Men’s Modern “Tweed” Knit Fingerless Mitts Pattern

Easy Fingerless Gloves for Men
Isn’t my brother a well dressed gentleman? Photo credit – the amazing Mario Espinoza – taken in New York City

Yes, it’s a pattern for men!  🙂 I made these for my brother last year and figured I should post how I did it. I’ve got two other patterns for fingerless mitts posted (see here and here), but I believe this could be my favorite of the bunch. The yarn is one of my all time favorites as it’s wool, but it’s actually soft, and completely washable.  It’s often hard for me to justify buying yarn that’s not washable because it is so important for me to keep things clean.  Gloves in particular are easy to dirty up.

These are knit flat and seamed with a mattress stitch (this seam is so easy if you’ve never done it, just look up a video on youtube). They are ideal for a beginner knitter and still super stylish, right?

My brother reports that he loves them, and I think it’s not him just being courteous.  We are that kind of family that can usually say it like it is (sometimes to my dismay)! He is able to walk around New York with his toasty mitts, and can still text or check his email on the subway without having to mess with taking off his gloves.

You will need:

One skein Cascade Super Wash 128 Bulky Yarn

Size 8 Knitting Needles

Tapestry Needle



These are worked flat as a rectangle, and seamed up the side, leaving a space for the thumb.  The cuff is a simple set of garter stitch (knit stitches), and the remainder is worked in stockinette (with an extra knit row to make a raised detail at the wrist). Easy, easy!

How to make these beginner knit mitts:

Cast on 32 stitches

Row 1-4 Knit (this gives a bit of a cuff detail)

Row 5 *Purl

Row 6 Knit*

Repeat * to *, alternating knit and purl rows which is working in stockinette, until your entire pieces reaches three inches in length

Once your piece measures three inches, replace a purl row with a knit row.  This will make the raised knit detail at the wrist. In other words, you are working stockinette, but make an extra knit row in order to make the raised detail on the glove. Like this – knit, purl, knit, KNIT, knit, purl, knit and continue in stockinette.

Continue working stockinette stitch for the rest of the glove. I made mine a bit over 6 and 1/4 inches in total length.  Make the gloves as long or short as you would like, and if the man you are making these for is available, grab his hand and make them the perfect length. 🙂

Fold, and line up sides. Seam using the mattress stitch from the bottom up, stopping where the thumb would go through. Leave a “hole” for the thumb. Attach yarn to top of thumb hole and continue to seam up the side to the top of the mitt. Tie off.

Weave in ends.

It is possible to knit for a man!

Mens Knit Mitts

Have you knit for the men in your life? With Christmas coming up I am racking my brain. What have you made for them?

Knit Fingerless Gloves for Men

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    1. So glad you like them, Esther! They are so easy it’s hard to even call it a “pattern” – ha ha!

  1. Thanks for this great pattern. I have been scouring sites for fingerless gloves for men and this is most timely……and a great pattern for a beginner such as me.

    1. You’re welcome, Nadi! Yes, I wanted a beginner pattern too and couldn’t find one. So I made this one! Hope it works well for you.

  2. I liked these fingerless gloves from the day I first saw them. It’s fun seeing Justin wearing them, and with the cold days coming again soon he is well ready!

  3. Hello – (again) Am I starting (at the cuff) when making this mitt (?) – – and ending at the ‘fingers’ (when finished ???) Thank you ! Want to make these for my ’14 yr. old’ great grandson’ who is starting his ‘freshman year’ in high school. 🙂

    1. Hi Lois! Yes, you start at the cuff and work to the fingers. Thanks for asking me to clarify – I will add that into notes for the pattern. 🙂 I think your grandson is the perfect age for a pair of these!

  4. Your ‘Row 5’ instructions confuse me. What do you mean when you say ‘Row 5 until 3 inches in length, purl row 5, knit row 6’? Is that to mean ‘at row 5, starting with a purl row, proceed with stockinette stitch. Once you have reached 3 inches in length (that would be from beginning of the project, yes? Or is that from where the stockinette stitch starts?), replace a purl row with a knit row ONCE,’ then proceed with the remainder of your instructions? Is that correct?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Shelley –
      Sorry for the confusion. You have it correct – begin stockinette stitch at row 5. Once the entire piece reaches three inches in length, you will replace a purl with a knit row once, and continue in stockinette until the end of the glove. I will try to clarify in the pattern as well. Thanks for asking, and I hope this helps! Let me know if there’s anything else.

  5. I have knit for 64 years, I have tried to find a way to knit something for a man that he will WEAR! The making part is easy – the wear, not so much. Thank you for your innate wisdom. How lovely we all have separate gifts even in several categories and can share!!

  6. These are super cool I’m only 11but love to knit I really was looking for fingerless gloves. Although these are men’s I really don’t think there’s a reason why it has to be only for men.i my make them for my self .thank you☺️kEEP ON KNITTING

    1. I love that you are 11 and already knitting! Yes, these could be for anyone Carley. Keep up the knitting, you will be incredible by the time your all grown up!!

  7. Hi Jess, I’m a 73 year old great grandma and I love your patterns. I have knitted and crocheted for years but always look for something new. Is there any chance that you will be doing fingerless mitts for men in crochet? I have done the knit ones you made for your brother. Would love to do some in crochet. We have 7 kids, 8 grands and two greats. This means a lot of men in the group not to mention my mailman asking for more mitts and some delivery men. Christmas gifts keep,adding up. Help Jess!

    Love jerzeegirl

    1. Hi “Jerzeegirl” – Love that name! Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me! I haven’t been thinking up any crochet fingerless gloves, but I’m always happy to hear suggestions and ideas, so thank you! Maybe I will get to a crochet version someday. I can’t believe how many grandchildren you have – what a blessing! How sweet of you to think of the mailman and delivery man to make gloves for. I hear you about Christmas gifts adding up. It can be overwhelming! Best to you and all of your grandchildren.

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