Yellowstone Easy Striped Knit Blanket Pattern

The Yellowstone Throw Blanket is easy to make, functional, rich and gorgeous! It features a cozy camp blanket look with the comfort and drape of a lofty knit fabric.

**See the full, free knitting pattern below, or you may choose to purchase the printable version HERE, or the kit from Lion Brand Yarn HERE.**

Beginner Striped Throw Blanket Knitting Pattern

Inspired by the Yellowstone landscape and with a nod to timeless, western style, this blanket uses striping to make a bold, rustic look. Customize it to your liking for a more feminine look, or keep the colors the same for a masculine, everyday beauty.

This striped knit blanket pattern is easy enough for beginners, yet perfect for any knitter who wants a relaxing project. The entire throw is knit with the basic knit stitch, creating the lovely garter stitch fabric that I think is the best for cuddling!

Rustic Striped Knit Blanket Pattern

Whether you’re out on the Montana range like the cowboys in the show “Yellowstone”, or home curled up with your fave movie, this throw blanket will keep surely keep you cozy and on trend.

How Do I Knit Stripes?

Part of the fun of this blanket is the striping pattern! It is easy to create the stripes by making basic color changes at the end of the row. Simply follow the pattern as written and change colors as indicated.

It’s so fun to see the stripes emerge and come together to make the blanket. I designed the blanket so that all of the color changes are made on the same side of the blanket. It makes it easier in my opinion!

Stripes Knit Blanket

What Stitches Do I Need for this Knit Blanket?

This is an easy, beginner friendly blanket, so you only need to know how to do the knit stitch. There is a full tutorial HERE on HOW TO KNIT.

Supplies for the Yellowstone Striped Knit Blanket Pattern

Full details in the pattern below, but here are the basics!

  • Chunky #5 yarn
  • US 15 Knitting needles
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Tapestry Needle To Weave in Ends

Okay, let’s get to this pattern. Giddy up!

**REMEMBER – you can grab the convenient, ad-free printable version of this pattern from my Etsy shop HERE. Thank you for your support!


Colorful, cozy stripes adorn this gorgeous, rustic wool blend blanket, making it a perfect piece for any home.  The entire throw is made with the beginner friendly garter stitch, which creates a lofty, warm fabric.  The striping pattern is modern yet reminiscent of camp blankets. Whether you’re next to a fire in Yellowstone, or on your favorite chair in your home, this blanket will be your go-to for seasons to come. *Pick your favorite 5 colors, and have fun!*


Laphan Size – choose 5 colors Convenient Yellowstone Throw Kit HERE

2 Lion Brand Yarn Hue + Me in Juniper (C1) 125 g/skein

2 Lion Brand Yarn Hue + Me in Magic Hour (C2) 125 g/skein

2 Lion Brand Yarn Hue + Me in Saffron (C3) 125 g/skein

2 Lion Brand Yarn Hue + Me in Mustard (C4) 125 g/skein

2 Lion Brand Yarn Hue + Me in Salt (C5) 125 g/skein

  Pattern uses approximately 1,250 g

US Size 15, 10 mm knitting 36″ or longer circular needles (blanket is knit flat – the long needles just hold all the stitches)


Tapestry needle to weave in ends

Size (approximate):

Lapghan: 47” X 53”

Measurements are before blocking. There is no need to block this blanket unless desired.


Approximately 9 sts and 16 rows (or 8 garter ridges) in 4” x 4” of garter stitch

Adjust needle size or tension to obtain correct gauge before beginning to ensure that the blanket turns out the right size.

Pattern Notes:

This throw is created by using the simple, beginner knit stitch in each row to make a garter stitch fabric.  You can see a tutorial on How To Knit  (this method is especially helpful if you crochet) here:  https://www.mamainastitch.com/how-to-knit-if-you-crochet/

You will simply change colors as indicated throughout the pattern!

Customizing the size: To adjust the width of this blanket, simply cast on fewer or more stitches.  To make it longer, you will want to knit more rows.  In this case you will want to be creative with your striping! The top half of the blanket matches the bottom half, so you will want to add extra rows of striping that will match.  Keep yarn needs in mind if you make adjustments!

Abbreviations (US) & Skills:

k – knit

The Yellowstone Throw Blanket Knitting Pattern

Stitch count remains the same throughout the pattern.

Cast on 110 sts with the color Salt (any light neutral or even dark color could sub for Salt!)

Knit the following number of rows for each color indicated, in the order listed below, starting with 4 Rows of Salt.

4 Rows Salt (C5)

2 Rows Magic Hour (C2)

6 Rows Juniper (C1)

4 Rows Saffron (C3)

2 Rows Salt (C5)

2 Rows Mustard (C4)

2 Rows Salt (C5)

4 Rows Saffron (C3)

6 Rows Juniper (C1)

2 Rows Magic Hour (C2)

6 Rows Salt (C5)

12 Rows Saffron (C3)

2 Rows Salt (C5)

14 Rows Juniper (C1)

2 Rows Salt (C5)

6 Rows Mustard (C4)

2 Rows Saffron (C3)

2 Rows Magic Hour (C2)

2 Rows Saffron (C3)

6 Rows Mustard (C4)

2 Rows Salt (C5)

14 Rows Magic Hour (C2)

Center Stripe

2 Rows Mustard (C4)

You will now work each row starting at the end of the color pattern and work back to the beginning. Work 14 rows of Magic Hour, followed by 2 rows of Salt, etc. The second half will mirror image the first half.

After the final 4 rows of Salt, cast off and weave in your ends!

That’s it!

Enjoy your gorgeous new rustic, Yellowstone Throw!

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Happy knitting my friends!



Yellowstone Easy Striped Knit Blanket Pattern

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