Easy Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern

Today I want to share a super easy fingerless gloves knitting pattern that is so much for to make! I knit these as a very beginner knitter, and they are fast, simple, and make for a great stash buster.

 I’ve been seeing more and more fingerless gloves popping up lately, so it seemed fitting to share this pair that I knit a while back. They are still useful as ever and it doesn’t get easier than this pattern!

Why Fingerless Gloves?

Haha – a lot of folks think it’s pointless to have a glove with no fingers. They definitely have a time and place, but they are so nice for keeping warm IF you need to use your fingers. For instance, maybe you need to use your phone, or type on a computer, or just look cute and cozy. 😉

How To Knit Fingerless Gloves

There are many patterns out there, and different ways to knit them. The pattern here uses double pointed needles to knit them in the round. I also have the other pattern that can be knit flat and seamed.

You can make your gloves unique with a variety of stitches, textures, and colors.

Easy  Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern
These are quick, easy, and worked in the round. Good if you’re a beginner wanting to practice on DPN’s. Forgive the photo quality! I made these long before I knew how to take a decent photo for the blog. LOL

I was loving my other fingerless mittens so much that I wanted to make another pair that are slightly different.  The Straw Fingerless Gloves that I already had are knit flat, so total beginners might find them even easier.  

However, if you want to learn how to use DPN’s, or you are already knitting in the round, these are amazing! You can avoid purling for most of the project. I like that. 🙂

Also, these mitts just fit really well. 

This was only my second time using DPN’s, so it had to be easy.  I really like how they turned out. I named them “Coal Miner’s” because of the color, and the fact you can get some hard work done with these since your little fingers are free.

Chunky Easy Fingerless Gloves Free Knitting Pattern

You will need:

Less than 1 Skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick ( I used the color “Blackstone”)

(Optional) Super Bulky Accent color – I used Lion Brand Hometown USA in Dallas Grey for the strip


Size 13 DPNs – 4 total

Tapestry needle

*These gloves are knit from the top-down.


Top of Mitt:

Cast on 16 onto three DPN’s

Use 4th DPN to Knit

Begin to use place marker at start of Round 1

Round 1 through Round 6 – Knit –

You will knit, creating the stockinette stitch for 6 rounds


You will now work back and forth (to avoid joining, in order to make a thumb hole). It will be as if you are knitting flat

Row 7: Purl

Row 8: Knit

Row 9: Purl

Row 10: Knit

Row 11: Purl

Row 12: Knit the row and then join, (you will continue to knit around for Round 13)

Bottom and Ribbing:

You are now working in the round again

Round 13: Knit

Round 14: Change to accent color(optional), and knit

Round 15: Change back to Main Color, Begin Ribbing at Stitch Marker, Knitting 2, Purling 2 Across the Row

Round 16: *Knit 2, Purl 2 across the row*

Repeat from * to * Continue this pattern until you have reached the length you prefer for your mitt. I knit about two inches of ribbing.

These also make a great stash buster from your bulky winter scarves

More Fingerless Glove Knitting Patterns & Crochet Patterns:

Hope you enjoyed this quick little pattern!



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  1. I love these fingerless mittens. I received a pair for Christmas and I am able to do work on my computer or phone and still stay warm. I wear them all the time. Thanks, mamainastitch!

    1. Thanks Diane! So glad you like them. I’d love to know how they turn out if you make anything!

  2. These are nice! I made them and will only pick-up stitches in the thumb hole and form a semi-thumb for half my finger, this to prevent my mittens move around my hand 😀
    Thanks for sharing the pattern!

    1. Hi Susana! Thanks so much for sharing your idea for the thumb! Great way to add a thumb and keep it fitted to the hand. You’re welcome for the pattern – so glad that you liked it.

  3. I love the look of these and going to start on them this evening. The only thing I will do different is add half a thumb also. Different reason is all and that is I have arthritis in my wrists and thumbs and the added warmth from doing half a thumb makes all the difference in the world.

    Thank you for a beautiful pattern.

    1. Hi Kim! I’m glad that you know how to add a thumb to the glove. I think that will make them even nicer. I’m so glad you like the pattern. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. I’m planning on making these, I also plan on adding the half thumb both for the reason to help with the warmth for arthritis & to hold to my hand I also think I will make them go up my arm farther. I also love that they are knit rather than crochet. I was looking for am pattern like this with big yarn, big needles & knit in the round on dpn’s thank you

    1. Hi Frances, thank you for taking the time to comment and let me know that you like the gloves! They are definitely cozy with the big yarn. I really hope you enjoy them!

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