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TALL Eiffel Cowl – Beginner Knitting Pattern

 Beginner Cowl Knit Pattern

Today I’m posting a complete beginner, ONE SKEIN, SUPER – DUPER tall cowl – hence the name “Eiffel Cowl”. 🙂  It almost looks ribbed even though the entire thing is done in the basic knit/garter stitch.  I love when the yarn makes pieces look more beautiful and complicated than they are.

Fast and Easy Free Knit Cowl Pattern

Knitter friends – this is a mindless pattern that works up fast, looks like it’s more work than it is, and makes a nice last minute gift. 🙂
Beginner knitter friends –  you don’t have to make the typical grand-ma-ma scarf! (Nothing wrong with grand-ma-ma’s scarf patterns, I’ve done and enjoyed plenty of them!) Here’s a fun GIANT cowl, that is very forgiving, works up quickly, and has a modern touch. If you’ve never knit, head over to youtube and search, how to cast on, and how to do the knit stitch. Then come back over here to make this. 🙂
Crochet friends – have you thought about trying to knit – you know, doubling your yarn addiction?  This could be the project you start with. 🙂

Free Pattern Beginner Fast One Skein Cowl

My brother shocked me a few weeks ago with a call from the streets of Manhattan asking me “what kind of needles and yarn to buy” because he was on his way to buy some knitting supplies! What? My fellow yarn lovers, you know how fun it is when you find out that a friend of family member also knits or crochets. I was so excited! I think I annoyed him with texts for the next several days asking how his first scarf was coming along.  He did finish it, but then he told me in his fast paced New York style “why don’t you just send me one of your beginner patterns that I can do next”.  Oh boy, well, I do have beginner patterns, but none of them were like, first time beginner projects.  Most of them you need to know how to purl. He’s still in the stage of getting the knit stitch down. So I started to play around and came up with this cowl.  PROBLEM – this cowl is pretty girly! WHOOPSY. So, I will have to make another beginner pattern for a male some time soon. For now, if you are wanting to make a girly beginner project, this could be it. 🙂
Fast Free Modern Beginner Knit Pattern
You will Need:
US Size 35 Knitting Needles
One Skein Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick Yarn (this is a LARGE skein of super bulky yarn-not to be confused with the smaller skeins of Homespun) – I used the color “Edwardian” (It’s important to use this yarn or something with the same texture to get this look)
Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

Fast Free Beginner Easy Knit Cowl Pattern


The cowl when laid flat, is only about 15.5 inches wide, but when worn STRETCHES! It looks pretty long, right? But it is just really squishy and stretchy.
It’s much more open than it appears in the pictures.  It all squishes together when you wear it, but while knitting, you will see how open the fabric really is.
I love this yarn, and it’s really easy for me to work with. I’ve read varied reviews online, where some folks say it’s hard to frog, and hard to see where the stitches are. Because this particular pattern uses BIG needles, and is so simple, I don’t find these to be issues.

“Eiffel Fast and Easy Cowl” Pattern

Cast on 21 stitches
Row 1 – 54 Knit across row
**If you are like me and don’t LOVE counting rows, just knit this baby until it’s about 31 inches long.
Beginner Knit Cowl
Just knit’n, and knit’n.
Cast off, leaving a long tail.
With your tapestry needle, whip stitch the two ends together.  There you have it!


I actually still have quite a bit of skein left after making this cowl/infinity scarf. I wonder what I should make to match this. Any ideas, let me know!



Want some other easy peasy’s? Here ya go! XO
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Color Block Scarf
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  1. Really cute! I know a lot of people who will love this pattern, it’s perfect for someone who is knitshy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Perfect timing! Justin bought some yarn yesterday while we were out shopping to make something for me. Love it!

  3. Could you eco mend an easy cowl pattern for an eleven year old granddaughter? Everything I see is too much for a young girl. Thanks for any help.

    1. Hi Jean,
      I’m sorry for the delay – I’ve been so busy with the holidays and Christmas! I don’t right now have much for an eleven year old I guess. Sorry! I will keep it in mind for the future. You can always check out my other crochet and knitting patterns in the menu at the top of my blog. Best to you!

    2. Make this in a narrower width and shorter length. Change the Homespun color to something that suits her personality.

    1. Hi Martha! You cast on 21, and knit for 54 rows. So you are knitting 21 stitches for each row. Hope that helps!

    1. That’s a great thought on how to use up more of the leftover skein! I hope they turn out great for you – you can post a pic to Facebook or email one to me as well!

  4. Wow something I can do up quickly, That is on my today list! I am currently laid up, per-say. Do you have any sweater patterns like this too?

    1. Hi Dawn – I’m glad you’ve found a project for today! I don’t really have any sweater patterns. The closest thing would be a sleeveless top that you can find if you click on free knitting patterns at the top of the page. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure…that’s a good idea though. If you’ve got some, most definitely give it a try and let me know.

  5. This is beautiful. I would love to do it in the round (I’m a TOTAL beginner and that is all i know…) Is it possible to do it in the round?

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