Dedicated Indie Designer Award Winner

A blog post is in order after many of you voted to put me on the short-list for a Crafties Award (see each of the winners HERE).

To be honest, when I saw the designers and blogger nominees in my category, it really seemed like a long shot and in NO way did I think my blog would actually win. I don’t really like the idea of competition, but I saw this as something different.

I thought it was a really cool effort on the part of LoveCrafts to recognize so many bloggers, designers and crafters and their unique talents. Because of this, I wanted to be sure to take part and share it with you!  Congrats to so many of my fellow bloggers including Moogly, TLYarn, Knot Bad, Love Life Yarn, Two Of Wands and more.  It was also so fun to see so many judges I recognized, including the amazing Stephanie from All About Ami who was judging one of the other categories. I really believe that no one blogger, designer, or artist is better than the next. We are each simply different from one another.

After many of you voted for me, I was placed on a short-list for the judges to decide the final winner.  To my surprise, there they were on Instagram announcing my name! WHAT?!

What’s the prize, you ask?!

I’m going to be receiving $100 of amazing yarn and crafty goodness, and it sounds as though I will also have a spot in Mollie Makes Magazine! You can also read a little diddy about me on LoveCrafts for their Crafties Hall of Fame (here). But mostly, it’s just a reminder of how much I love what I do each day.  (And a reminder of how grateful I am for you and the supportive people in my life.) 

When my daughter was born, I decided to stop working and stay home to raise her the way I was raised.  This meant that we’d make sacrifices and would be living paycheck to paycheck so I could be a mama 24/7.  When I started this blog as a hobby nearly five years ago, it never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that it could become what it’s become.  Work with some amazing yarn companies? What? Win a designer award? Who?! All while living my dream of doing art and designing, which I’ve loved since I was a little girl.

I’d always believed art couldn’t be anything but a hobby – but you, the community, and this blog have proven otherwise.

Art can be a glorious hobby and it can go beyond being a hobby. Everyday you take this craft beyond a hobby as you inspire me with what you are making for yourselves and those around you. Charity making, gift making, supporting your families with craft fairs. It’s incredible.

  • Do what you love when you can
  • Do what’s right for you, those around you and your community
  • When you do your passion, you succeed
  • Love people

I hope to remind myself of these things.

Thank you so much again for all of your support on this blogging journey.  And a thank you so much as well to LoveCrafts for this honor!



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  1. Congratulations on your award! I’m not surprised that you were picked as a winner! I love your work! You have alot of good stuff! I’ve made a couple of your projects and can’t wait to see more. Thanks and blessings,

  2. I am so happy for you! I voted and thought how on earth they would be able to pick a winner? So glad my favorite was chosen!

    1. That’s so sweet of you. Thank you for voting for me! I agree – I don’t know how they could pick!

  3. Congrats, Jessica – what a fun award! I’ve enjoyed your patterns since subscribing and have been impressed, so I’m not surprised. 🙂

  4. I always look forward to your blog. Your designs are creative, simple, with yarns that are affordable. It’s wonderful that you are staying home with your kids. Wish every mother could do that.

  5. Congratulations!! I voted for you also and it was a tough choice as all are terrific blogs. You inspired me to try a sweater for the first time so picked you. Thank you for all you do!

  6. Sweet congratulations ,you worked hard and surely deserved it.your emails are always excellent,your variety of patterns wonderful and your directions very user friendly.thank you and enjoy,it is an award well deserved.

  7. Congratulations Jessica for your well deserved reward! Wishing you continued awesome inspired days ahead.

    Carol B

  8. Nice! Congratulations. Everyone Mother dreams of staying home and raising our babies like our mothers did. You did it! Plus turning your love of a craft into a job that pays off, financially but most importantly doing what you love. Which doesn’t make it feel like a job. We are so glad you did. Congratulations again.

  9. Way to go, Jessica!!! As one of your fans of several years, I’m so happy you received this award. You definitely deserve it with all the cute and easy-to-make patterns you’ve designed!
    BTW – I love your faux fur ear warmers. Believe they’re the quickest crochet project I’ve ever made. So far, I’ve made 15 as perfect Christmas gifts and know everyone’s going to love them. I can’t believe how warm they are. Thank you for solving my gift list for the ladies!
    Happiest Holiday Wishes!

  10. Congratulations Jessica! I love your work and your style, that’s the reason I voted for you.
    I have a little confession to make, that I think would be rewarding for you as it was for me- last week, my seven year old daughter came from school with a birthday party invitation (it was Thursday and birthday party was planed for Saturday) and I didn’t know how to tell her she couldn’t go because I’ve lost my poorly paid job last month and also our car is broken. So, I’ve used your pattern for a golden fave twist headband, made it without a twist, with a little bow, asked birthday girl’s mother for a ride and received a biggest smile from my daughter and a thank you note from birthday girl. I fell you should receive a huge thank you as well!
    Keep the doing what you do!

  11. Big Congratulations, Jessica! Well deserved for a lady who is so obviously well loved. Don’t know how you have time for creating when keeping up with all the computer-related stuff but keep up the good work!

  12. Congrats from down under I could not be more pleased for you a well won award
    Have a Merry Christmas for you and yours and
    May that Merry Christmas feeling fill your home from floor to ceiling

    Best wishes from down under
    Bernadette Thompson

  13. You deserved this! Your patterns are wonderful and I have enjoyed them very much. I had been away from crochet for a number of years as I stayed home to raise my children – a 2 year old we had adopted and a 4 in 1 pregnancy. The kids are gone now, but a have lovely grandchildren to crocheting for, and finally the time free to do it. I’m vert rusty, but at least I’m getting (a little) better! Enjoy your at home career, your creativity, your audience, and most importantly, your family!

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