How To Crochet the Drop Stitch

Have you tried the crocheted drop stitch? I’ve used it a lot in knitting (as I did with this Triangle Wrap) and was thrilled to learn that you can crochet with it as well. The drop stitch is super easy and it makes a beautiful lacy fabric. You can add several rows of drop stitches to make a really open work piece, or just add a single row to add some fun texture.  You should already know basic crochet stitches to be able to do this drop stitch, but if you know the basics you’re good to go.  Let’s get started!

Oh…I recently crocheted this cardigan using drop stitches throughout! You can see that project here.

You will need:

Yarn (I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease worsted weight yarn here)

Hook (I used a US Size J hook)

US Size 35 Knitting needles (you can be creative with the needle size as this determines how large your drop stitches will be)


Tapestry Needle


Drop St (drop stitch): Here is the official little explanation on how to do a drop stitch and then I’ll spell it out on the video in people terms. Hehe!

Hold knitting needle and yarn in one hand pointing needle at hand with hook, insert hook in stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop, ch 1, make the chain stitch large enough to stretch over the needle, place over the needle. Do this with each stitch across the row.

Skills & Abbreviations (beyond the drop stitch):

ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

sc – single crochet

sc blo – single crochet through the back loop only

Example Swatch Pattern:

Ch 20

Row 1 Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across the row (18)

Row 2 Ch 1, make the loop long with hook and place on knitting needle (first drop stitch complete), sk 1st hdc, drop st in next hdc and in each hdc st across row (don’t work into the beginning ch 2 as this doesn’t count as a stitch). Remove knitting needle from the loops. (18 drop stitches)

Row 3 Insert hook into first loop, yarn over and pull up a loop, ch 1, hdc in same loop, hdc in each loop across row, turn (18 hdc)

Continue either making more drop stitch rows or half double crochet rows for as long as you’d like!

So what does this look like in pictures?

Now I’ll show you in a video because I’m definitely a visual learner:


What do you think of this stitch? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



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