How To Crochet An I Pad Case

If you’ve dropped your tablet, raise your hand! I haven’t dropped mine yet, but my husband has done it. Our poor I Pad is cracked thanks to a swift drop on the concrete garage floor. Anyway, we need a durable little case and I think this case will do the trick.  This could qualify as the ultimate I-Pad or tablet case because it’s super sturdy and there are pockets on the front so you can carry around other loot too.  I love extra pockets because it seems I’m always carrying around too many things for my hands to hold. Maybe this happens once you have kids…

This is also a beginner friendly project as the entire thing is made with single crochet stitches. It’s finished with a slip stitch seam, or you can simply whip stitch around the edges to close.  The stripes are totally optional too, and you can make this with just one skein of this yarn. Add a button and badda bing!

Lion Brand sent me a few samples of their new “Fast Track” yarn, and it’s durable, thick and perfect for this type of project.  Have you worked with any t-shirt type yarns? This is very similar, but it reminds me of shoe laces rather than t-shirt material.  I think it would work great to make baskets, rugs, place mats and other home goods. I also tried knitting with it, and you could make some lovely things to wear when it’s knit. You could crochet items to wear also, but I love it mostly for home decor!

I’ve also made a video of how I made this handy, dandy little case! You can check it out here:


Click on the photo above to view the YouTube Tutorial

You will need:

Size 9mm crochet hook

1 1″inch button (or a button that fits through your stitches snuggly)

1 Skein Lion Brand Fast Track Yarn 227 g and 149 yards/skein ( This I Pad case uses 194 grams of yarn ) Note: you will need two skeins if you want to make stripes as pictured


Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

Needle and thread to sew on button


How to Crochet An I Pad Case:

Make a chain 2 x’s times as long as the length of your tablet. My I-Pad is just over 9″ inches long, so my chain worked out to be 40 stitches.

Join to crochet in the round ( be careful not to twist your chain )

Single crochet in continuous rounds until your piece measures approximately 2″ inches wider than your tablet. My I Pad is about 6.5″ inches wide, so I crocheted until my case measured 8.5″ inches tall.

Lay your piece flat, and begin to crochet the pocket flap by crocheting along half of the length of the bag. Single crochet in rows. ( See the photo below)

Continue crocheting until your flap measures approximately 5″ inches long.

Fold the flap over the bag and seam up each side with a slip stitch seam or a simple whip stitch using your tapestry needle and a length of yarn. This will be your pocket!

Place a button in the center, top interior of the bag. Make sure that the button will fit through your stitches. You want a tight fit, but not so tight that you can’t get the button through the stitch! Attach the button by hand sewing with a needle and thread.

Single crochet around until it’s two inches wider than your I Pad or tablet
Once it’s the correct height, single crochet the flap by working in rows along half of the case.
Here we have it! Now fold up the flap. Seam along each side. You can use a slip stitch seam, or a simple whip stitch using a tapestry needle and length of the yarn.
Attach a button with needle and thread. The button should fit through your stitches (snuggly). Mine is 1 1/8″ inch

I simply made a straight stitch, tied it and then wove in the ends to make the separate pocket for my phone. It worked out well! Can you see that little grey stitch between the phone and my notepad?

Maybe this pouch will even keep me more organized! Now that would be nice!

Hopefully this case will prevent any more damage to my I Pad (or yours) 😉 !

Happy crocheting my friends!



Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for providing the sample of yarn for this project!

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  1. This is so perfect!!! Gotta make one for mine before vacation time!! Thank you!! Happy belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a very special day!!!!!

    1. Hi Brenda! Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a very nice day! We are redecorating our living room, so I was covered in paint for most of the day. 🙂 I’m so glad that you find this IPad case useful. Yes, it would be a great accessory to take along on vacation. How fun that you have a vacation to look forward to. Have a great day!

  2. If I had an I Pad I would definitely make one of these. I just updated my flip phone to one that actually takes pictures! My
    lack of enthusiasm towards technology drives my family nuts, but half my family is nuts already, so there you have it.
    I just wanted to make a comment on the new yarn Lion Brand is coming out with. This looks interesting and I love the look of the new Denim
    yarn. Is this Fast Track easy to work with? I’ll do some creative thinking and see if I can use this case for something else.
    By the way, I have yet to take any pictures with the phone but maybe one day I’ll emerge from my cave!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! The Fast Track is easy to work with, but it’s much different than working with regular yarn. Have you tried t shirt yarn? It’s great, but I find that it does get tight. The Fast Track is really nice for home decor items in my opinion. I also love how it knits up! Good luck to you using your technology – you will be addicted to taking photos with your phone once you try it! Ha!

      1. I haven’t tried any t-shirt yarn yet. The only time I come across it everyone has already picked the best looking fabric and I can’t find it on a regular basis. Still no pictures taken. The screen, or whatever you call it, is only about two inches big so it’s not very exciting.
        It’s just for emergencies, which luckily it hasn’t been used for but it does come in handy to see if anyone needs anything at the grocery store! Thanks for the input on the yarn.
        A gallon of milk anyone?

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I love the I pad case! Are you planning on making a knit pattern for it?
    Thank you for your great patterns

    1. Hi Kim – I don’t have a knit pattern in the works for another case at this time. But I appreciate you asking!

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