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Dressed up as a “Yarn Hero” (with my daughter as the yarn bandit and Ruby bulldog as Ruby bulldog). I’m ready to be a super hero along with all of you who love to crochet and knit for those in need! Plus, aren’t us moms able to balance everything at once including yarn on their head?


Oh my. So, why on earth am I balancing yarn on my head? It’s all for a good cause and I’m thrilled to be joining so many of you in a quest to use my yarn skills for charity.  You may remember from a blog post at the beginning of this year that one of my goals was to get involved with knitting and crocheting for charity.  I have to say that several of you have inspired me and I hope that I can represent you, the yarn hero.

Over the next week, thanks to Lion Brand Yarn, I will be sharing a couple of patterns that you can make for a special charity or for someone in need over this holiday season.  The blanket that I’ve made and have posted on the blog today will be donated to the incredible charity called Project Linus.  But before I get into the details of my project and why I chose this charity, I want to tell you a bit about this campaign.  PLEASE CHECK OUT MY FULL INTERVIEW on the Lion Brand Blog HERE! I fill you in on all sorts of crazy things, including charity, blogging and more!


Friends, I feel so blessed and lucky to be a part of this. Lion Brand has pulled together several AMAZING bloggers with hopes of spreading the word about some great charities and each blogger will be sharing free patterns and projects with you.  You can see the whole list of the bloggers here and get a peek what their charity pattern is going to be! If you haven’t already seen these lovely ladies elsewhere online, you’ve probably seen a handful of them on my blog (All About Ami, One Dog Woof, Underground Crafter, Moogly and Make & Do Crew to name a few)!  If you want access to A LOT of patterns in the coming weeks, most of which are budget friendly and perfect for donating or gifting, be sure to follow Lion Brand’s blog as each of the 15 bloggers share not only their charity story, but also a pattern that they have created.  Seriously, I want to make each of these patterns! Oh, and Lion Brand is offering to give you $5.00 off any purchase at or above $20.00 from their website if you use the coupon code YARNHEROES2016 from now until December 15th!

As I mentioned before, my charity project will be going to Project Linus.  This charity really touched my heart when I first found out about it a few months ago. You may remember that I shared a “Blanket Sizing Guide” on the blog which I created by referring to one of the Project Linus chapter websites.  When I read how they collect blankets made by “blanketeers” (that’s you and me) and give them to children who are ill or otherwise in need of a comforting blanket, I was sold. I remember receiving a hand knit hat for my daughter when she was born and couldn’t believe that someone would make something so special for someone who they had never met. This was before I ever touched a knitting needle or crochet hook.  I hope that my donation to Project Linus will bring a smile to the face of a child and his or her family as they face difficult times.  Feel free to check out my charity pattern, the “Loft Pom Baby Blanket Pattern” (made with a super fun and “new to me” wattle stitch) which was inspired by the “Chunky Icelandic Crochet Blanket” that I shared a few months ago.

Here’s a peek at the blanket that I made for Project Linus. Check out the pattern to make one too!

It is completely washable, super soft, cuddly and can be customized with a rainbow of color options. There’s even a video to show you exactly how to crochet the “wattle stitch” which was used for this blanket. I hope that you enjoy it!

And follow along with Lion Brand as each yarn hero shares a charity pattern and story with you!

Also, you can submit YOUR stories of charity crafting to 

for a chance to win $250 in yarn support for your charity crafting cause!

Lion Brand will be picking winners every week, and it never hurts to let us know what you are doing for the world!

Also, use the hashtag #yarnheroes on social media to show everyone your charity projects.

I would LOVE to hear from you. Have you made anything for someone in need or for charity? Give us some ideas as to what you’ve done in the past. You could inspire someone today.

Happy charity crafting my friends!




Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for sponsoring this amazing project and post!

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  1. Our neighborhood knitting group has been busy! We have made comfort dolls, baby booties, mittens and premie hats! I have been making scarves knitting on my arms (no needles). We sell the scarves at hair salons and use the money to buy holiday gifts for children in local hospitals. Also, knitting dark,wool caps for our soldiers.

    1. Very cool! That’s great and so convenient that your neighborhood has a group. Thank you for what you do!!

    2. Hi Pegster, you mentioned selling scarves at hair salons and using the money for gifts for children. I really like your idea, I was wondering if you could share how you approached the salons? Thank you!:)

  2. My group, Springfield Stitches for a Cause is currently working on hats, scarves, and mittens for our local bread line. I’ve done 3 hats so far.

  3. So glad you chose Project Linus as your charity. My Mom and I have been part of our local Project Linus chapter (Burbank/Glendale/San Fernando & San Gabriel Valleys/Los Angeles, CA Chapter) for 9 1/2 years now. Our chapter is very active and we have blanket days where we get together and share and work on our projects. We have women who knit, crochet and sew. It’s a nice time to share ideas, sometimes patterns and what we have made with one another. If you need to find a chapter near you, check at Make a difference in this world for someone by sharing your talents with a charity. You won’t be sorry you did and be sure to spread the word to others to do the same.

  4. I have knitting and crocheting for Project Linus for nearly 10 years. They are a great group. Iur Chapter in Sacramento will even furnish you yarn to make the blankets if you need it.
    Not only is it for a great cause but the blanketeers in our group are wonderful. Consider finding a group in your area.

  5. I am excited that you selected Project Linus. Since its inception, the charity has provided over 6 million blankets to children in need. And yet there are always children in need of blankets. Our blankets bring them comfort and security. I have been a blanketeer for over 10 years. It is the most rewarding charity that I could volunteer for.

    Greater Kansas City Chapter

    1. Hi, Judy, Lion Brand yarn has an easy reversible basket weave pattern on their website. I find that all you need for this blanket is their pound of love in your choice of color. Hope this helps you out.

    2. Hi, Judy, just another quick note that the Lion Brand pattern I am referring to as a simple knit is pattern number 50073. Enjoy making this blanket. I’m sure whatever charity you choose, whether it is Project Linus or someone else, will certainly appreciate it.

  6. ADORABLE AND ABSOLUTELY HEROIC!! I subscribe to All About Ami and saw Stephanie’s costume as well-you both are quite creative!!

    I’m sure this was a tough contest to judge!! Great job to all of you!!

    1. Hi Gina! Thanks so much! Ha ha! It was a lot of fun to dress up like this. I love Stephanie’s costume and her blog too! She is super creative for sure! Have a great day and thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a comment. 🙂

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