Prettiest Frosted Plum Beginner Crochet Cowl

Close up cowl beginner

So, as of late I have been dreaming of spring. Parks, nature, gardens, flowers…..

However, the reality is, there is still snow on the ground.  Sooooo I decided to take some spring color, a giant hook, and make a winter accessory. It turned out to be the squishiest, coziest one skein, one hour cowl that I’ve done!  It’s a really satisfactory project for a beginner, and as quick as can be for someone with experience. You need to know single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch.  If you have that down, you are good to go! ( Cue your brain to think of the people you could gift this too. Imagine them thinking about how you slaved for HOURS over this beauty…ohhh yes!)

crochet One hour cowl

You will need:

  • Size S Crochet Hook
  • One skein Patons Cobbles in Frosted Plum
  • Scissors

*You will join each round with a slip stitch. Do not turn. I didn’t use a stitch marker because I was able to see my rounds, but please do if you have trouble seeing the end of your round.

How to crochet cowl


Chain 25 and join (careful not to twist your chain), Chain 1

Round 1   Single Crochet (in second stitch from hook as always with SC) SC across(total of 24 stitches). Slip stitch to join in top of first stitch. Chain 1. Do not turn.

Round 2   Single Crochet across (24 stitches). Slip stitch to join.

Round 3   Chain 3. Double Crochet in 5th chain from hook. DC across. Slip stitch to join in top of Chain 3.

Round 4   Chain 3. Double Crochet in 5th chain from hook. DC across. Slip stitch to join in top of Chain 3. Chain 1.

Round 5   Single Crochet across, slip stitch to join. Chain 1.

Round 6   Single Crochet across, slip stitch to join.

Cut your yarn, and pull through to knot. Weave in ends. I didn’t need a tapestry needle, just used my fingers to weave it. You certainly can use a needle!

That’s it! Six rounds of easy, and you have a “Frosted Plum” squishy cowl to finish off winter.

One Skein Cowl

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  1. Tres belle idee! Merci pour ce beau col fait au crochet
    ( but je voudrais l’explication en Francais)
    Claire from Belgium

  2. Love this easy cowl. Not a facebook member but would like to know if there is hat to match. Thanks.

    1. Hi Glory – I didn’t make a hat to match, but that’s a great idea. Sorry I don’t have one at the time!

  3. Hello Claire,
    I am a beginner crocheter. Unfortunately, I am not using the same yarn as you ask for in this pattern. I am using some leftover yarn from other knitting projects. Now I am at the six row of the pattern and it doesn’t look like a cowl at all. Also when you ask to start on chain 3 or whatever it leaves a big hole in my work….need help….Thanks!

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