Thanksgiving “Grateful” List

Every now and then I like to post random thoughts, DIYs or “things” that aren’t yarn. Okay, you will find yarn in this list, but you know what I mean. 😉 It will be Thanksgiving here in the U.S. this week so today I wanted to share a few things things that I am grateful for.  My gratefulness list is MUCH longer than this but I hope to hit some of the biggies here. 🙂

  1. My baby girl, children and the blissful joy that they share each day
My girl on her 5th birthday

2. Grandmas and grandpas. Family, friends and neighbors.

Grandma leading a hike
Grandpa prepping the fishing hook

3. Daddies

Medano Creek, CO

4. Nature, wildlife and the great outdoors

Woodland Park, CO
The Great Sand Dunes, CO

5. Yarn and the hobbies that we enjoy (and the people we meet through our hobby)

LB PSoho
My visit to NYC and yarn shopping

6. Puppies and companions


7. People, places, things, health, love, happiness and YOU!  I am so grateful for you and this blog which has been such a joy.


I am so thankful for all of these things and more. What are you grateful for?

If you are having a difficult year or holiday season, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I wish you a happy, healthy and love filled Thanksgiving.



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  1. Love to you and your family, Jessica! I am thankful to have connected with you and congratulate you on all your amazing success this year. Bravo!!! You inspire me to keep going and to keep doing my best every day. I look forward to the day we get to have an real life knit night……or photography meet up. Someday, my friend. Until then, have a lovely Thanksgiving!

    1. Aww! Thanks Patty! The inspiration goes both ways my friend! Your work is so beautiful and it’s been so nice getting to know you this year. Your photos are incredible and you are just so much fun. Oh – a real life knit night would be incredible!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours lady!!

  2. I am grateful for a warm home, healthy food to eat, a loving family ( near and far ), and good health. So when I saw a homeless young man sitting on the ground outside a retail store asking for change , my heart cried a little bit. When I got home, I set aside a sweater I was knitting for myself, and started knitting more winter scarves for people in need. We have so much and we need so little. Joyeux Noel Jessica and thank you for inspiring me.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Christine. Absolutely – all of the things that are so easily taken for granted – a warm home and food. You are a sweetheart. It is so sad to see sights like that of the homeless gentleman that you speak of. Thank you for all you do for those in need Christine. You’re the type of person that makes the world go round with your giving heart. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to your family. I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the blog. 🙂

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