Hint Of The West Pattern Collection

I’m so excited to finally share this cozy collection of knitting and crochet patterns with you! This modern home collection includes FOUR simple patterns that feature gorgeous textures, rich warm colors, and lofty fabrics for the fall and winter months.

With a nod to heritage looks and timeless western design, this collection is ultra cozy and made for everyone.”

Keep scrolling and read below to see all of the patterns!

*Please note that two patterns are free starting today, with the remainder to be published for free in the next two weeks! ALL FOUR printable versions are available NOW in my Etsy shop (links below) and kits are also available now (links below). Stay tuned for the remaining free versions over the next two weeks! Click the patterns you like below!

Time and time again I hear from my followers that they enjoy making quick pieces that keep them interested – and they love new looks and textures. Not only is this collection personally meaningful as a true lover of the west, born and raised, I wanted to make this for YOU.

Traditional quilts, coastal cowgirl trends, and appreciation of heritage design has made a roaring come back. While trendy, these trends also align with timeless, functional style.

You are also a designer in this collection as you choose the colors that match your style or home!

I’ve written more personal anecdotes about this collection at the end of this post, but without further ado…how about some new project. 🙂

Let’s get to these patterns!

Yellowstone Throw Blanket

Versatile, functional, uncomplicated, and gorgeous, this blanket uses colors inspired by camp blankets and the Yellowstone landscape. The Yellowstone show has also been a hit, and has brought back the feel of the old west to the modern tv screen. Whether you’re out on the ranch in Montana, or your bedroom cozied up with Netflix – this blanket’s for you. It is the ideal throw to make for the man in your life, the teen off to college, or a go-to Christmas gift.

Free Pattern, MORE photos + info HERE!!

Printable Pattern available for purchase HERE


Lodge Woven Throw Blanket Crochet Pattern

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing like the comfort of a cozy, woodland lodge, a warm woolly blanket like this, and a cup of hot chocolate. This woven look blanket is made with basic crochet stitches, but has the look of a store bought woven throw. The tweed, variegated yarn adds interest and depth. It works up quickly and easily so that you can curl up with it the entire season!

Free Pattern + MORE photos + info HERE!!

Printable Pattern available for purchase HERE


Wintery Waffle Stitch Knit Throw Blanket Pattern

For the ultimate warm knit blanket, nothing beats this thermal throw made with super bulky wool blend yarn. While it’s made with simple repeats, the pattern varies enough that it keeps you happy and interested. Make it in the dreamy winter white as pictured, or pick your favorite color – there are so many to choose from. I’m happy to offer a knit waffle stitch blanket as my Waffle Stitch Crochet Throw has been well loved.

Free Pattern Available Nov 2, 2023

Printable Pattern available NOW for purchase Etsy HERE

Kit available NOW HERE

Prairielands Crochet Basket Pattern

Made with super bulky wool blend yarn with a tight stitch pattern, this basket is the perfect carry-all. Tight enough that it holds it shape, but loose enough to not kill your hands as you make it. This basket pattern is perfect to have on hand for your home storage needs. While the look could put it alongside Little House on the Prairie, it fits any space to add functional, rustic warmth.

Free Pattern Available Nov 9 2023

Printable Pattern Available NOW for purchase HERE

Kit Available NOW HERE

Hint of The West Collection Bonus Pattern…

The Mountain Throw Crochet Pattern

The glorious mountain sunrises, the changes of the seasons, the varied landscapes – all things that inspired this colorful throw blanket. Light and easy to make, the warm, joyful colors appear without doing any color changes. From deep evergreens, to bright pinks, this blanket is a pleasure to watch come together.

Free Pattern available Nov 2 2023

Printable version available on Etsy Nov 2 2023 HERE

Kit available Nov 2 2023 HERE

I hope that you’ve found some inspiration from these patterns, or maybe even one or two you’d like to make!

A Personal Note

Below are a few more shots from our photo shoots. As a 4th generation Colorado native who loves the mountains, my horse Montana (pictured below), and the natural beauty of the west – this collection has been a blast. I really wanted the pieces to exude the warmth of the west, while fitting right into any home – whether in New York City or Kansas City.

From choosing colors, to textures – to figuring out where to take the photos (thanks Mom and Dad as many are taken at their cabin), it’s been nearly a year in the making.

ALSO, thanks to my mare Montana (pictured below), my hubby who takes a million shots to get the good one, and my girl who tags along without too much complaining. In fact, she helped me with the videos you will see on Instagram and Facebook! Some photos were also shot here in my home, which was nice as it’s a lot of time and effort to get out for photos when I make as much as I do. Especially in the colder months!

Thanks to each of you who have supported me so that I can do this creative passion work.

Each and every blanket (or basket) can be made as pictured, or made to your taste.

I really want this to be designed by you too.

By choosing your own colors, it is incredible how varied one blanket can be. For instance, if we look at the Yellowstone Throw, you can only imagine how much fun it can be to choose your own five colors. You can transform it from the rich, contrasting look of a camp blanket, to a more feminine look with paler tones of rose, pinks, and greens. The sky is the limit!

Since these patterns are simple, they are also pretty easy to customize as far as sizing. Even the stitches you use! So have fun. Enjoy. Cuddle up. Feel like you’re in a glorious lodge out west.

Which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear over on my Facebook page – just leave a comment HERE

Happy knitting and crocheting!



Thank you to Lion Brand for sponsoring these projects. All opinions are 100% my own.

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