Easy Seed Stitch Headband – Adult or Child

Easy Seed Stitch Headband
My little flower child 🙂


Seed Stitch Headband
Both Mom and daughter can have fun with this one 🙂

Sometimes you just want a quick knit project (or in my case, I almost always want a quick knit project).  This is a quick knit, pretty, light weight headband which makes it nice to wear year round. You can easily make it to fit anyone.  I used a fancy yarn, Berroco, made of cotton and baby alpaca (you can use any worsted weight yarn). I like to sing that song “I’m so fancy…” when I use yarn like this.

Seed Stitch Headband Beginner

Can I just tell you how many times I tried a seed stitch scarf, and failed? I read “It’s simple, you just knit the purls, and purl the knits”.  Maybe there is something wrong with my brain, but I couldn’t always tell if I was on a knit or purl stitch.  So this is my easy way to practice the seed stitch, and make a headband without having to think. That’s right, you pretty much can make this without thinking.

You simply use an odd number of stitches, and knit then purl across the row.  Even if you forget if you are supposed to knit or purl, the row is so short that you can back track and say “I started with a Knit, then Purl, then Knit, so now I’m supposed to PURL!”  It is finished off with a simple whip stitch in a contrast color around the outside edge of the headband.  Just another easy little detail that adds to the headband making it look more complicated than it is.  You can sing, “I’m so fancy”, all over again!

Knit Cinched Headband
You can also make it with the “cinched” look


You will need:

  • Two different colors of worsted weight yarn ( I used Berroco Maya Yarn in Jicama and Lavanda)
  • Size 8 Knitting Needles
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle

Make the headband:

Cast on 11 stitches (you can leave a tail to seam the ends together once finishing)

Row 1 Knit one, Purl one across the row (you will always end on a knit)

Row 2 Repeat Row 1

Continue this pattern until the headband reaches the length that you want. (You are knitting the purls, and purling the knit stitches) So easy!

Cast off

Seam two edges together to make the headband. You can simply whip stitch together.

Using contrasting color, use your tapestry needle ( I used a double strand of yarn on this headband) to whip stitch around outside edge of entire head band.  I tied the two ends together at the end and then weaved in the ends.

Whip stitch
Whip stitch with contrast color around the outside


To make it a cinched look, cut a length of yarn.  Whip stitch with your tapestry needle around seam and then, pull and cinch sides together.  Tie a knot in the back to hold.

Knitting the seed stitch
Cinching Headband
Cinching the headband


*You may want to test it out, and see how much the headband stretches. Mine was super stretchy so I didn’t have to make it as long as I thought that I would.

Have fun with your new headband!

Have you attempted the seed stitch? What helped you when you tried it for the first time?

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    1. Doris,
      Great minds think alike…ha ha! Yes, I’m all about easy too! Thanks for letting me know you’ve liked these “easy” ideas 🙂

      1. Pauline,
        Thanks so much for letting me know. I try to make directions clear, but sometimes I don’t know if I missed something or could have done better. So happy you liked it!

  1. Thank you for this pattern . I love seed stitch, my dear mum taught me this and it’s a great idea to use it on a headband.

    1. Hi Glenda,
      That’s so special that your mum taught you this stitch. What a great skill she passed on to you! I’m glad you like the headband idea 🙂

  2. I like that. I’m thinking that I could make it a little wider and smaller needles to get a tighter weave for winter wear cant wait to try it

  3. Hi, I read what you said about what row your doing knitting or purling. I solved that problem years ago, now I do mostly crochet, I put an elastic band on my knit needle so whenever I use that needle I know its a knit row. It worked for me everytime I made something. Try it and I hope you have luck with it too. I like the headband , I just might be knitting again.
    Happy Knitting, Marie

    1. That is such a clever trick, Marie! Thank you so much for sharing. Maybe I am a bit like you. My first project with yarn was knit, and then I switched to crochet. Now I enjoy both. Thanks for the clever idea on how to remember whether to knit or purl! Happy crocheting to you as well.

    1. I’ve heard it called the moss stitch as well. Very neat that you have been knitting for so long! I hope I can do the same 🙂

  4. I have been knitting my son a seed stitch blanket for some time. Each round takes me a half hour, so I really needed to be able to remember what to do. I noticed that when it was time for a knit stitch, the “bubble” was always on the front of the stitch I was on. I made a little saying for myself “bubble back”. So, whenever I see the “bubble” in the front, I put the yarn to the back. Yarn in the back means knit!

    1. Crystal,
      I love this….what a great little phrase to remember. Bubble back makes perfect sense.

      Best of luck on your blanket. I bet it is beautiful! I started a blanket at the start of the year with the intention to have it done by March. It’s maybe half done :).

      Thanks so much for sharing a good way to remember how to do the seed stitch!

    1. Hi Mable! It is a good headband to practice the seed stitch. Let me know if you have any questions if you decide to make it 🙂


    1. Claudia,
      I just made it by wrapping it around her head as I went. I will have to take a look and measure….I will get back to you!

    1. Hi Mable,
      I sent it to you a while back and you did respond thanking me. I just forwarded it again in case you lost it. Hope you get to make it soon!

  6. I enjoy knitting and crochet. Your instructions are straight to the point. I like that. Keeping it simple and neat.

    Chris BT

    1. Aww, thank you! I try to keep it simple, but I’m never quite sure. Thanks so much for letting me know you like the instructions Chris!

  7. Do you have a pattern for a simple shell/tee shirt? for an adult (me)

    There is a kit offered in Herschner’s Catalog, Page 28, exactly what I want..but by the time they add postage, the cost is $67, Too expensive for a tee. I have never knit anything to wear…because nothing fits when I’m finished.

    1. Hi Jeanne,

      I sure wish I could help. I’ve not designed a tee shirt and don’t know of any patterns off hand. I hope you can find what you’re looking for and sorry I can’t be of more help.

  8. In the UK this is called Moss Stitch and I learned it from my Mother (who was a great knitter) back in the 1950’s when I was growing up. This is such a simple pattern I will be making it and wonder why I didn’t think of making one before now! thank you.

    1. Thanks for sharing Andrea. I never know if I should call it the moss stitch or seed stitch! Glad that you like the idea!

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