans or lapghans. Then they will be given to a local nursing home for the patients.

  109. I love to make hats and scarves. Also baby and preemie hats for the hospital nurseries. But really want to make your blanket pattern if I win. It’s beautiful!

  110. I love making clothing for adults; sweaters, shawls, hats, and headbands this year. For children, I make toys of all sorts. Babies get stuffed animal rattles that are small and easy to hold. Older children, mainly girls in my family seem to love Disney characters, so I make them a favorite.

  111. I knit a lot of gloves, hats, scarves, shawls and cowls. If I am out and someone looks like they need one, I simply hand it to them. The best time, years ago when I lived in Florida, I was wearing a wrap that I had freeform crocheted. An older lady in a wheelchair complimented me on it. She used to crochet but never anything like that! I took it off and handed it to her, she admired it a little more and tried to hand it back to me. I said no, it was now hers to keep. I will never forget the joy in her eyes that day. Maybe a year later, I ran into her with her daughter out shopping, I didn’t think that she would recognize me, but she did and was so excited to tell everyone that I was the person who gave her the shawl that she wore every time that she went into a over air conditioned store because that was why I had it on the day that I gave it to her. That was wonderful.

  112. My favorites are cowls and kerchiefs/small shawls. There are SO many wonderful and interesting patterns out there – knitting them is calming and productive for me! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  113. Wow I loved reading everyone’s posts, so very inspirational. I just finished a crocheted prayer doll to compliment a white afghan, edged in roses and pansies. Yes sister, just for you! So now my projects include prayer shawls, prayer dolls and prayer cloths. I found a technique called crayon tinting from this site,; then adapted the idea for a prayer cloth. You draw a design on cloth, color with wax crayon, iron it and outline with embroider thread. Then I take a fine pen and write a scripture verse and fray the ends a bit. Super easy!

  114. I knit and crochet with a few charity workshops where we make scarves, lap blankets, hats, knit knockers etc. for Breast Cancer survivors and patients and we also make items for the Heart patients and survivors. For my personal projects I mostly make scarves, necklaces and flip flops.

  115. I am a big baby blanket maker! I already plan the blanket as soon as I hear that someone is preggers!

  116. Every year I change what I make as gifts. Crochet, knit, quilt, sew, whatever I can figure out. For charity, I am in a group that makes pillows for mastectomey patients.

  117. I enjoy making and giving Hats, scarves, baby blankets, head warmers, afghans, anything that I make!!

  118. I have never done big squishy baby blankets and if i do win this, i will be making one for my nephew who is popping by earth in mid January! Exams are a killing me right now so the yarn will come in handy after my exams ~

  119. My favorite things to make and share are hats and mitts. Warm hands and heads are a lovely gift!

  120. My favourite projects to make as a gift for someone in need are scarves, hats, mittens, etc. Very simple, straightforward knitting but you end up with lovely gifts that will keep the recipient(s) warm.

  121. Everyone on my Christmas List is getting a blanket this year. I love chunky/bulky year bc it works up fast and I can get a lot of them finished in a short time.

    I also enjoy making beanies/hats. They also work up fast. Some day, when I get my To Do list caught up, I will be making some hats & scarves to give away.

  122. This year I made the ladies in the family crocheted scarves. Next year I’ll tackle the men…hahaha

  123. I am a knitter, crocheter and I do some quilting as well. Prefer crochet as I feel it goes faster and I can easily correct my mistakes. (And there are many at times.)

  124. I am disabled to knitting blankets, scarves, etc have become my “work”. I love to learn new patterns and designing my own. Happy new year!!!!!

    1. Happiest new year to you Deb! That’s wonderful that knitting has become your “work”. Here’s to lots of knitting in the new year for you.

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