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Cozy Glitz – Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf Pattern

Chunky Free Pattern Knit Infinity Scarf
The scarf is great, right – but the leaves!

This is one of those yarns that I had to buy even though I wasn’t sure what I would make.  I’m a sucker for big yarn and when I saw the little bits of gold running through it, I knew I had to do SOMETHING with it!  I got to finish it up while visiting my mom in the mountains, and the Aspen trees were at their peak.  It was stunning as always, and we had a great day enjoying the spectacular outdoors.

This scarf can be knit in no time on big needles, and using yarn over stitches. If you’re a beginner, this is a great stitch to try after you’ve mastered knit and purl.  Head over to YouTube and watch a quick tutorial (that’s what I always do!). I also did yarn overs on the Easy Shawl that I made, and included a video if you want to watch that (I am NOT a video person though, so no judging!).

Chunky Easy Knit Infinity Scarf Free Pattern

You will need:

US Size 13 Knitting Needles

2 Skeins Super Bulky Yarn ( I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick N Quick in Starlight)


Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

Chunky Knit Pattern Scarf
See how the stockinette is skinnier than the rest of the scarf? I like it for a change, but you can choose to do garter stitch if you want it to be straight.

Notes: Literally, this scarf is completely customizable and mistake free. That’s right! Have fun with this…..do mostly your favorite stitch, then add in a contrast. Do you like garter stitch? Do mostly garter and add some yarn over rows.  It is hippy like in it’s nature – be free as you knit this and make it your own.

The truth is, I prefer to say there’s no “pattern” for this scarf. It is really just a series of drop stitches, stockinette and garter stitch. The mix and variations make this scarf unique.

Here’s the quick, people language, non-pattern language way that I made this:

Cast on 17 stitches

Alternate sections of garter stitch, yarn over rows, and stockinette stitch. If you like things nice and straight, leave the stockinette out and use only garter stitch or seed stitch, in addition to the yarn over rows. The stockinette is skinnier, and does curl in a little bit. I like the look of it, and mostly wear it wrapped twice around my neck. Wearing it this way, one can’t even see that the stockinette is skinnier.

If you prefer a pattern, rather than freely going at it – SEE BELOW:

Pattern (feel free to modify in any way :)) :

Cast on 17 stitches

Rows 1-6 Knit (Garter Stitch)

Row 7 *Yarn over two times, knit, yarn over two times, knit. Repeat this pattern across the row.

Row 8 Slide off the yarn overs, and knit each knit stitch*

Row 9 – 12 Repeat the sequence from * to* (You are making a section of drop stitches)

Rows 13-18 Knit (Garter Stitch)

Rows 19-24 Repeat sequence from Row 7 and Row 8 ( Make a section of drop stitches)

After you complete row 24, you will work in stockinette for approximately three inches

(From here you are basically working backwards from what you just did)

Once you complete three inches of stockinette, Repeat the yarn over sequence from rows 7 and 8 three times.

After your section of yarn overs by repeating the sequence from rows 7 and 8 , repeat rows 13 – 18 ( to make a section of garter stitch.)

After your section of garter stitch, repeat the sequence of row 7 and 8 ( drop stitches), 3 times.

After your sequence of drop stitches. make another section of garter stitch by repeating rows 1 – 6.

Now you will repeat from Row 1 until end. Cast off. Seam ends together with preferred method. I just whip stitched mine. ( Mine measures about 46 inches long, but feel free to add/subtract rows to make it longer or shorter)


Pretty Chunky Easy Knit Scarf Free Pattern

I’m pretty sure that this will be my go to scarf for gifts this year.  😉

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Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

Into the woods 2
Our hike to see the changing leaves. Yes, we wear tutus whilst hiking. 😉  Happy fall, friends.


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  1. I love the pictures and the scarf is just beautiful Jessica. Thanks again for sharing your creations with all of us.

  2. Hi I am not the brightest person on the face of the earth so when you say at the end when you say repeat from row 1 until end, do you mean just repeat row 1 or follow all the instructions through from row 1 to 24 exactly as it says with all the repeats? PLEASE EMAIL AND LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!!!!! THANK YOU

  3. I am confused on the yarn over two times, do you mean wrap the yarn 2 times around the needle or do a YO (1 wrap) twice? Also it says repeat to the end. With it being 17 stitches, neither way will be an even repeat. What am I misunderstanding? Thanks, love the scarf.

    1. Okay, hopefully I can help. So, you are to yarn over (wrap it around the needle twice) two times. This will make for a longer drop stitch because you are wrapping it twice. Does that make sense? I’m not sure I totally understand what you are asking about with it not being an even repeat. Maybe this will be enough to get you going…..hmm..hope so!

  4. im new to knitting, and i am knittting on circular needles and am confused about something! could you email me and answer a few questions?

  5. Hi I am new to knitting but have mastered the knit and purl stitch (woop) and cannot wait to try this out. I do have a question about when you ‘slide off’ the YO, does this mean to literally slide them off the needle? (confused face)
    . thank you 🙂

    1. Haha! Yes you really slide the yarn overs off the needle. It sounds scary, right?! Try to look it up on YouTube if you can, it always helps me to see it being done.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I am new in knitting, I would like to knit this lovely scarf. I had started knitting it but I had some problem with Row 7 and 8.
    After Row 7- *yarn over 2 times, knit,
    yarn over 2 times, knit. Repeat this pattern across the row. BUT when I did Row 8-last stitch was slide off yarn over and it was not joined to the row.
    Would you please help and instruct me with my problem.

    1. Hi Kin,

      I think the best thing you can do is watch a video on YouTube on how to knit the drop stitch. If you search how to knit drop stitches, you should be able to see how it’s done and it may help you at the end of the row. I hope this helps! I always need to see things visually in order to understand new knitting concepts. 🙂

  7. I’ve just finished and I love it! I’m new to knitting. Only started 3 weeks ago but I’ve produced something wearable!

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