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Slight Slouch Mommy and Me Knitting Pattern Back

So when I posted the super easy “Favorite Crochet Slouch Hat”, I knew that I would have to knit something similar because I liked it so much! There were also a few requests for a knit version. Thanks to each of you that let me know how much you liked that hat!  This knit version is a bit chunkier, but I kept the same easy construction ideas that I used with the crochet hat.

I even made one for my daughter, so stay tuned for the toddler pattern in an upcoming post ( and see the sneak peak below). I have never done a “mommy and me” thing before, and my daughter was so excited. 🙂

Mommy and Me Knit Hat Pattern Picture

If you are comfortable with knit and purl, and knitting in the round, you can easily make this hat.  There’s no increasing or decreasing, or even counting stitches (except for when you cast on – you better count at that time!)

If you’ve never done the seed stitch, you may want to practice a bit first.  For some odd reason it took me a while to feel comfortable really going back and forth between knit and purl over and over again. If you need some practice, you could try my easy seed stitch headband or little coasters.

Isn’t the texture just perfect? I think I have a problem with how much I enjoy the look of the seed stitch.  It’s so easy, but it’s one of my favorite knit stitches for the look and feel it gives the clothes.

Mommy and Me Knitting Pattern
A sneak peek at the toddler version. My daughter said it needed ears, so of course I added them!

And didn’t Lion Brand nail it with the color of this yarn?! Love it. It was my first time using Woolspun, and I was so happy with the result. It’s quite soft, and the amazing look of it has it up there with my current favorite yarns.

Easy Knit Slouch Hat Pattern

Woolspun is a chunky yarn . However I used regular US size 8, 16 inch circular needles.  Usually you’d use larger needles for a chunky yarn, and I tried a lot of different sizes, however the size 8’s gave me the best result for this particular hat.  When I used the larger needles, the fabric stretched more, and you could see what I call “stringys” in between stitches when worn on the head. I wanted the hat to keep the look of the amazing seed stitch pattern, and the 8’s allowed that to happen.

You will need:

US Size 8, 16 inch circular knitting needles

2 skeins Lion Brand Woolspun Chunky Yarn in Fisherman or comparable


Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

Notes: You don’t have to mark your rounds with this pattern. I used the tail to simply see where my round began when I was finishing the final round on the hat.

Gauge: Approximately 3.5 stitches per inch, and 6 rows per inch

Hat Size: About 10.25 inches in diameter, nearly 9 inches tall


Knit cast on 71 stitches, join in the round (if you’ve never joined, make sure you watch a tutorial on YouTube so you don’t have a “gap”)

Round 1 *k1, p1* Repeat from * to * around

Round 2 until piece measures approximately 9 inches tall  – Repeat row 1

Once entire piece measures approximately 9 inches tall, cut a long tail, take a tapestry needle and thread your yarn through the needle.  Pull the needle and yarn through all loops on the hat. The easiest way for me to do that was to drop them off of the knitting needle, onto my tapestry needle one or two at a time.  Pull tightly to make the top of the hat.  There will be a small hole that you will close with two simple straight stitches on the top. Stitch the hole closed, tie a knot, and weave in ends under the hat.

Lion Brand Wool Ease Knit Hat Pattern

Here’s what it looks like as it’s being knit. It’s just a tube – so simple. 🙂

Modern knit hat pattern

Knit Hat Free Pattern

The picture above shows how I closed up the hat by pulling the tapestry needle through the loops.

Again, after you pull them tight, there will still be a small hole. CLOSE THIS HOLE WITH A COUPLE OF STRAIGHT STITCHES USING YOUR TAPESTRY NEEDLE.


Easy Modern Knit Hat Free Pattern


I will soon post the pattern for the toddler/child size hat! Ears optional. 😉 Full on Mommy and Me pattern. 🙂

As always, let me know if you have questions about the pattern. Let me know if there is anything I can do to improve it as well!

What do you think of the hat? Do you like the slouch hats, or prefer a “normal” hat? I see more hat making in the future and would love to know. 🙂



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  1. LOVE this hat. It’s almost like a slouchy beret-adorable. Definitely on my must knit list. Thanks. Love following you.

    1. YAY! So glad that you like it, Wendy. Thanks for all your kind comments and following me. If you make the hat this winter, I’d love to see a picture. I am really trying to figure out how to get a place on the blog for pictures of projects that folks make with my patterns. I will post about it if I can ever get it worked out. Thanks again for the kind words about the “slightly slouchy beret” hat! 🙂

      1. This is a cute and simple hat. I am buying yarn for it today.
        Also, how would you adapt it using worsted weight??
        Am looking forward to the toddler size as well.

    1. You’re welcome Silvia. And thank you for taking the time to let me know you like my patterns. ☺️

      1. Hi Jessica, I so enjoy
        Browsing through your patterns. Do you have any patterns for young men?

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Doreen! I hope you enjoy making it. Let me know if you have any questions when you do.

  2. This hat is a favorite and I love the color of the yarn. Enjoyed the pictures as well. I really like the seed stitch you are using for these hats. I hope one day I will try to learn this wonderful art and can create one of my own!

    1. Oh good! Feel free to share a picture of your hat on my Facebook page if you like that sort of thing. 😉 Enjoy, and yes, the little one is so fun too. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet words about my patterns Karen. Made my evening! 🙂

  3. Too cute! I’m putting together a resource guide on my blog for people that want to start knitting — do you mind if I include a link to your site!? Can’t wait to try this pattern

    1. Hi Lindsey! I’m so glad you like the hat and pattern! Yes, of course you can link to my site! You can post one picture with a description and a link back. I look forward to seeing your guide for people who want to start knitting! All of my patterns are either beginner friendly, or for those that are comfortable with knit and purl (easy). Thanks so much for stopping in! I’m heading over to check out your blog now…. 😉

  4. I lve this hat pattern, i think i will be making a few of them for sure…Would you also have the sweater pattern, please

    1. Hi Rita,
      I sure wish that I knit the sweater, but it was a gift from my brother. He bought it somewhere in New York City. 🙂 Glad you like the hat!

  5. Wow love this. I think that there will be a few people in Hartlepool UK wearing these after Christmas. Thank you

    1. You’re welcome! Oh, I’m so glad that you like it for Christmas gifts! I love to hear from friends in the UK. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Elizabeth!

  6. Hi Jessica, I follow many pattern sites/email lists and I’m so pleased to see your items are starting to appear quite regularly. You should be proud and happy. Love all your styles. I knit the triangle cowl with fringe and sent you a photo long ago, but it’s time I knit something more. I promise I will do so and send you a photo.

    1. Thanks Wendy – yes, you go way back with me when I really had no clue what I was doing! You are always so kind, and it’s people like you who have encouraged me to keep posting. Happy Thanksgiving Wendy!

  7. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for the super-looking, easy pattern., very doable.

    But about Round 2 – ooops? – there are no instructions. Are they p1, k1 around? Or am I misreading them?

    Thanks again

    1. Hi!

      So this is what I have for Round 2:

      Round 2 until piece measures approximately 9 inches tall – Repeat row 1 –

      So you are simply repeating row 1, so you k1,p1 around. Do this until it reaches the desired height.

      Hope that helps!

  8. love the pattern am working on it at the moment cant wait till u do the childrens pattern on this one ty

  9. just finished the hat its looks awesome hope my grandson likes it for xmas ty for sharing the pattern now wanna do thechildrens one ty ty

    1. I love to hear that you’re happy with the hat! Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoy the small one too. 😉

  10. I am currently making a simple moss/seed stitch snood for someones Christmas Pressy but thought I could try to make a hat to match and found yours which looks great and nice and simple for me. I am using size 10 UK needles for the snood with super chunky wool. I will buy the size 8 circular needle and give it a go but do you think that will be ok??

    1. Hi Sandra, Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you! You know, I’m not sure if the size 8s will work with the super chunky wool. It might be a bit tight! Is that what you are asking? I love the sound od the snood that you’re making. 😉 Let me know if you try out the hat. 🙂

    2. I just re-read your post and realized you said size 10 UK, so you probably mean size 8 UK as well. Oh, I wish I knew UK sizes, but I have absolutely no idea. So sorry! Maybe we will have to google what a UK size 10 is equivalent in US sizes. 🙂

  11. Love both the crochet and knit version -I need to make 4one for my daughter her 7 year old twins and 18 month old . Question I had is has anyone tried to added a ribbed cuff style at the bottom of the hat and then begun the main piece ? I like that style and have done it on other hats but since I’ve never written a pattern myself I can’t figure out how to add it on -any help would be awesome ! If not I’ll make them without -thanks Christy

  12. I like the hat and am knitting it. How would I adapt the pattern to use Worsted weight yarn. I don’t know how to do this.

    1. Hi Peggy, I didn’t make the pattern for worsted weight yarn, so I apologize, but don’t know how to adapt it. You certainly can do a swatch of fabric with the pattern using the worsted weight yarn and see how many stitches you’d need to make the same size hat with my measurements.

  13. I like the hat and am knitting it. How would I adapt the pattern to use Worsted weight yarn. I don’t know how to do this.
    I have not received an answer to my first request and keep receiving the same post.

  14. Hi Jessica

    I LOVE this pattern and have cast on and completed row 1 – but I’m confused. If row 2 is the same as row 1 won’t it be a rib instead of a seed stitch? Or am I missing something?
    it’s a gorgeous pattern – I can’t wait to make a few for Christmas gifts.
    : )
    Thank you

    1. Hi Perry! You are right in your thinking – I will update the pattern to make it clearer when I get to a computer. Because there’s an uneven number of cast on stitches, you k1 p1 and continue this for the entire hat. So the first stitch that you knit in row one will end up with a purl stitch above it by simply following the k1, p1 pattern working in continuous rounds. Does that make more sense? No need to count rounds, just k1, p1 from start to the end of the hat. Hope you like it!

  15. I love this hat! I’d like to make a smaller one for grandkids too! Next on my “to do” list 🙂

  16. So is this k1, p1 a rib all the way around the hat? The picture doesn’t make it look like that.

  17. I knit the hat, but it was too large for my head. I sewed it together at the end to make it tighter & that seemed to work for me. Love the look & get many compliments. My question to you is how many stitches could I use to make it fit better….it’s way too loose on me. I’m thinking maybe 68 stitches….would that work???

    1. Hi Connie! It’s hard to say just how many stitches you’d need for your situation. I would guess about how many inches less you need around the brim and count how many stitches in an inch and calculate from there. Hope you can get it just right!

  18. Hi Jessica! I have admired this hat for awhile. I want to make a hat with Lion Brand Vel-Luxe. Do you think it would work with this pattern? Same needle size? Or do you recommend a different hat pattern of yours? I want the fullness of the yarn to show up. (If that makes sense?)
    Thanks for any input!

  19. I liked the look of this hat even though I am not a fan of the slouchy hats…but I like this seed stitch one. I just looked at Walmart and since they did not have the yarn I came home to look…oh dear…it is discontinued by Lion Brand.

  20. Love the look of the seed stitch for this hat. Since Lion Brand has discontinued this yarn though, what would you suggest as a suitable replacement yarn?

  21. Please offer a replacement yarn for this adorable pattern. Lion Brand no longer makes Woolspun!

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I grew up, in Lake Tahoe, California and I thought nothing could compare, to how beautiful Placer County is; the lake itself and the camping and the wildflowers. I even liked playing in the water sheds, after all the snow melted and winters were just as fun, to! I loved growing up there! So when you take photos, at the lake, I just think about how lucky, your family is, to live in such an idyllic setting… does this small lake, freeze every winter? Have you ever been brave enough to swim in that cold water? Even in summer, the mountain lakes are still cold, but on a hot summer day, I don’t mind as much!

    Xo, Cassandra

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