How To Crochet the Raised Ripple Stitch

Isn’t this a gorgeous stitch?! I’ve seen this raised ripple stitch for years and remember trying it as a newbie but became quickly frustrated. When I ran across it recently in one of my crochet books, I decided to give it another shot and it was SO FUN!  It’s definitely not a stitch for total beginners, but if you’ve got some patience and understand basic stitches, you should definitely give it a whirl. You can see the pattern and a video tutorial that I put together below to help you along. 🙂

What would you make with this stitch?  I’m currently using it for a scarf that I hope to be able to share with you soon.  It would also be a lovely stitch to use for a blanket, shawl or just about anything you can imagine.  By placing double crochet stitches and treble crochet stitches in just the right places, this pattern becomes easy to memorize and creates a wonderful texture.  Hope you enjoy it!

Below: Working on my scarf using the “Raised Ripple Stitch”

Video Tutorial on Raised Ripple Stitch (hit “play” if it’s not running):


Raised Ripple Stitch Crochet Stitch Pattern

Skills & Abbreviations:

FRTR – Front Raised Treble – yarn over hook twice, insert hook from front around double crochet stitch indicated from right to left, then complete the treble crochet as normal.

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

st – stitch


Chain an odd number of stitches plus two (I used a size J hook and Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca worsted weight yarn in Blushfor the swatch pictured)

Row 1: 1 dc in 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in each ch to end, turn

Row 2: Ch 1, skip first st, 1 sc in each st across, ending with 1 sc in 3rd of ch 3, turn

Row 3: Ch 3, skip first sc, *1 FRTR around dc below next sc, skip this sc, 1 dc in next sc, repeat from *, ending 1 dc in ch 1, turn

Row 4 Repeat row 2

Row 5: Ch 3, sk first sc, *1 dc in next sc, 1 FRTR around dc below next sc, repeat from *, ending 1 FRTR around dc below ch 1, turn.

Repeat rows 2 – 5 until piece is as long as you’d like. Tie off and weave in ends.

That’s all there is to this lovely pattern!

I’d love to hear what you have made or what you would like to make with this stitch. 🙂



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How To Crochet the Raised Ripple Stitch

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  1. This stitch is actually called a front post double crochet FPDC (there is also a back post double crochet BPDC- just insert the hook from the opposite side).

    1. Great point about it also being called a (bp or fp) post stitch! It is a treble though in this case, not a double in US terms.

      1. I thought it might be named differently because it is “raised” over the sc row below, and not “into” the sc row below.

  2. You know, I have to tell you that I just got back from my annual mammogram and when I first took a look at the title, I replaced the r with an n. I thought to myself, Gorgeous raised nipples and Las Cruces wrap? Huh? Then, when I finally opened the email, I saw what the correct title was and just cracked up. I just had my eyesight checked too! Hope no one is offended but I thought it was funny. Guess I still have my mammogram on my brain.

  3. it would be great if you could indicate knit or crochet in your email on a pattern for those of us who only do knit or only do crochet, in my case i am on very slow internet so this was a waste of data time, but very beautiful nevertheless

  4. Jessica, thank you for this new stitch. I really love your patterns!!! I recently made several of the ear warmers and now my friends are hooked on the pattern, too. I made your mesh blanket sweater and it is beautiful. You’re a rock star!

  5. Thank you so much for all the wonderful patterns! I love all your posts, & you have made everything easy to follow; I really appreciate you!!!

  6. I am glad you brought this to us, I can start on a washcloth for practice, cant believe how rugged my homemade washies are!

  7. Jessica, you are the best! You make it easy to follow with your videos!!! Thanks do much and love the new FRTR stitch

  8. Love this idea, I have 6 skeins of yarn and was planning on double crochet for a throw, but now I saw your idea and would like to know would that be enough for a throw?

  9. I love all of your beautiful patterns and tutorials! You are so amazingly talented! Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to do this. I really appreciate it! Hope you’re well!

  10. I love the look of this stitch. I’m thinking about using it to make an ear warmer, that goes around the head. I’ll definitely be using it to make a friend a scarf. Don’t tell. It’s a Christmas present. heehee. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Hi, I’d like to use this stitch for a baby afghan. Do you have any suggestions on how much yarn to purchase?

  12. From Canada..you are keeping us mentally healthy during these trying times…Rest easy knowing you are so appreciated…Dawn Jacot..

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